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Extreme Flame Wizard c77

Chapter 77: The Mushroom and the Wizard

The camp was dyed with the morning light that was coming through the leaves of the unbelievably tall trees.

Igni: “The sun is up…...we should wake everyone up soon.” Alicia: “Yes, we should.” But as Igni got up to walk towards the boy’s tent, Alicia called out to him.

Alicia: “Hey, Igni.” Igni: “Hm? What’s up??” Alicia: “Right now, we have enough resources and extra time, right?” Igni: “Yeah, we have some leeway with our schedule. We were very fortunate to find a place with an abundant food supply.”

Alicia: “Then that means….we can also aim to complete Quests, right?” Igni: “You mean the Affection Shroom……..was it? But it grows only under specific conditions, right?” Alicia: “Yes. According to the book I read, it grows on the body of a [Halfway Spider] that lives deep inside the forest.”

Igni: “That’s impressive that you remember all those details, Alicia.”

Alicia: “IーIt was something I recently read, so it came to my mind faster.”

Alicia couldn’t tell Igni that she was researching how to make [Love Potions], so she tried to come up with a valid-sounding reason.

Igni: “I’d hate to drag everyone into a Quest as soon as they wake up, so do we want to do this with the two of us?” Alicia nods at Igni’s suggestion.

Alicia: “I think that will be best. Let’s do that.” Igni’s suggestion was actually ideal for Alicia in many ways.

Iris is in the same “Fortune Telling Club” so she knows about the Affection Shroom, and Lilly is an Elf. She would be much more knowledgeable when it comes to things about the forest. In other words, it would be easy for Lilly to guess what Alicia was trying to do with the Affection Shroom.

This would be a definitive step to take the lead against all her competition, and with that hope, Alicia followed Igni deep into the forest.

Igni: “Will she be okayー? Maybe I shouldn’t have left Sara…….”

Alicia: “What are you saying? It was your idea in the first place.”

Igni: “Yeah, I thought taking her deep into the forest would be dangerous but……”

Igni and Alicia circle around a giant tree root that was jetting up out of the ground as they walk deeper into the forest.

Igni told Sara who just woke up that he had some business to take care of and left her at camp. She looked like she was about to cry, but Iris was comforting her as best as she could so she should be okay……...or at least Igni wanted to believe so.

Alicia: “Well, if you’re that worried, then let’s get this mushroom quickly and get back to her.”

Igni: “Yeah, you’re right.” Igni, who was walking behind Alicia now nods in agreement.

The [Halfway Spider] is an E-Rank Monster, and in truth, is very weak.

So, any Wizard who can use a Mid-Class Spell would have a difficult time losing to it. So because it’s so weak, you can’t find it inside the [Demon King’s Realm], and Igni doesn’t know where to search to find it.

So he let Alicia guide him as they walked.

Alicia: “As far as its size, it’s a fairly large spider that’s about 30cm (~12 in.) large, and it carries a large mushroom on its back. We will need to look out for that mushroom to find it.” Igni: “That mushroom is the Affection Shroom?”

Alicia: “That’s right. So that also means that finding the spider without a mushroom is meaningless. We’re looking for a mushroom that is about the same size as the spider and the color is yellow…..”

Igni: “ the mushroom is about the same size as the spider and the color is yellow?” Alicia: “Yes, that’s what I read.” Igni: “The same size as the spider and a yellow mushroom, right?” Alicia: “YーYes, that’s right. What’s wrong? Why are you confirming the details so much?” Igni: “I think I found it.” Alicia: “What?!” Alicia immediately turns towards Igni’s direction.

Igni: “Isn’t it that thing over there?”

Alicia: “Where…….? IーI don’t see it……” Igni: “There. That yellow thing right there.” Igni points at something that is buried in between the tree’s roots. There, they saw a yellow mushroom.

Alicia finally caught sight of it, and determined that it was indeed the Affection Shroom.

Alicia: “Wow…...that’s amazing that you saw that.” Igni: “A yellow mushroom sticks out around here.”

Though it’s possible that the bright color is a survival tactic to warn other creatures that it might be poisonous too.

Igni: “We just need 2 or 3, right?” Alicia: “Yes, that should be enough.” Igni and Alicia take about 3 Affection Shrooms.

But without Igni knowing, Alicia places herself out of Igni’s field of vision and takes a few more into her pocket.


Sara: “Mmm!!”

As soon as they return to camp, Sara jumps into Igni’s arms first thing.

Igni: “Have you been a good girl?” Igni pats Sara’s head as he asks, and Sara smiles with satisfaction.

