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Extreme Flame Wizard c5

Updated: Sep 27, 2021

Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Chapter 5: The Strongest Wizard

It’s been 2 years since Igni started training.

Igni: “Sh!”

Igni’s body soars through the air.

Following him around are 5 balls of flame circling around his body.

On the ground is a gigantic spider at least 5 meters tall.

A-RANK Monster “Hell Spider.” 15 in total.

They watch for Igni’s approximate landing area and set up a trap.


Through Igni’s incantation, the balls of flame around Igni, [FIREBALL] shine brightly all at once. In a sudden flash, the red glow of the flames turns pure white.

[FLAME ARMOR - IGNITE] is done by magic manipulation.

Limited to balls of flame created by your own magic, the spell focuses on increasing the potency of [FIREBALL] and will subsequently explode in attack damage and explosion radius from tens of times to a several hundreds of times more.

Igni: “[LAUNCH - FIRE]!!”

The white [FIREBALL] spells around Igni propel forth from him with unbelievable speed and make contact with the earth.

*DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONNNNN!!! (sfx Earth Shaking Impact)

5 consecutive explosions blow away the Hell Spiders and take the ground with it. It would take 4 A-RANK Adventurers to take down 1 Hell Spider, and Igni cleaned up 15 just now as he landed and bounded off the ground with acceleration.

The true enemy is not them.

Lucas: “Oye, Igni. There are still many more.”

Igni: “.....I know…”

Igni quietly answers him.

There’s a reason why he kept his voice low.

The Secret to Popularity Rule Number 4: “A Mysterious Man is Very Attractive.”

It was just for this reason.

The “mysterious man” envisioned by Igni who lacked significantly in the brain department, came to the conclusion that a silent man is really mysterious.

Lucas: “Look up.”

Lucas’ voice reaches Igni as a humongous DRAGON’S・BONES fall from the sky on top of him.



An SS-Rank Monster. One of the strongest dragon species. Dragons are said to live past a millennium but like all creatures, they also have life spans. And thus, they also leave behind remains.

During the war between the Demon King and Humanity, the Demon King collected the remains of the strongest dragon species and brought them <BA•CK TO LI•FE>, and placed them under his rule.

This was one of his servants - the forgotten relic of a war ended a century ago.

Igni and Lucas started from Lucas’ training ground, and as Igni grew in strength, he began to invade further and further into the Demon King’s Realm. As a result, he arrived at what humanity would deem as an impassable territory located in the surrounding area of the Demon King’s Castle.

Lucas: “Oye, Igni. Keep up your firepower.”

Igni: “I know that too.”

Igni creates a tiny [FIREBALL] at the end of his fore finger.


A noise like metal striking metal pierces the air as an incredible amount of magic is consolidated into one point. Igni blasts an impossible amount of magic concentration stored in his [FIREBALL],.

Igni: ”Once more, you will die here.”

The ball of flame leaves Igni’s hands and directly strikes the Skull Dragon in the head and scatters and destroys it completely, killing the Skull Dragon instantly.

Before the Skull Dragon’s remains reach him, Igni dashes out from underneath.

Lucas: “Oh ho--- a spell that concentrates all your magic into one singular point, eh?”

Igni: “That’s not everything I got. I still have some reserves left.”

Lucas: “Good, good. VERY good. I’m impressed. Your magic reserve has grown significantly, I see.”

Igni: “Well, I am still hitting my growth spurt.”

Igni said it with a childish smile, but he’s not wrong here.

Magic Exhaustion leads to a loss of consciousness and subsequently, death.

Knowing that, no one dares to even get close to exerting all of their magic at any given point.

But Igni continued to do so for 2 straight years.

There was a time he had to walk 1 week without eating or drinking in the Demon King’s realm.

There was a time he had to continuously fight monsters blindfolded for a full month.

There were other times when spells were forbidden in combat against monsters.

And in all times, every day, he would continue to expend all of his magic.

That alone would cause your magic reserve to grow exponentially.

But that was not all. Igni was just hitting his growth spurt in the prime of his teenage years.

Because of those two factors, Igni’s wizardry reached unbelievable heights!

But of course, that is a thorny, perilous road.

Because he used magic endlessly, there were days when he had a fever for days on end that could have burned up his brain.

He did not lose limbs just once or twice either.

But Igni still grew stronger because of one thing.

-----He really, REALLY wanted to become popular.

I mean, he regrew his limbs immediately after Lucas gave him the elixir.

Igni: “Grandpa, did I PASS・THE・TEST?”

Lucas: “Hmph. I guess if you can defeat a Skull Dragon by yourself, it’s sufficient.”

