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Extreme Flame Wizard c70

Updated: Sep 2, 2021

Chapter 70: The Crystal and the Wizard

Igni: “Ms. Mila. I had something I wanted to discuss with you.”

Mila: “The answer is no~”

Igni: “Huh?!”

It was the afternoon. After finishing his patrol around the school ground for the Student Council, Igni headed to the Teacher’s offices to go find Mila. And he was immediately denied his request within seconds.

Mila: “I’m kidding~ So what did you want to talk about?” Igni: “I wanted you to take us to the [Demon King’s Realm].”

Mila: “Oh~ So you wanted to talk about that~”

Mila’s expression darkens. It seems like she was already aware of the request.

Igni: (How……?)

Mila: “Well~ Little Lura and Kurara sent me a letter~”

Igni: “LーLittle Lura……?” Igni: (Doesn’t Ms. Lura look older?) But he immediately remembered that Mila was far senior in age.

But even so, going by looks alone, Lura definitely looked older than Mila.

Igni: (I guess it means that Elves grow and develop differently amongst each other…..?)

It seemed to be a likely possibility.

Mila: “She asked me if I could help take you to the [Demon King’s Realm~”

Igni: “.........will you not help us?” Mila: “Nope.” Igni: “WhーWhy…..?”

Inside Igni’s mind, he already had the perfect formula. Use Mila’s Spell to retrieve the [Demon King]’s corpse and come right back. It was a flawless plan.

Mila: “Because~ I can’t put my students in danger for no reason~”

And with that Mila smiled as she spoke to Igni.

Igni: (IーI guess….that’s true…..)

Before, Mila agreed to help Igni because Alicia was in the middle of a crisis. If a Rolmod Wizard Academy school teacher faced off with an [Extreme], the repercussions would go beyond the school and become a political nightmare for the Kingdom, but if they say simply a student [went out of control], then they wouldn’t be faced with such a big issue.

Igni: (Is that what she was thinking last time?)

Igni: “But Ms. Mila, you know that I trainedー” Mila: “ーat the [Demon King’s Realm], right?”

Igni: “........yーyes”

Igni’s conversation gets chopped down from the knees, and his shoulders sag in defeat.

He really wanted to brag about it but now couldn’t - the emotional shock and damage was tremendous.

Mila: “Igni, to put it bluntly~ from a teacher’s perspective, I don’t see the need to go right this minute.”

Igni: “.......ummm…” Igni groans as he searches for words.

Igni: “But….I can’t allow the damage to continue spreading…..” Mila: “Hmmm…..”

Mila buckles down to think.

Mila: “Igni, in your mind~ what are the chances of success?”

Igni immediately responds to Mila’s question.

Igni: “100%”

Mila: “Wow~ Really~? So confident~”

Mila laughs out loud to Igni’s answer.

Mila: “I see, I see...and who were you planning to go with?” Igni: “It would be Alicia and I - just the two of us.”

Alicia asked her sister Celia for the Magic Artifact…...the tool that could seal the [Demon King]’s Magic Power. Because it was delivered just the other day, Igni came to Mila for that reason today.

Mila: “Hmmmm~”

Mila thinks deeply again.

Mila: “Then if you allow me to tag along, I’ll help you out~”

Igni: “RーReally?!”

Mila: “But, under one condition~”

Igni: “Condition?” Mila; “Yup. If anyone is in danger of dying, I’m going to immediately take both of you back to school. Do we have a deal?” Igni: “Yes, thank you for your help!”

Igni nods with a huge smile on his face.

Mila: “Then come to school on the next break, okay~”

And with that, on the day when school was not in session, Igni and Alicia headed to the teachers’ offices, but Mila wasn’t there…...on her desk was a piece of paper with [Come to the rooftop] written on it.

Obeying those words, they head to the school rooftop, and Mila was working on a gigantic Magical Inscription there.

Mila: “Hey there~ Welcome~”

Igni: “Thank you for your help, Ms. Mila.” Mila: “It’ll be done in just a second so wait right there~”

And with that, Mila finishes the last portion of the circular inscription and <FWEW>, let’s out a deep breath of relief.

Mila: “Final check is do~ne!”

And Mila gestures for Igni and Alicia to come closer.

Mila: “Okay, you ready? Stand in the center of the Magic Inscription. Alicia, move a little more this way.”

Alicia: “YーYes.”

Mila: “Igni, come closer here.”

Igni: “Aren’t we a little too cramped?”

Mila: “With the space on the rooftop, this was the best I could do~ Maybe we should have used the practice field.”

As Mila comments, Igni and Alicia stand inside a small circle in close proximity.

Mila: “Igni, that won’t do. If we go now, you’ll leave half your body behind.”

Alicia: “Igni, don’t worry about me. Come closer.” Igni: “IーIs that alright?” Alicia: “Yes! C’mon!”

The Guide to Popularity No. 4 ーー “Always be a gentleman.”

So Igni was trying to be mindful of the distance between him and Alicia, but Alicia pulls him close against her.

Mila: “Hey, Alicia. Can you hold onto Igni’s arm tightly?”

Alicia: “WhーWhat?!”

