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Extreme Flame Wizard c91

Chapter 91: The Swimsuit and the Wizard

It was the day after Igni vaporized Abyss’ body.

Surprisingly, after that, Abyss’ attacks stopped.

He either disappeared after receiving Igni’s attack, or he decided to abandon his effort after realizing his disadvantage.

Igni couldn’t tell which it was, but for now the [Extreme] of [Darkness] withdrew.

But both Igni and Miru concluded and agreed that Abyss probably didn’t die. Their opponent was an [Extreme]. And out of all the [Extremes] they could have run into, they faced an opponent that discovered the <Magic> to cross over different words called [Dimensions], and created his own brand new Magic Type.

Even if his body was vaporized, there’s no way that itself would have killed him.

Miru: “Hey, there’s no point mulling over it. Let’s just go have fun, Igni.” Igni: “Yes…….you’re right. There’s no point thinking about this any further.”

Miru: “Yup, yup. It was a little embarrassing how excited he got after stealing only one of my Disruption Spells.”

Miru laughed.

For Miru, the [Undoer], just having a single Spell stolen and exposed did not matter to her.

Miru: “So for now, we’re going to enjoy a day of swimming todayー!”

Igni: “What?! We’re going to swim?!”

With Miru’s words, Igni’s excitement went up several notches.

Miru: “We came all the way to the ocean! If we don’t go swimming, why come to the beach at all?!”

Igni: “That’s true…….!”

Igni completely agreed with Miru’s sound logic.

Miru: “So everyone! Let’s change into our swimwear, and we’ll meet back at the lodge’s entrance! Let’s go all out and play all day today!!”

Igni: “Aye aye sirー!!”

Igni ran up the lodge’s stairs to the 2nd floor with unbelievable motivation.

Once he arrived on the second floor, Yoori had already finished getting dressed and was waiting for him.

He was wearing…...normal swimming pants and to prevent sunburns, he had a shirt on top.

And he was putting some sort of ointment on his body.

Igni: “What that’s you’re putting on?” Yoori: “Oh this? It’s a melted extract from a [Sunmorn Flower]. It helps prevent sunburns.”

Igni: “Prevent sunburns……”

And being struck by an idea that never occurred to him, he took a step back.

Igni: (Aren’t girls the only ones who put on sunburn prevention creams….?)

And Igni was dead wrong about this, but unfortunately, there was no one to correct him at the moment.

But with his excitement going through the roof, he shoved the sunburn prevention cream out of his mind, and got dressed in his swimsuit in 5 seconds flat.

Yoori: “Whoa! Igni! Look at those muscles!”

Igni: “Yeah, I guess so.”

Igni was a little happy to have the compliment from Yoori.

Yes! Just in case, Igni has been keeping his chiseled body just in case he ever lost his clothes…..!

Igni: (Grandpa….! I’ve been following all of your teachings…….!)

Igni couldn’t forget.

It happened during the beginning when they arrived at the [Demon King’s Realm].


[Oye, Igni. What do you think is necessary to be Popular?]

[Huh? Ummmm…...strength?]

[Yes. That is one necessary component. But look here, Igni. Have you ever heard of this saying? If you build up muscle, you can be Popular……]

[YーYeah, I have! That’s why at one point, I was exercising!]

[Yes, that is half true and half false.]

[WーWait, really…….?]

Igni trembled as he felt a longstanding assumption begin to crumble from its foundation.

[Igni, think for a second. Let’s say you invite a girl to a date.]


[When would you take off your clothes?]

[Huh? WhーWhere…..?]

Igni thought with his feeble little mind as hard as he could.

[ThーThere isn’t…….?]

[You idiot!]




[OH…..! During the…… fun time…..!!] {*note: TL is “mufufu time”}

[That’s right! That’s when you will first take off your clothes. Now then, Igni. Here is a problem for you.]


[You’ve already gotten this far with the girl. But then, what is the point of training your muscles?]


Igni understood what Lucas was trying to say.

[Yes, there isn’t. If you are on a date, and you are unable to take it to the end, then there is a high probability that some problem occurred during the date. ………..of course, if you are too obese or skinny…….then that itself may be the problem.]

[BーBut Grandpa, then that saying of “if you train your muscles, you can be Popular” is…….]

