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Extreme Flame Wizard c55

Chapter 55: The Kunoichi and the Wizard

There is a Spy known as a [Ninja] in the farthest eastern country. Among those, they call the female ninjas [Kunoichi].

[Grandpa! Look! Look at what she’s wearing!]

[Hm? Oh, yes, that’s a Kunoichi.]

The person Igni saw also wore clothes that were tight against her body.

[What’s a Kunoichi?!]

[A Spy]

[SーSo cool……..]

The young Igni shook and trembled in amazement.

It was because to him, a Spy looked dazzlingly brilliant.

What more of a reason do you need than that?

[They are spies who swear an oath of loyalty to their Lord and will complete any Quest or Mission handed to them.]

[An oath of loyalty to their Lord…….!]

It was that peculiar part that caught Igni’s attention.

[BーBut...why are they wearing clothes that are so tight?]

[Isn’t it obvious? It’s because it’s easy to maneuver.]

[Isn’t that risky?]


[OW!! I had my guard down!! That hurt like always!!]

[Oye, Igni…..]


[You are still….weak]


Igni nods his head in agreement.

[I don’t mind that part. But you are making a critical error of judgement right now.]

[AーAn error…..?]

[Yes. That is because you are only thinking of everything from your own perspective…….!]

[.........?! WhーWhat……?!?!]

[Right now, there are more women stronger than you then you can count…….!! And still, regardless of that fact, YOU ARE WORRIED FOR THEM……?? DON’T LOOK DOWN ON WOMEN!!!]


Igni sucked in his breath at Lucas’ words.

[If they are wearing clothes that are that thin………!! It’s because they have the confidence to be able to dodge any attack…….!! For a “Kunoichi”, that is NOTHING……!!]


Igni reflected on his weakness and the [Kunoichi] who was no longer in sight and her strength.

[Igni! I admire your heart to worry about the woman…..! But for a woman much stronger than you, being worried by someone so weak as you is a worthless burden……! In fact, they will only take it as an insult of you underestimating their strength…….!! If that happens, you will not be enjoying “Popularity” but rather…’ll be despised….!! Only a hellish future awaits you after that…….!!]


Although the conversation turned to a bizarre direction, Igni did not realize this and awaited for his Grandfather’s words.

[Then…..whーwhat should I do…..?! What should I do, Grandpa!!]

[Become stronger]




I’ve become stronger, Grandpa……!

Igni jumps towards the [Kunoichi] that appeared before him, and with Igni coming towards her, the girl creates blades in her hands.

Igni: “An [Earth] Type User, I see.”

“A correct answer, sir!”

Igni knows what these blades are.

They are the preferred multi-use blades from the far east called “Kunai’s.”

“Prepare yourself, sir!!”

As Igni lands on the ground, the girl wields her Kunai. Igni makes a half-step to the side, and let’s the blade of the Kunai slip by his ribs and dodges.

In one flowing motion, Igni points his finger at the girl. There was a [Fireball] already created at the tip.

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}!”

<DON!!!> (sfx)

The air explodes as Igni shoots his {Fireball}!!

But the girl uses her Kunai to intercept the {Fireball} and with another swift motionーーshe tries to redirect it.

But Igni’s {Fireball}’s course cannot be changed so easily.

The Kunai screams with a <CRACK!!> as it breaks apart.


Igni: “Thank you!”

Igni accepts the compliment head on, and opens his palm.

There, there was a {Fireball} that was 3 times the size bigger than before…..!

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignite} : [Pursuant Bullet] {Homing}”

This was inspired by Yoori’s Spell.

Although it wouldn’t be able to track down targets like hers…...I mean HIS for long distances, if it’s this close, there should be no issues.

And thus, Igni sets the girl’s Magic as the target to be followed.

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}”

<DON!> (sfx)

The {Fireball} leaves Igni’s palm and goes straight after the Kunoichi girl. She twists her body and dodges it, but the {Fireball} sudden turns around and hits the [Kunoichi] from behind!

<DON!> (sfx)

A light explosion! The girl contorts her expression disbelief from the unexpected attack and…...disappears!!

Igni: “What?!”

Igni’s shocked, but feels Magic being manipulated from directly behind him.

Igni: “There!”

