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Extreme Flame Wizard c6

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Chapter 6: The Girl and the Wizard

Igni: “Dangit, grandpa! You’re always too spontaneous!”

Igni was muttering to himself inside his room at the inn.

This is a place far away from where he and Lucas trained in the Demon King’s realm.

He is currently at the capital of his home country - the Anthem Kingdom.

At the capital, people, goods, money, and all other things gather here.

The Rolmod Wizard Academy is located here as well inside the capital.

Igni: “Geesh, seriously. I haven’t even done anything to prepare for this entrance exam…”

And worst of all, Grandpa disappeared after giving him the entrance exam pass.

He said something about talking to an old friend to discuss some business but...

Igni: “Oh well. Even if Grandpa’s not here, I just have to pass the exam on my own.”

As Igni said that nonchalantly, he gracefully let his body sink into the bed.

Igni: “How long has it been since I slept in a bed…”

It might be since leaving the Talcoyz mansion...

During his training with Lucas, he slept on the ground, and for a year, he slept on a dirt floor in the basement of a tavern.

Maybe that’s why...

Before he knew it, Igni was falling right to sleep.

Igni: “When...the morning… bell… rings… the exam…. begins… so… I need to…wake…..”

Igni fell asleep..


Igni: “Huh?”

Igni woke to the sound of the bell.

He quickly removes the warm covers.

Igni: “.......crap.”

From his window, the sun shone brightly through.

He’s late.


Jumping out of bed, Igni grabs his entrance exam pass, and jumps out the window.

Igni: “I’M LATE!!”

As he tumbles out the window, he runs full speed towards the examination location.

[Oye, Igni]

As Igni runs, he suddenly hears Lucas’ voice inside his head.

[The Secret of Popularity Rule Number 2 --- A calm man gets the girls attention,” got it?]


But Igni ran.

Igni ran FULL SPEED in the smack dab middle of main street.

Igni: “I KNOW BUT I CAN’T BE LATE---------!!”

Yes. Even if Igni was to calm down and walk with confidence towards the examination location, if he gets disqualified for being super-late, then his dream of being surrounded by girls fawning over him would turn immediately to ashes…..!

Igni ran with everything he got. Above him, something soared passed him.

Igni: “Huh… what is that?”

He looks up, and sees a girl with a desperate expression zooming across the sky on a broom.

She’s wearing a very large hat, and her golden hair is peeking out underneath. In her hand is the same entrance exam pass as Igni.

Igni: “Wait----I can s----I can s----”

She’s wearing a skirt, but somehow, although he can almost see it, he can’t.

You may wonder, “What happened to the mysterious persona?” but Igni is also a man.

A man must always try his best, must he not?

Igni: “Oh! I wonder if she’s running late too!”

Even being in the exact same situation as her, Igni still wonders, and then a light bulb goes off in his head.

Igni: “That’s right! The sky!!”

Igni dashes into the sky with a jump.

He wraps magic around his feet and jumps to the same height as the girl. He fires a [FIREBALL] in front of him.

And he <JUM•PED ON TOP OF IT> and kept moving forward.

Secret of Popularity Rule Number 5 -- “Always help a woman in need.”

Igni: “Are you also running late?” “Wh-- WHO?! HOW ARE YOU TRAVELING IN THE AIR?!?!”

The girl shouts at Igni while looking at his face and the [FIREBALL] beneath him alternatively.

Igni: “I’m taking the entrance exam as well. I know of a way to teleport to the location, but do you want to come along as well?”


Igni: “Yeah, I saw you and thought of something.”

“......fine, I don’t have any more time left anyways.”

Igni: “Then excuse me.”

Igni then wrapped his arms around the girls waist.


He pours magic into the fireball beneath him and changes its direction.

Igni: “[LAUNCH -- FIRE]!!”


Igni lets the [FIREBALL] explode beneath them, and from the impact, they both hurtle through the air.


Igni: “.....sorry, but we’re almost there.”

He would have never made it by foot, but Igni used a single spell to take the ultimate shortcut.

Igni flips in the air and turns around, and he gently catches the girl in his arms and lands on the ground. Both of them were going at a significant velocity, and normally, the impact should have AT LEAST crushed the bones in his legs, but Igni poured more magic into his feet and avoided such disaster.

ZUZAZAZAZA!! (sfx dragging feet on ground)

Igni drags his feet hard into the ground to decelerate, and they both arrive at the examination location.

The entrance exam is being held at Rolmod Wizard Academy itself.

Both Igni and the girl look up to see the giant castle-like structure towering before them.

“Wh---who are you?!”

A surprised school faculty worker comes running out to see what the commotion is.

Igni: “My name is Igni. I’m eligible to take the entrance exam. Here is my pass.”

Igni slowly lowers the girl to stand on her feet and shows the man his pass.

“M--My name is Alicia Esmeralda! I’m also a entrance exam participant!”

Alicia presents her pass to the faculty worker as well.

The faculty worker confirms both passes and nods.

“Both of you, come this way.”

Igni and Alicia were about to follow the faculty worker when Alicia mumbles… “Thanks.”

Igni: “...Did you say something?”

Alicia: “N---No! It’s nothing!”

And with that Alicia looks the other way from Igni.

“You’re welcome.”

Igni smiled as he said those words.

Popularity Etiquette Rule Number 3 --- “Always accept thanks with confidence.”

Alicia: “Why you--- you heard me the first time?!”

And Igni got whacked in the rear with Alicia’s broom.

Igni: (.....why?)

Igni tilts his head to the side inside his heart.


[Oye, Igni]

Igni: (....Grandpa?!?!)

[Do not try to understand women. Women are beyond understanding.]

Igni: “Wh—really?!”


An epiphany hit Igni on the head.

Igni: (Grandpa! I think I understood what you said just now!)

And Igni, ignorant as ever, and Alicia, who did not know what just transpired in Igni’s head, walk through the entrance gate.

“We were just about to start the instructions for the examination. I’m glad. You both barely made it.”

The faculty who led them here went ahead, and stood facing the many entrance exam participants. Before him is some sort of platform. Is the teacher going to stand there?

“You can wait here. It’s just about to begin.”

Saying that, the faculty hurriedly went somewhere and disappeared.

Alicia: “U---umm… so… Hey, sorry for hitting you back there. My name is Alicia. What is your name….?”

Igni: “.....50% ….no 60% are men? ….he lied to me that old geezer…”

Alicia: “H----hey, don’t ignore me!”

Alicia taps Igni on the shoulder.

Igni: “Oh! I’m so sorry. I got wrapped up in my thoughts. What’s up?”

Alicia: “O--oh, it’s nothing. I just wanted to say thanks for helping me before…”

Igni: “Don’t worry about that. I wanted to help you because I saw that you were in trouble.”

Popular Etiquette Number 1 -- “Treat every woman special.”

Alicia: “Oh, uh, thanks. Igni...was it? I’m Alicia. Good luck with the exam.”

Igni: “Good luck to you too, Alicia.”

Igni held out his hand to shake Alicia’s.

Inside him, a storm of murderous intent raged against his Grandpa.

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