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Extreme Flame Wizard c7

Updated: May 31, 2021

Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Chapter 7: The Entrance Exam and the Wizard

Alicia: “Igni, it looks like we’re relocating. Igni? Hey, are you listening??”

Igni: “....huh? Oh, sorry. Thank you, Alicia.”

When Igni came to his senses, the explanation for the entrance exam was finished.

Seeing that half the entrance examinees were men was too much for Igni. And so he stood there hurting, confused, and mainly sulking like a child as the entrance examination instructions took place and ended.

If Alicia did not tell him, he would have forever stood in that spot sulking forever.

Igni: “...Sorry, Alicia. Where do we go now?”

Alicia: “Weren’t you listening? We’re going to break into 6 groups according to your number. Igni, what’s your number?”

Igni: “I’m 120.”

Alicia: “Then you’re in the same group as me. Come on. Follow me.”

Igni: (I’m really glad I got to know Alicia.)

[Oye, Igni]

Igni: (G--Grandpa?!)

Inside his mind, he clearly heard the voice of his grandfather who was not presently here.

[Secret to Popularity Rule Number 2 -- “A man always leads!” got it?]

Igni: (.......!)

Igni sucked in his breath with sudden realization.

Igni: (Th---that’s right! I almost forgot….!!)

Igni gritted his teeth as he walked behind Alicia.

Igni: (....I’m completely being led right now….!)

[Oye, Igni]

Igni almost went back to sulking mode when Lucas’ voice called and echoed to him again.

[At times, a man who lets a woman take care of him….. can be popular too.]

Igni: (Grandpa….!)

Igni may not have failed completely yet.

Regardless, Igni didn’t have a choice at this moment EXCEPT to follow Alicia, so he took his grandfather’s word to heart and kept walking behind her.

Alicia: “Okay, we’re here, Igni. This is where you will declare your compatibility.”

There were many examinees lined up to where Alicia took him.

Igni: “Our compatibility? What’s the point of doing that?”

Alicia: “Depending on your compatibility, they’re going to change the test contents. That’s what the principal was saying earlier.”

Igni: “Oh, yeah! I... uh... remember now….! Hahaha…”

Igni forced a smile and laugh, but Alicia stared coldly at him as she wondered if he was okay in the head.

Alicia: “Entrance Examinee Number 354. Alicia Esmeralda. My compatibility is [WIND] : [A].”

“Please please put on this green armband.”

As Alicia declared her compatibility, the faculty gave her a green armband.

Igni: “I see. So depending on your compatibility, the armband changes.”

Alicia: “That’s right. I’m going ahead. Good luck.”

Igni: “Thanks.”

After watching Alicia go ahead, Igni spoke to the faculty worker.

Igni: “Entrance Examinee Number 120, Igni. My compatibility is [FIRE] : [F].”


The faculty looked at him in astonishment and confusion.

Igni: “That’s right. [F].”

“.....Ummm, I don’t think we can allow a compatibility [F] to…”

“I thought in this school, strength is everything.”

“Well, that is true but….”

Being cornered, the faculty was trying their hardest to figure out a way to dissuade Igni when another examinee butted in between them.

“Hey hey. Are you taking this exam as some sort of joke? Or you just trying to make good memories? Why would anyone with the worst compatibility potential be out here of all places?”

There was a blondie with short hair pulled back, with gaudy, overly extravagant clothes which he seemed oddly proud of. But, Igni ignored him.

Igni: “[FIRE] is the red armband, correct?”

“Oh, uh, yes.”

“Hey you! How dare you ignore me! Are you even listening to me?!”

Igni ignores him.

But he’s not JUST ignoring him. No… he’s…actually...!!

Secret of Popularity Rule Number 2 -- Women love a calm and confident man.

Igni knew that he would get called out for being a F-Rank, but if he responded to each and every person who picked on him, it would be Igni who’ll be accused of being the petty man.


Igni: “Oh, where do I go after I put the armband on?”

“Please go straight down to the left side.”

Igni: “Thank you so much.”

Igni bows.

He tries to leave immediately, but the other examinee grabs him by the shoulder.


Looking at the guy’s frustrated red face, Igni gestures and exaggerates a deep sigh.

Igni: “Don’t you know that in this school, strength is everything?”

“I’m not letting the lowest rung compatibility trash talk down to me!”

Igni: “Well, see ya.”

With that, Igni turned his back on him.

He didn’t even bother to ask the guy’s name.

Alicia: “So you WERE a [FIRE] type.”

