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Extreme Flame Wizard c52

Chapter 52: The “Magicians” Part 1

3 days later.

Igni came to the location where he would meet up with Rose.

Edward: “Igni, are you sure this is going to work?” Igni: “We’re going to make it work."

Edward was next to Igni.

Igni thought that it would be better to explain with someone next to him, but Rose would be upset if it was a girl, so Alicia and Iris are out of the question. Igni is 100000% certain that Yoori would cause a misunderstanding, so he’s out of the question.

And thus, Edward was selected for the role.

Edward: “Was there a specific time selected?” Igni: “Noon is the deadline.”

The noon bell had already rung 30 minutes ago.

But in case something had happened, Igni and Edward patiently waited at the meeting spot.

Edward: “Is the [Saint] lax about time?”

Igni: “, that’s not like her.”

At the very least, when they were still children and engaged, Rose was never once late.

Igni: “Edward.” Edward: “Hm?” Igni: “You’re...a noble, right?”

Edward: “Oh, uh, yeah! A very famous family too!”

Igni: “Then, you should have information about the [Saint], right?” Edward: “....a very limited knowledge, but yes.”

Igni: “Then tell me. Which country is after her?”

Edward: “......I’m not sure. There are too many countries going after her, but….I can narrow it down!”

Igni: “I knew I could count on you.”

Edward: “IーI’m not looking for compliments! …...but if I was to guess, it would be the countries that are lined up at the later order of the [Saint Agreement]. For instance, countries like the Empire and Alelimenia.”

Igni: “Out of those, how many countries could beat the [Extreme] of [Water]?”

Edward: “The [Extreme] of [Water] is strong so…….countries that would be able to do that would be……..”

Edward is currently arranging all the information inside his head.

It’s one of his specialties.

Edward: “Oh, there is one country.”

Edward placed a fist in his hand as he said this.

Edward: “The [Undeath] Celia.”

As soon as Edward says this, a woman wrapped in bandages arrives at the meeting place.

“..........Sir Igni….”

Igni: “Miss Floria?!”

Floria arrives covered in wounds.

Igni: “Edward, please treat her!”

Edward: “IーI know! {Heal}!”

Igni: “What happened, Miss Floria?”

Floria: “.......Lady Rose...was taken.”

Igni: “What?”

Floria: “......they were…..after her this whole time…..the [Demon Race]......”

Igni: “The [Demon Race].....?”

Igni and Edward both tilt their head.

Edward: “Hasn’t the [Saint] been abducted?! There’s no time for jokes……”

Igni holds back Edward’s words.

Igni: “Could you tell us more about that?” Popularity Etiquette No. 17 ーー”Always listen to a woman’s story to the end.”

Being encouraged by Igni, Floria slowly recalls one by one, the events of last night.


The time is about 12 hours before Igni and the [Extreme] meet.

Most were asleep by this time, and one person roamed the hallways of the inn.


The intruder breaks open the door <according to the information that was given to them>.

The next moment, the Spell Charms set on the door ignite!

Countless metal spikes stab the intruder!!

“........the <intel we received> was right.”

Floria mumbles at the sight.

Inside the room is just her.

Floria: “What a fool. There is no way we wouldn’t be guarding the inn at night.”

Floria looks down upon the corpse which had a spike protruding out of its head.

From the countless wounds, blood spills everywhere.

There was only 1 intruder.

They were wearing a hooded cloak, and you couldn’t identify the sex of the victim.

Was the intruder that confident in their ability?

But why would they come in completely unaware?

Was the intruder that incompetent?

She was going to ask the Principality to dispose of the body, and she thought of how much trouble it would be to reset the Spell Charm trap again when the body moved.

“..........I guess…...I was being way too careless.”

Floria: “..........?!”

Floria initiated her Spell and immediately distanced herself from the corpse.

Floria: “Was it a fake?”

“What? Why would I bother with petty tricks like that?”

The corpse takes off the hood and draws her sword.

And without another word, the intruder sword cuts through Floria and sends her flying backwards!!

But the intruder’s sword only relays the sensation of cutting through water.

In the intruder’s eyes, Floria changed her body to [Water] to avoid being cut by the sword.

And Floria also saw who the intruder was.

Floria: “You…..!! You’re Celia?!”

There stood the [Immortal] Magician.

Hence, it makes sense why she walked in nonchalantly into the room.

If you can’t die, what is there to be worried about?

