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Extreme Flame Wizard c81

Chapter 81: The Present and the Wizard

That morning, Igni was able to wake up on his own without anyone’s help.

Yoori: “Oh? Igni, you’re up early today.”

Igni: “.....yeah.” His friend was up early every morning, and Igni responds to him with a slightly groggy head.

Igni takes his bed hair and combs it down and puts on clothes that are more fashionable than his usual attire.

Igni was not going to go on a date in his usual school uniform. He had more common sense than that.

Igni: “I’ll be going now.” Yoori: “Byeー”

Igni quickly got himself ready and left through the door.

Yoori did not ask him where he was off to.

Instead, he smiled as he waved goodbye and sent Igni off.

Leaving behind the dormitories, Igni headed to the fountain located on Main Street.

There is still much time left before the promised bell would ring.

Igni: (It’ll be embarrassing if I was late on my very first date…..)

The Ultimate Secret to Popularity No. 2 ーー Women love a man with confidence.

He could not follow through with this on the first day of school, but he will make sure to follow it on his first date.

By learning from his mistakes, he made sure to not make the same mistake twice.

If you can’t tell, his spirits were unusually high, and it was most likely due to the promise of an actual and legitimate date.

Igni: (Good, I got here 15 minutes earlyーー)

He was proud of himself for his punctual arrival when he saw Lilly already waiting for him there.

Igni: “.........oh, sorry. Did I make you wait?” Lilly: “Huh?!”

Igni called her name from behind, and she jumped in surprise and turned to meet him.

Lilly: “No, I just got here myself…..” When Lilly turned around, she was not wearing her usual clothes popular among the Elves.

Instead, she was wearing clothes that you would see worn by the people of the Kingdom……...and she looked good in it. Igni did not hesitate for a moment to voice his thoughts.

Igni: “You look cute……..”

Lilly: “Huh?!”

Igni: “Lilly, you look really good in those clothes.”

Lilly: “DーDo you really think so?”

Like a puppy who was complimented, she smiled and stepped forward across the stone path towards Igni.

Igni: “Let’s get going then.” Lilly: “Yes!” Igni slowed down his pace to match Lilly’s.

This is not a Popularity Etiquette or anything like that.

It’s common sense for a man to be conscious of the people around him if he wants to be Popular.

Igni: “Lilly, is there somewhere where you want to go?” Igni spent the last 2 days developing the date plan and revising it over and over in his head.

But even that might not be appealing to Lilly.

The true essence of a date is for both parties to enjoy it.

It’s not about how much Igni enjoys it, or how much thought he puts into it for Lilly.

What’s important is making sure that Lilly enjoys it herself.

That’s why Igni posed the question to her.

Lilly: “There is a place I would like to go…….but it’s probably not open right now.” Igni: “I see. Then is it okay if we choose a place where I wanted to go?” Lilly: “Yes, I’ll just follow you.”

The Guide to Popularity No. 2 ーー “Women love a man who takes charge!!”

Igni: (Nailed it…….!)

Igni smiled broadly to himself.


And there were others watching the two from afar.

Iris: “Hey, Alicia.” Alicia: “What.” Iris: “There.” Alicia: “What are you…..HMM?!”

Looking at where Iris pointed, she saw Igni and Lilly together.

And both are dressed more nicely than usual.

Elina: “Hey you two. Did something happen?” Alicia: “Elina, good timing.”

The Class Rep…….or rather, the No. 2 of their grade, Elina, was carefully choosing a crystal ball to use for [fortune telling] as she looked up and asked the question.

The three of them officially joined the [Fortune Telling Club], so they visited a specialty store to get their fortune telling gear and equipment.

Alicia: “Look over there.” Elina: “.............HMM?!” Elina also reacted the same way Alicia did when she looked in Igni’s direction.

Elina: “Oh, they’re heading off…..”

Alicia: “C’mon you two! We have to follow them!”

Elina: “FーFollow them? Are you being serious??”

And Elina was not very enthused about the idea, but being pushed by Iris and Alicia, she followed after Igni on his date.

Iris: “Oh, they went into a general goods store.”

Alicia: “A general goods……..? Is that what Igni likes?” Alicia posed the question to Iris.

Iris: “I don’t know. But I wouldn’t think that Sir Igni would have any interest going there.”

Alicia: “Me neither.” Elina: “Aren’t you guys being a little presumptuous? I’m sure Igni has times when he needs to visit the general store.”

But Elina’s sound logic was completely ignored.

Alicia: “.....I didn’t think Lilly would be first one to make a move.”

Iris: “If it was going to be like this, I should have invited him for a dateー”

Alicia: “Ha! Even if you did get Igni to go on a date with you, it’ll be over in moments.” Iris: “It’ll still be longer than what you can manage!”

Elina: “Uh……...c’mon you two. Let’s not fight amongst ourselves.”