Igni fires countless numbers of small {Fireball}s behind him towards the Magic manipulation!!

“You saw through my [Decoy] technique…..that’s amazing. Igni, you must be looking at the [Ki] then, sir.”

Igni: “[Ki]? And you don’t have to keep calling me sir.”

“Thank you, sir. I think you call [Ki] [Magic Power] in your country…….”

Igni: (Maybe she’s talking about the Magic manipulation….?)

“People here handle the [Ki] too barbarically.”

Igni: “Barbaric?”

Igni tilts his head.

Magic Power in general is very precious. People especially fear [Magic Exhaustion] which could lead to death, so they are very careful to monitor the amount of Magic Reserves left in their body.

“Yes, sir. For instance, you can….” In the next instant, the girl before him manipulated the Magic within her to circulate within her own body.

“You can manipulate the [Ki] within your own body and….”

She steps and the next second, she explosively accelerates!

Igni instinctively jumps back and fires a {Fireball} in front of him defensively!!

“Your body can become stronger, sir.”

A fist punches straight through the {Fireball} and makes contact with Igni’s body.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignite}!!”

“SEY!!!!” (*Martial Arts Yell)

<KYUDOOOOOON!!!> (sfx)

A huge sound of impact that couldn’t have come from a human body resounds as Igni is blown away backwards!

But he explodes a {Fireball} behind him softening the impact and slowing him down. He touches down to the ground with his feet, and his shoes drag through the earth as he comes to a halt.

Igni: “You didn’t even use the [Physical Enhancement] Spell, and it’s this powerful……!”

Igni was delighted to see a new way to use Magic Power.

For someone who can use other Spells, this was a new technique to get stronger!

But he doesn’t have the time to explore this new option or the time to waste on this girl any more.

Igni: “Miss Floria!”

Floria: “Yes.”

With Igni’s call for help, water suddenly floods out from the ground beneath the Kunoichi Girl’s feet, and with incredible speed, it wraps around her!!

It was too simple for Floria to prepare a trap to capture the Kunoichi while her attention was on Igni.

“You think you can catch me with…..this?!”

She circulates the manipulated Magic Power within her and gathers it in her arms to…..<POW!!>

The water explodes with a splash and she’s free!!

Floria: “You can’t escape like that.”

But Floria quietly murmurs to herself. In the next moment, water gathers immediately to the hole the girl drilled and captures her again.

“GRRRR!! I can’t get out!”

As the girl struggles….

Edward: “Finally caught up with you, Igni!!”

With excellent timing, Yoori and Edward come to Igni’s aid.

Igni: “Yoori! Can you cast that Spell again! That last tracking Spell was destroyed!”

Yoori: “Destroyed?!”

Igni: “A lots happened, and now they’re trying to capture me!”

Yoori: “OーOkay! I already know the Magical Power to follow, so we can easily keep tracking it!”

Igni: “Thanks! I’m counting on you!”

The Dark Soul Cloud is resurrected with Yoori’s incantation and with a <PEEP!!>, it chirps like a bird and flies into the air.

The group followed closely behind it.


CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)

[Kunoichi Girl’s Dialect] - She’s another “DESU” girl like Eliz in ARAQCG. I didn’t want to use the same verbiage as Eliz, but there’s really not a good way to translate her awkward, unnatural phrasing (even in Japanese text). I settled with an occasional “sir”.

Kunai (苦無) (クナイ) - Anyone who watched Naruto would know what this is, but what caught my eye was the Japanese Kanji used for it. There are two ways to spell “Kunai” in Japanese. 【苦内】(Suffering・Within) ; and【苦無】(Suffering・Void/Nothingness/Null). I couldn’t find the etymology of the word, but considering that the “nin” (忍) of Ninja (忍者) is the same “nin” as “persistence” (nin-tai) (忍耐), and “nin” means to carry a sword in your heart as you endure, it was interesting that the very weapon they used symbolized either carrying the suffering within themselves or trapping the suffering in a void. I’m sure there’s various ways to interpret the Kanji. Interpret it as you like. Hindsight, it’s kind of depressing to name what’s basically your survival swiss-army knife “suffering”, but being a spy was never a happy job.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 2: Popularity is a Lifetime Commitment

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