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Extreme Flame Wizard c69

Chapter 69: The Transfer Student and the Wizard

Elenoir: “Hey, Igni.” Igni: “Yes.” Elenoir: “There’s a transfer student coming in~”

Igni: “Transfer Student?”

That morning, as the Homeroom Class was about the end, the teacher, Ms. Elenoir, called Igni over to deliver this information, and Igni tilted his head in wonder.

Igni: “A transfer student…….so a student from another Wizard Academy?” Rolmod is not the only Wizard Academy.

There are numerous other Wizard Academies in other districts and other countries.

Elenoir: “Nope. It’s not like’s an Elf that’s coming.”

Igni: “Elf……?” Elenoir: “I was so shocked when I got the news~ I never thought the Elves would ask us if we would accept a transfer student… all just happened all of a sudden~”

Igni: “I thought the Elves disliked Humans…?”

Igni tilts his head again.

Elenoir: “That’s right~ But apparently, they have a better opinion of us since the Quest you handled, Igni~”

Igni: “Really?”

Elenoir: “So they came to us to ask if they can send a student to take classes at Rolmod Wizard Academy~ Igni, you must have done an outstanding job~ Good for you~”

Igni: “Thank you so much.”

Igni receives the compliment from Elenoir with a smile.

Igni: “So when is the Elf Transfer Student coming?”

Elenoir: “It’s supposed to be tomorrow officially~ But the student already arrived~”

Igni: “I see. So…”

Igni: (From tomorrow?) Igni: (Then why was I called now?)

Elenoir: “So that’s why I wanted to see if you can show the student around the campus. It’s just for today~”

Igni: “An Elf Student…correct?”

Elenoir: “That’s right~”

Igni: “Of course, I’ll accept!”

He gets to skip class and hang around with an Elf Student. There’s no way Igni can refuse an opportunity like that.

Of course! Because Elves can only give birth to females…..!

The Guide to Popularity No. 2 ーー “Women love a man who takes charge!!”

Igni: (This is an opportunity….!)

Igni: (An enormous opportunity…..!!)

Elenoir: “Then let me introduce her to you~ Miss Lilly, can you come in~?”

Igni: “”

Igni was wondering about the familiar name when………..Lilly appeared from the next room.

Igni: “Lilly!”

Lilly: “It’s been a while, Igni.” Before Igni knew it, he was already walking over to her.

Igni: “You look well. You had me worried when I couldn’t say goodbye to you.”

Lilly: “I wasn’t worried at all though.” Lilly still has a pointy personality to save face.

Igni: (She’s too naive…..!)

If it was Igni from before, that would have chopped his heart down from the base.

But now, Igni understands Lilly better.

Yes, Lilly is a Tsundere.

Igni: “But I was worried.”

And with that, Igni takes Lilly’s hand.

Elenoir: “Oh my……” Lilly’s face turned bright red and fell silent.

Elenoir: “I’m so glad~ Looks like you two already get along so well. Okay, Igni. I’m leaving her under your care.”

With that last bit from Elenoir, Igni takes Lilly’s hands and leaves the school premise.

Igni: “Lilly, this way.” Lilly: “........okay...” Lilly responds in a cute voice and follows behind Igni. Everything she’s doing is so cute right now.

Igni: “Why did you become a transfer student?”

Lilly: “ expand my knowledge of other societies….”

Igni: “That’s amazing. You’re such a hard worker.”

And Igni smiles at her. Just with that, Lilly feels her heart begin to flutter.

Lilly: (WhーWhat’s up with him……..sheesh…..)

Lilly was trying to give off the adult-aura like Lura and Kurara to impress Igni but was confused instead.

Lilly: (Does he not know that I’m older?!)

And though her internal voice is very direct and authoritative…….her words seem to fail her when she’s in front of Igni.

Igni: “Lilly, so this is the Battle Simulation Practice Field.”

Lilly: “Battle Simulation…….? Do you fight here?” Igni: “Yup.” Igni nods, and one of the students using the practice field see Igni and waves her hand.

Igni waves back.

Lilly: “WhーWho is that?”

Igni: “Miss Frenda. Ummm…..yeah, I fought with her during the Tournament.” Lilly: “IーIs that so…” Lilly seems a little discouraged.

Lilly: “IーIgni! Let’s go to the next place!”

Igni: “Then let’s go to the Reinforced Gym next.”

Lilly: “Reinforced Gym?” Igni: “Ummmmm…..well….how do I explain this…...Lilly, you know what Spell Geometry is, right?” Lilly: “Yes. It’s the study of creating Spell Inscriptions, correct?” Igni: “Yes, that’s right. So you do those kinds of things, or when you’re taking special courses like Alchemy, you’ll use the Reinforced Gym…….it’s so that even if something explodes, it can withstand the impact.”