“ “...................... ” ”

Elina managed to get Alicia and Iris to stop bickering.

Elina: “Oh, looks like they’re leaving the General Store……” And out of the store came Lilly who looked really content and happy. In her arms she held a package there. It was probably a gift from Igni.

Alicia: “Oh, there they go again.” Elina: “Are we going to keep following them……?”

Alicia: “Elina, how could you be so calm right now?” Elina: “Why are you so surprised, Alicia? My No. 1 spot isn’t going to change.” Alicia: “.........even though now, you’re No. 2 academically?” But as soon as she finished saying that, Elina’s mood went spiraling down into the dumps.

Alicia: “.......sーsorry……..”


Igni and Lilly were not aware of the 3 who were following them around, and they went to a food stand to buy something sweet and continued to walk around while eating.

Lilly: “IーIs it really okay? I could have paid.” Igni: “Oh, I got plenty of money from winning that [Tournament]. Besides…” Lilly: “Besides what?” Igni: “Let me at least act cool when I’m with you.”

Lilly: “Geesh……..” Lilly blushed as she made a slight effort of protest.

Lilly: “Oh, Igni, look! It’s an Alchemist’s atelier.”

Igni: “Do you want to check it out?” Lilly: “Yes!” Igni: “Alright, then let’s go see.” All the Alchemists have a base of operations called an atelier.

By following the rules and restrictions of the Alchemist’s Guild, they are permitted to do business.

Stepping inside, they saw many kinds of large and small potions and also the ingredients as well.

There must have been an incense lit as a pleasant smell filled the room.

“Welcome.” The owner of the atelier was an old man.

He saw Igni and Lilly and smiled kindly.

“Is there something in particular you are looking for?” And asked the question.

Lilly: “Oh, nーno, we’re just looking around.” “Then please take your time.” The old man smiled warmly as he received Lilly’s reply.

Igni: “A Potion, huh…”

Igni mumbles quietly to himself.

Lilly: “Is something the matter?” Igni: “Oh no. It’s nothing."

Even though with the [Life] Magic Type, Healers are able to cure and mend most kinds of injuries, for a Wizard, they have to constantly deal with the worries of exhausting their Magic Power. For those Wizards, a Potion is their lifeline.

And among the clever Monsters, there are said to be those who will first go after the Healers. If that happens, it would be a Potion and not a fellow Healer that heals the wounded Healer.

But Igni uses the potion for a different reason altogether.

Igni: “Did you find anything interesting?” But if he is consumed with thoughts about fighting even when on a date, Igni would have to wonder why he even bothered getting stronger.

So Igni shook off his thoughts and turns his eyes towards Lilly.

Lilly: “Igni, take a look at this.” Igni: “A perfume?”

“Our perfume is a little different from other stores. There are scents that can raise the potency of your spells, and…...we also have others that can weaken the potency of Attack Spells thrown at you.” The owner of the atelier kindly informed Igni and Lilly.

Igni: “Do you want one?” Lilly: “Oh, no. It piqued my curiosity because it’s rare.”

Igni: “Really?” Lilly: “Yes, Elves who live in forests are very sensitive to smells.”

Igni: “I see. Is there a scent you like?” Lilly: “I think this one is a wonderful scent.” Igni: “Then let me buy it for you.” Lilly: “BーBut… already bought me something……” Igni: “I think that perfume suits you.” With that, Igni bought the perfume for Lilly.

Igni: (I wonder…...if she’ll appreciate the gifts…..?)

But as Igni tilted his head to wonder within his own heart, someone began speaking to him inside of there.

Yes, it was undoubtedly that man…..!



[Oye, Igni. If you had money and went on a date, what would you do?]

[Maybe buy a present~? Lots of presents.]

[Oh ho. And why?]

[Because it might make me Popular]



[WhーWhy?! Was it something really to get slapped about?!?!]

[You think you’ll be popular just from giving gifts…….? Then why are all the rich, middle-aged men not popular…….?!]


[Igni……! You must re-examine your perspective……! You cannot……...become popular with just gifts………!!]


Igni felt his illusory world shatter to pieces and felt dizzy all of a sudden.

[A gift is……...good…..! But you cannot depend on gifts alone………! Because…..that is absolute NONSENSE!!]

[RーReally……..? But…...then I shouldn’t give gifts……..?]




[I said that a gift itself is good, did I not?! But the problem is depending on them……! If you continue just give gifts, you are just bribing them……….! There is…… satisfaction from having someone you bribed like you…..!! That is how a woman’s heart is!! You must prepare yourself, Igni!!]

[IーI understand, Grandpa!]

[I’m glad you do!!]


Igni: (………..I…...I gave her…...2 gifts already in one day…..but are we okay……?)

And Igni fearfully stole a glance at Lilly and…….

Lilly: “.........thank you…” Lilly was overjoyed with both gifts.

Igni celebrated on his own with a huge smile across his face.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

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