Edward: “Was it a…..mushroom? Did you find it, Igni?” Edward, who was cooking and eating the fish he caught this morning, asked Igni.

Yoori saw Igni and Alicia return and began preparing the caught fish to be cooked for them.

Igni: “We got a few that looked like it. Alicia’s comparing it now with her Encyclopedia book.”

Lilly: “A Quest? But Igni, there’s no reason to try and clear that, correct?”

It was Lilly who was asking the question now.

She must’ve been hungry with a fish in each hand.

Igni: “Yeah, that should be the case. Ms. Elenoir said that our main objective is to survive, and we get credit just for doing that. The Quest is just bonus points, so it should be something we can opt to do if the opportunity arises…….or something like that.” As they spoke, Alicia came out with the Quest Scroll and walked out of the tent.

Alicia: “Yes, we completed the Quest.” Igni: “Oh, was it the right mushroom?”

Iris: What kind of mushroom was it, Sir Igni?” Iris, who took a fish from Yoori, sat next to Igni.

And on the other side of Igni sat Sara.

Igni: “It’s something called an Affection Shroom. Do you know it?” Iris: “AーAffection Shroom?” Iris’ voice shakes a little. At the same time, Lilly jerks up in surprise.

Igni: (Was it something dangerous…….?)

Igni tilts his head to his friends’ reactions.

Igni decided to ask Lilly who’s most knowledgeable about forest-related things and turns his gaze towards her when….

Lilly: “ThーThe Affection Shroom……..can be used for treating Depression. If you eat it as is, you will feel yourself being uplifted, but if you eat too much, you can turn yourself into a drunk state.”

Igni: “Depression Treatment, huh…” True, just by the name, it sounds like something that would make you excited or energetic if you eat it.

Iris: “HーHey, Alicia? I have something I want to talk to you about.” Lilly: “What a coincidence, Iris. I have something I want to talk to Alicia about as well.” Alicia: “WhーWhat?”

Alicia hesitated for a moment.

Lilly: “Let’s talk inside the tent. Oh, the boys aren’t allowed to come in.” Edward: “Of course we won’t go in.” And Edward immediately responded to Lilly.

And with a <SLAP!>, the flaps of the girls’ tent’s entrance close shut.

Lilly: “ you knew, Alicia.” Lilly spoke up first.

Alicia: “WhーWhat are you talking about……?” Iris: “You can’t fool us, Alicia.” And Iris comes nearer towards Alicia.

Iris: “If it’s you, Alicia, I’m sure you took a few more for insurance, right? The Affection Shroom?”

Alicia: “JーJust enough for the Quest.” Iris: “Oh, so you’re still going to act like you don’t know, huhー”

Iris looks at Alicia with a dry smile.

Feeling cold sweat drip from her, Alicia takes a step back.

Iris: “Lilly! Let’s get her!” Lilly: “Understood!” And the two dive and tackle Alicia at once.

Alicia: “Hey! STOー! Don’t stick your hands there!!”

Lilly: “Where did you hide it?!” Iris: “Give it up and take out the goods!!” Iris and Lilly continue to search through Alicia’s body.

The boys on the other hand sat around the fire lazily with a “they’re so energeticー” impression.

Lilly: “Oh! I found it, Iris!!” Iris: “Great job!” Lilly and Iris manage to get one Affection Shroom each.

And now, the ingredients have passed onto the two.

Alicia: “.............did you know?” But Alicia, who was supposedly defeated, rose eerily from the ground like a demonic spirit.

Alicia: “The Love Potion……..only works the first time the person takes it……….”

“ “...................!!!!! ” ”

The two realize this fact as well and look at one another.

Alicia: “Do you really think……..that I didn’t prepare for this at all………?” “ “...............! ” ”

Lilly and Iris’ faces go pale white.

Not even imagining that the conflict centered around him, hearing the noises from the tent, Igni was thinking “Maybe they’re getting excited talking about meー” jokingly and being foolishly optimistic but unknowingly spot on at the same time.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 3

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Jul 02, 2023

Wao! I want to praise the girls for thinking in such a way to conquer Igni. However, it's futile. A True Harem King is destinated to have a harem! So no matter what these girls do, there is no way for Igni to settle with just one girl even if they use a Love Potion. Because of his Harem Powers, even if you managed to make him drink the potion, the effect wouldn't last forever!


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Mahdi Ashraf
Jul 10, 2022

Alicia rn-


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Lucas Lennan
Sep 16, 2021

Thanks for the chapter!

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