Lilly: “Eーexplodes…….?”

And they walk down the hallway as they speak.

As they walk, they walk past a few classrooms, and Igni saw Miru in one of the classes. She notices Igni and waves a hand in his direction, and Igni waves back.

Lilly: “Who is she?” Igni: “President of the Student Council. I’m currently a temp member there.”

Lilly: “Hmph…..”

Lilly lets out a gruff breath of dissatisfaction.

Lilly: “Igni, you have way too many female acquaintances!”

Igni: “This school has a lot of girls in general. But you’re still special to me, Lilly.”

Lilly: “WhーWhat are you saying all of a sudden?!”

Igni: “But didn’t you do all those things for me back then?” Lilly: “IーIt’s not fair to bring that up~ that’s……”

A Guide to Popularity No. 1 ーー “Treat all women as special.”

Lilly could not keep her face from blushing as her initial plan with Igni crumbled from its foundation…...she couldn’t get angry at him and only felt embarrassment.


On the edge of the far east.

There is a place called the [Farthest East] where between the [Demon King’s Realm] and the [Main Continent], there is an island country of Ninjas and Samurais.

“So here you were, Abyss.”

The country is composed of several dozen islands and on the edge of that country was an uninhabited island.

And inside one man-made structure, there were two shadows.

“Over here, they call me ‘Kuroudo’. Can you call me by that name, Lucas?”

One is Lucas.

And facing him is Abyss. The [Endless Depths] Abyss.

ーーIt is the [Extreme] of [Darkness].

Lucas: “You’ve made me look everywhere. I didn’t think that you would be here though.”

Abyss: “I guess I should be proud that I’m so famous now - so famous that one of the [Strongest] Extremes, Mr. [Extreme] of [Light] spends his days looking for me, huh?”

Lucas: “You have 10 countries posting Wanted Notices for you. I’ll need you to come with me.”

Abyss: “And you think that I wouldn’t know this because…..?” Lucas: “Because I do not want to do anything too rash.”

Lucas quietly speaks.

Abyss: “Idiot! This is my [Territory]. The one who fell into a trap is you, old geezer!!”

As soon as he yells, the ground beneath Lucas’ feet turn gloopy and ropes made from darkness itself wraps around Lucas’ arms!

Abyss: “Die!! [Those who crawl and suffer, DEVOUR HIM]!”

From the gloopy ground, countless teeth appear and bite onto Lucas’ lower body!

Lucas: “I told you...I do not want to do anything rash…”

But Lucas is unaffected.

Just then, Abyss notices…….that the lower half of Lucas’ body is broken down on a molecular level.

Abyss: “.....HA! You’re insane as always!”

Lucas: “Surrender, Abyss.”

Abyss: “It’s you who should be surrendering, Lucas! [Those who crawl out, CAPTURE HIM]!!”

<SHURURURU!!> (sfx rope)

A dark mass in the shape of a serpent ties up the rest of Lucas’ body.

Lucas: “[Divide].”

One word.

With that one word, with absolute authority, all the darkness surrounding him disperses!

Lucas: “You won’t need your legs.”

Abyss: “Shut up!”

Lucas: “[Penetrate]”

Abyss tries to jump back to evade but both his legs blow up <from the inside>.

Abyss: “...........ARGH!! [Darkness, swallow my body…..” Lucas: “[Disperse]”


A sudden enormous light appears and wipes away all shadows surrounding them!!

Abyss: “...............”

All that was left was a charred, smoking human-like body.

Lucas: “Well, you won’t die just from that.”

With that, Lucas leaves the object that used to be Abyss and looks around the [Workshop].

There, he saw a blackboard with [Celestial Globe] and countless calculations scribbled everywhere.

Lucas: “........a study of forbidden Spells. Space-related applications….is this…...Dimension-related?”

As he looks around, Lucas locates a written report and glances his eyes through the document.

Lucas: “This……”

Lucas draws in a deep breath.

It’s no ordinary forbidden Spell.

It has taken all the systematized forbidden Spells to create a hole in the dimension….

Abyss: “’s to call forth the Angelsー”

The burnt corpse of Abyss suddenly screams out loud.

Lucas: (How did he avoid my attack?)

There, an uninjured Abyss stood back in his original form.

Abyss: “Let’s go, you old geezer! It’s Round 2!!”

Lucas: “.......I said I didn’t want to do anything rash…”

That day, 3 islands disappeared off the maps.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 3

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