[I told you. It’s half correct and half false.]


[Listen here! To be able to train your muscles is proof that you have self-control! Beyond a well-trained body is a steel-hard confidence!! This is what is important!!]


[Think, Igni! Think of a man who’s always grumbling “but I’m not……” versus a man who’s saying, “Yes I can”! Which would be more Popular!!]


[A man without confidence cannot be Popular! But a man with unfounded confidence cannot be Popular as well!! In other words, a man with well-founded confidence...CAN BE POPULAR!!]

[........IーI see!!]

[And that’s not all! When you go to the beach or if you are being treated for a wound after a fight with a Monster, you will be more Popular if you are well-trained rather than fat!]

[ThーThen it’s better to train your muscles….?]




[In everything, is there not a priority! There’s no point for a thin spaghetti like yourself to do any physical training and build up muscles! You’ll just gain some weird confidence, trip over yourself, and end up Unpopular and dead!]


[You cannot build muscles overnight! Everything starts with your daily resolution! And on top of that, you must get stronger! You’ll naturally build muscles with that goal without having to even ponder about it!!]

[.......! IーI understand…!! I understand, Grandpa!!]

[If you understand, then let’s get stronger, Igni!!]

[Of course, Grandpa!!]


Yes! After 2 years of training in the [Demon King’s Realm], Igni’s body was fully trained and ready…….!

Although he continually got injured and wounded, if he drank the Elixir his grandpa gave him, he would fully recover so he didn’t have that many scars.

It’s perfect! It’s perfect now……..!

Miru: “Sorry to make you waitー”

Igni: “We weren’t waiting that……..”

“Long,” is what Igni wanted to say, but when he glanced behind him, a bomb was placed right before him.

Miru: “Hey thereー”

President Miru had on a bikini.

With her wonderful body style being emphasized to the fullest, Igni was instantly defeated by her looks.

No, it was wrong of him to even think that he could win in the first place.

If you are a man, of course you would lose against large breasts………!

Just as water would flow from high above to below……..!

Just as you would die if you did not breathe……..!

As the sun rises from the east and sets in the west………!!

It was the law of this universe…….! The absolute, unbendable truth……..!!

Miko: “I…..don’t look weird in this, do I?” Igni: “YーYes……..!”

Miss Miko wore a type of swimwear they called a high-neck bikini……..! It covered everything from the chest to the clavicle, and she had less skin showing than President Miru, but what about it?! It doesn’t matter!!

In the first place, Miss Miko is a vanguard and is the type to move around vigorously!

Hence, her athletically trained style is amazing……..and it’s true that out of all the girls Igni knows, the President is top of the tier in breast size, but if you consider all factors, then Miss Miko could still stand on top.

Whether she did or not really didn’t matter but…..

Sara: “Igniー!”

From behind, Sara came jumping out wearing a children’s swimsuit.

She jumped into Igni’s arms, and he gently picked her up and held her.

Igni: “Whoaー! You look great, Sara.”

Sara: “Iris chose it for me.”

Igni: “I’m glad she did. You like it?” Sara: “Yeah!”

Igni: “And where’s Lilly?” Igni held Sara as if holding a sibling, and asked Miru and Miko.

Miru: “Lilly~ Igni is asking for you.”

Lilly: “HーHey. Are you sure it’s okay to wear something like this? It’s really embarrassing.” Miru: “Everyone’s in a swimsuit so it’s okay.” And with that, President Miru brought Lilly who was wearing a swimwear called a one piece type, and it was the type to have the least amount of skin showing.

But it’s not important about what swimsuit you wear!

What’s important is who is wearing it!!

The ones who prefer only the types that has the most skin showing are 2nd rate……..!


If you were to use Magic Compatibility as an example, it would be those bottom feeding mobs with [none] as their compatibility.........!!

Lilly definitely looks much younger……!

And that’s because from an Elf’s perspective, being merely 20 years old is still a child’s age…….!!

But isn’t the spirit more important than the body?

It’s the first time Lilly wore a swimsuit and look at her adorable embarrassed expression on her face…….!!

It’s incredible………!!!

Miru: “Okay, now that we’re all here, let’s go to the beach.”

Igni: “Let’s go!”

This was the most Igni has ever been in his life.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 3

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