Igni: “Do I look it?”

As he enters the building, Alicia was waiting for him near the entrance.

Alicia: “Yeah, because when we came here, you were using something like [FIREBALL]. That’s why.”

Igni: “Oh, that was [FIREBALL].”

Alicia: “Really? No one’s ever heard of a spell you can ride on.”

Igni: “That’s a secret.”

If you show people that you have secrets, they’ll want to know more about you.

Alicia: “That’s true. A true wizard shouldn’t reveal his secrets.”

But Alicia nods, agrees and moves on.

Igni: (Huh? W----wait. Hold on. Why wasn’t she interested in hearing more about me…?)

Igni didn’t like how things went down just now.

And with impeccable timing, as if to completely cut their conversation short, one of the Examiners opened their mouth to speak.

“Firstly, we will grade the power of your spell. Of course, we are not just looking at the power alone. The speed of your spellcrafting. The control of your magic. We will be reviewing several criteria such as these to tally your total score. You will only be required to hit one target, and we will be judging your accuracy as well! Keep that in mind!”

“Mr. Examiner. If it’s just regular target, wouldn’t it be destroyed by our spell?”

A cold voice sounded from the crowd and questioned the examiner.

“Do not worry! On the target, we have cast an appraisal type spell inscription as well as a magic diminishing spell inscription. I will <GUA•RAN•TEE> you that examinees such as yourselves will not be able to destroy it, so give it your all!”

The voice came from a girl with long black hair, a confident composure, and one sword held at her waist.

Igni: “A magic swordsman, huh.”

Igni mutters to himself.

He’s read about them in stories, but it’s his first time to see one in person.

Alicia: “What’s a magic swordsman?”

Igni: “It’s someone who uses swordsmanship and magic together to fight.”

Alicia: “That sounds difficult.”

Igni: “True. You’d have to be proficient in both magic and swords at the same time.”

And it’s not like cramming multiple things together makes you automatically strong either.

If your magic is better, than you’re just a Wizard using a sword as a sub-weapon.

If your swordsmanship is better, than you’re just a swordsman with some alternate sub-tactics using magic.

A true magic swordsman requires both your magic and swordsmanship to be top notch.

Igni: “Coming to a famous Wizard school and being a sword user… she must have a ton of confidence.”

Alicia: “I see....”

Alicia looks admiringly at the girl.

“Then let’s start with Entrance Examinee Number 6. Please step forward.”

From there, the exam began with no interruptions in between.

The examinees one by one cast their spells against the target, but before it even reached it, their spell <DIS•APPEAR•ED>.

3 examiners observed the results from various angles and are taking rigorous notes with each spell casting.

Alicia: “Igni, aren’t you nervous?”

Igni: “Nah. Not at all.”

Alicia: “, you’re so confident. Is your compatibility… perhaps [S]?”

Igni: “Why do you think so?”

Alicia: “Because of the way you were able to use your magic. You were good.”

Igni: “Being able to use magic well and your compatibility has nothing to do with each other. It just depends on how much you understand your own magic.”

As soon as Igni said that.

“Entrance Examinee Number 120!”

His number was called.

Igni: “Oh, looks like it’s my turn.”

Alicia: “H---hey! Do your best! Got it?!”

Igni: “Yes, thank you.”

Taking Alicia’s encouragement to heart, Igni stands at the line.

“Without stepping over this line, shoot straight at the target. You can use any spell of your choice.”

Any spell of my choice? Well, I only have one choice - [FIREBALL].

Igni points his pointer finger straight at the target, and his thumb pointing up.

In one flowing motion, he creates two [FIREBALL]s at the tip of his pointer finger.

The [FIREBALL] at the front will be hard, and the [FIREBALL] in the back will be soft.


Next, he raises the power <EX•PO•NEN•TIA•LLY>

The two [FIREBALL]s begin to spiral around one another turning from red to slowly blue.

Igni: “[LAUNCH -- FIRE!!]”


A cataclysmic, loud crash echoed through the exam hall for the first time.

The smoke and dust from Igni’s spell settled.

Igni fired two [FIREBALL]s and as both propelled forward, one exploded in midair to give the harder [FIREBALL] further acceleration.

Because of that, he was able to <DE•STR•OY> the indestructible target.

3 examiners stood dumbfounded at the sight.

Igni: “........Secret of Popularity Rule Number 3 --- “Women love a man who stands out.”

Igni quietly speaks to himself.


No one can stop him now.

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