The specks of light flying around Igni this whole time consolidate into one, and takes the form of Lucas.

This is one of Lucas’ wizardry - Molecular Wizardry.

Yes, this man.

Though his grandson was fighting for his life, he was watching all of this by his side without any risks or danger.

Igni: “So grandpa, I can become an adventurer now?”

Igni is struggling to keep his enthusiasm at bay.

An Adventurer. A world where only strength and power matters.

Igni’s goal is to become an adventurer, and eventually become the strongest and most popular in the world.

Lucas: “Uh, no. You are forbidden from becoming an adventurer.”


Without the slightest hesitation, Igni protested.

You can’t blame him. For 2 long years, he has slipped through death’s fingers over and over again just to make this dream come true.

Lucas: “You broke character with your mysterious persona, Igni. There’s a reason why you can’t become an adventurer. And that’s because…”

It’s not possible that Lucas has absolutely no logical, very reasonable explanation for saying such things.

That’s why Igni held his breath and waited for his grandfather to speak.

Lucas: “.....Adventurers have NO *FATEFUL ENCOUNTERS!!!”


Igni’s thoughts freeze with the sudden revelation.

Lucas: “Have you not read the stories of past heroes? ‘Black Silver.’ ‘Red Blood.‘ and myself ‘THE ULTIMATE LIGHT’ Lucas. We are all heroes who stepped out from Adventurer origins. But even so, Igni. This is something that is universal across ALL ADVENTURER unshaken, INSURMOUNTABLE FACT! DO YOU UNDERSTAND NOW?!?!”

Igni: “..........!!”

Only for getting popular alone does Igni’s brain flash with sudden epiphany.

Igni: “.....everyone. EVERYONE’S A MAN!!”


Igni: “....N…..n-no…. then… what am I supposed to…”

Even against the Skull Dragon, Igni did not drop to his knees once, but now he crumbled in utter defeat.

But honestly, how deep down can this young man’s despair really go?

Lucas: “Do not fret! That is why me, the ‘EXTREME’ Wizard will guide you to the right path!”

Igni: “G--grandpa!!”

Lucas: “You must now head to the Wizard Academy!”

Igni: “Wizard Academy?!”

This is a school for educating and nurturing future wizards.

Lucas: “Mmhmm. ‘The Spring‘ Flora. ’The Book Flying‘ Elulu. ‘The Stone Shards’ Shalum. The Heroes that emerge from the Wizard Academy ARE ALL WOMEN!!”

Igni: “THAT’S SO TRUE!!”

Women are more adept at magic.

It is said that when God created man, he divided man into two things.

He gave muscle to men.

And he gave magic to women.

So that is why it is no surprise that all the female heroes are from the Wizard Academy.


Igni: “Rolmod Wizard Academy?! THAT’S THE MOST ELITE SCHOOL THERE IS!!”

That is a famous school that Igni has heard of. They recruit the most talented wizard children, and in Igni’s home country of Anthem Kingdom, they are the secured top rank of all educational institutions.

Rolmod Wizard Academy’s greatest quality is their motto of “Strength is Everything'' and will admit anyone with the talent to become strong.

To Rolmod Wizard Academy, your family lineage doesn’t matter.

They seek only one thing -- your talents as a wizard.

Lucas: “Yes! Rolmod Wizard Academy was a female-only school up until 10 years ago!”

Igni: “Wait, is that true?!”

Lucas: “Well, it basically ended up that way because women were defeating all the men at the entrance exams.”

Igni: “Is it different now?”

Lucas: “There are a few men but the ratio is 4:1! 80% of the school is girls! Do you understand what this means?!?!”

Igni: “Y-yes, I get it. I get it, grandpa.”

Igni nods.

One of Igni’s dream is to fulfill the fantasy of a happy, harem-filled school life.

He wanted to swing his head in agreement vertically till it ripped off, but then he would no longer be mysterious, so he resisted this with all his might.

Lucas: “Here is the Entrance Exam Pass. This one is yours.”

Igni: “WHAT?! You already have mine reserved?!”

Lucas: “Of course! Don’t underestimate me, “The EXTREME”!!”

Igni: “Y---you’re amazing grandpa! So when is the exam?!”

Lucas: “TOMORROW!”

Igni: “.......wha?”

Igni broke character again.




*Fateful Encounter (Fateful Meeting) (deai) (pronounced deh-aye) (出会い) -- is a serendipitous or fateful encounter with your one true love. There, I said it. And now I’m itching all over from just mentioning it, but it is the ultimate life event for all romantics.

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