Celia: “You are correct. Looks like the [Saint] is not in this room.”

Floria: “Of course she isn’t!”

Floria screamed and created five {Water Bullets}!!

Floria: “Leave this place!”

And with her next shout, the {Water Bullets} launch!!

All the bullets find their mark, and Celia is blown out through the window to the main street!

Celia: “A good attack. But did you really think that this would work on me?” Floria: “Of course I didn’t.”

Standing at the pinnacle of humanity, the [Extreme] of [Water]’s most effective attacks are mid to long-range. In short, she is slightly disadvantaged with close-range combat.

Celia: “The [Extreme] of [Water]. If you tell me the location of the [Saint], the amount of time you suffer will be significantly reduced.”

Floria: “If anyone should give up, it’s you. Do you think I’ll really oblige you, and stay in your preferred combat range?”

Celia: “And the reverse is true as well. Do you believe that I will stand in the attack range you prefer?”

Floria: “Not at all. That’s why I will not be fighting you alone.”

Floria laughed, and at the same moment, Celia felt bloodthirst from behind and placed her sword behind her.

<GIN!!> (sfx metal clashing with meta)

The sound of clashing metal explodes into the night as Celia’s body was engraved with countless slashes!!

“......Celia….your sword skills…..have dulled….considerably….”

“(exhale) HA!! WELL, WELL….!!”

Celia let's out a beastly laugh as she swings her sword around broadly.

The single swing of the sword blasted away a store stand on the side of Main Street.

Celia: “Well, if it isn’t my dear <MASTER> Kurara…”

Kurara: “.....I only taught….you...that one….day….”

The [Extreme] of [Sword] chuckled at the comment.

Celia: “I see. So it’s 2 against 1. This will be difficult.”

Yet her bestial smile did not waver for one moment.

Floria felt a chilling bloodlust fill the air, and repositioned her stance once more.

Celia: “I’m surprised though, Master Kurara. Why do you stand with the [Saint]?”

Kurara: I made...a promise….with….a person. I….will place… hopes…..there.”

Celia: “I see. I thought that you were a more reasonable, more pragmatic kind of inidividual, but maybe I was wrong.”

Kurara: “I am… idealist…..can’t you tell….by my…. [Magic]....?”

Celia: “Haha!! Then I, myself, am not one to say so as well!”

Both have achieved their dreamed ideals through their [Magic] - both are [Extreme]s.

Celia: “Master, prepare yourself.”

Kurara: “......prepare?”

Kurara’s bloodthirst overflows out of her. Celia was in its direct path and her body tensed immediately.

Kurara: “.......I guess….this is….your first time….Celia… see this…..”

The blind Kurara quietly readies her sword and smiled.

Kurara: “ is said…….that my sword…...has reached…….God himself…..”

Celia: “I am aware of the rumors! That is exactly why I sought out your instruction!!”

Kurara: “This is…...why….”

Floria saw the [Magic] the next moment.

With a dull thud, Celia’s head landed on the ground.

In a blink of an eye, Kurara’s body was 10 meters away from where she started and finished swinging her sword.

Celia’s sword remained inert and untouched although it should have been in the direct path of the swing,

But she was simply and precisely beheaded.

Kurara: “I will not…...allow you… move…..”

Kurara smiles towards Celia.

In order to increase the potency of an attack, you can simply increase the speed or weight.

But being born an Elf with an extremely long lifespan, Kurara could not gain more weight.

Hence, she sought speed.

Faster, even faster, even more faster….

Gripping the sword made it slower.

Drawing the sword made it slower.

Swinging the sword made it slower.

The very act of swordplay as it existed made it all slower.

Thus, she concluded….

ーーit just needed to be cut from the beginning.

She cannot use any Spells.

But her blind faith, an insanity-gripping, burning obsession drove her to the pinnacle of an [Extreme].

Kurara: “[My Sword that reached God himself - Porus Gladio].”

Magic can create something out of nothing, start from zero and turn it into an 1….and on the same line…

ーーIt can turn all things into nothing - a 1 into a zero.

Kurara’s [Magic] erased the conditions needed to use swordplay.

Hence, only the result remains.

Ignoring all conditions and consequences, the result of being cut was forced upon her targets.

Hence, it was the [Magic] of the [Sword].

The Magician who couldn’t use a Spell.

It was her absolute, merciless attack.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 2: Popularity is a Lifetime Commitment

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