Mila: “Then, we’ll finally fit nice inside the circle.”

Alicia: “OーOkay, then…” Alicia grudgingly…….but also forcefully grabs onto Igni’s arms tightly.

Igni: (She’s so soft…….!)

Although this guy may be heading to his death…..Igni’s head is filled with completely unrelated thoughts and….

Igni: (She smells so good….)

A tangerine-smelling perfume tickles Igni’s nose….

Mila: “[Teleport] {Open}”

A faint light envelopes them, and the three disappear from the rooftop.

Next, what tickled Igni’s nose was not the tangerine scent…..but the smell of <thick Magic Power>.

Igni: “’s been a while.”

About one month or so now….?

When he came here with Alicia, they teleported to the desert, so the Magic Power was not as dense there as it is here.

Mila: “Igni, let’s hurry~”

Igni: “Yes! Let’s go!!”

Igni casts his [Equip Flame Engine] {Accel Boot} and flies into the sky. Behind him, Alicia has Mila sit behind her on her broom, and they fly after him.

Alicia: “The Magic Power here is so dense…...I think it’s giving me a headache.”

Igni: “If you’re not careful, you can apparently develop an addiction to it.” Alicia: “Really?” Igni: “Grandpa told me that.” The 3 of them teleported to the forest outside the [Demon King’s Castle].

If they were to try and walk through the forest itself, they would have gotten lost, but with flying methods on hand, they were able to head straight towards the [Demon King’s Castle].

Alicia: “..........I’m starting to get nervous.”

Mila: “Me too~.....”

The word “alien” describes the castle almost too perfectly.

The building didn’t look man-made, and everything was randomly cluttered and twisted altogether.

Alicia: “The castle itself looks awful.”

Mila: “Oh that~ I heard the [Demon King’s Army] built that up in 3 days. Back in those days, in this region…… was an empty, flat plain with absolutely nothing else here~”

Mila retells the history of the Castle to Igni and Alicia.

Igni: “A flat plain……”

Igni looks down below.

The ground erupted and jutted out with random cliffs and hills and the Monsters in the forest fought with one another, and there was a continual sound of clashing and explosions somewhere.

It was hard to believe that a terrain such as this was once a flat plain….

Mila: “The country that was in this area~ declared war on the [Demon King’s Army]~ But they lost after 1 month.”

The [Demon King] was a true Monster.

There was no mistaking that fact.

Mila: “We’re about to arrive. Let’s land around here.”

As they reached the [Demon King’s Castle]’s inner yard, Mila suggested that.

But Igni halts that decision.

Igni: “.........Ms. Mila…..the Magic Power….it’s flowing out from the castle.”

Mila: “”

Mila braces herself on Alicia’s shoulder and stands up on the broom.

Mila: “But the [Demon King]’s grave is in the garden though….”

She informs Igni while using her keen Elvish eyesight but…

Igni: “But the Magic Power is flooding out from…….deeper inside the castle.”

Mila: “.........that’s true…..” The 3 instinctively braced themselves.

Alicia: “Where…...are we going to go to first, Igni?” Igni: “......there’s no guarantee that…….the [Demon King’s Grave] in the garden is his real grave….” Mila: “That’s true…..” Mila also agrees with Igni’s assessment.

Igni: “Then let’s first explore the [Demon King’s Castle].”

Mila: “Let’s do that.” With Igni’s suggestion, the 3 of them enter the [Demon King’s Castle] from a window they found in its center.

Mila: “Hey, Igni?! What if there was someone inside?!?”

Igni: “I’ll take them out.”

Igni does not hesitate with his reply.

Igni: “Alicia, can you scout out the area?” Alicia: “Yes, leave it to me.” Alicia calls for her wind and searches the area but…..

Alicia: “There’s no one here. There’s no Monsters…...or any person…….nothing.” Igni: “.........I see.” The [Demon King’s Castle]. This was the home base of humanity’s greatest nemesis, the [Demon King].

Igni was prepared for an intense fight and came prepared but….

Igni: “.......are you sure there’s no one here?” Alicia: “Yes, no one.”

Igni leads the way. Mila guards the rear, and they carefully observe all of their surroundings…….but there really isn’t one Slime here.

Igni: “........?! That……!”

As Igni and his group walk inside the castle, they detect an incredibly dense source of Magic Power flowing from ahead.

They quickly approach the area and there…..

Igni: “.........a girl……?”

There was a girl who was asleep inside a gigantic Crystal.

She looked to be about 10 years old. Her velvet-colored hair stretched down to her waist and had long eyelashes.

Her milky white skin was covered by a simple dress.

And as if time stopped for her, she was there.

Igni: “This…….this is it…..” Igni groans with anticipation.

Igni: (’s a Loli girl!!!)


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)

Google says: Loli - Loli most often refers to: A childlike female character in Japanese anime and manga, particularly in the lolicon genre.

Lolicon - Short for Loli complex. It’s a derivative of different complexes such as the Oedipus Complex (infatuation/attachment with mother), Electra Complex (father), sis-con (sister) and bura-con (brother). There’s probably others, but those are the main ones. a.k.a. pedephile.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

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Book 3

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