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Extreme Flame Wizard c49

Chapter 49: The Confession and the Wizard

“I still have plenty of Golems you know.”

The [Marionette] laughs as more Golems swarm out of the ground.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] Ignite]”

Around Igni, he created [Fireball]s that looked like small dots. Once they all whitened with increased heat….

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}!”

ZUDODODODO!!! (sfx rapid impact)

Tiny explosions of air erupted around Igni, and Igni’s tiny [Fireball]s struck the Golems and went right through! They rained down and drilled holes into each Golem!!

“Wait……...really? What are you…….? These Golems should be able to withstand Spells up to [S] Compatibility but…….”

The [Marionette]’s face looks strained as he places a new cigarette in his mouth.

“......ah well. We have plenty more where that came from.”

The [Marionette] spreads his hands.

More hordes of Golems bubble out of the ground.

Igni: “Alicia! What’s with his spell……?”

Golems are an [Earth] type Spell.

If he’s an [Unique Original] Spellcaster, then he should be using those kinds of spells but….!

Alicia: “He uses a limited Area Control Spell! Within that Area, he can rob the people within a certain part of their senses!”

Igni: “Understood!”

Igni: (So that’s why we couldn’t detect the manipulation of Magic before…..!!)

Igni casts [Equip Flame] {Ignite}. With all the [Fireball]s he created, he strikes the Golems again and sends it flying towards the [Marionette].

In that split second, he goes and takes off Rose’s restraints.

Igni: “Can you stand, Rose?”

Rose: “IーI, can’t….”

Igni: “Here, hold on to me tight.”

Rose: “SーSure.......”

Igni carries Rose in his arms. He felt a stabbing glare from Alicia, but he concludes that it must have been his imagination.

Igni: “Sorry, but I can’t let you have the [Saint].”

The [Marionette] spits out his cigarette and raises his palm towards Igni.

Igni instinctively jumps away.

The next moment, the ground beneath Igni’s feet melted.

“What~? You can dodge that??”

Igni: “Is that your Spell……?!”

Again, he felt no manipulation of magic before the Spell!

“You think I would tell you?”

Igni: “I’ll make you talk! [Equip Flame] {Ignite} : [Armor Piercing] {Fire}!”

Before Igni, a giant [Fireball] was created and began to rotate and spin!!

The friction caused between the air and the [Fireball] began to screech!!

“Let me take away your sight.”

<VUN> (sfx)

Igni’s sight is swallowed in darkness.

Igni: “Alicia!”

Alicia: “Leave it to me!!”

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}!!”

Alicia: “[Come My Wind] {Ventos} : [Guide Them] {Duux}!”

DONNNNNNNNNN!!!! (sfx explosion)

The [Fireball] fires off with a massive explosive sound and with Alicia’s guidance, it heads straight towards the [Marionette]........but the Golems intervene!

Igni: “Pierce right through them!!”

<DOU!!> (sfx dull impact)

With Igni’s shout, the Golem’s body crumples and is blown backwards taking the [Marionette] with it!!


When the [Marionette] was blown away, Igni’s sight returned.

Igni: “I heard from Alicia, [Marionette].”

Igni holds Rose as he glares at the [Marionette].

Igni: “I heard that you’re quite weak.”

“Wow, that’s rude~ Hasn’t someone taught you to respect your elders?”

The [Marionette] pushed the Golem aside and stood up.

But from a glance, he’s been beaten up pretty badly.

“Well…...yeah, that is true. It’s just as you say. I’m not that strong. If I had to fight head on with anyone, I would probably even lose to students.”

Igni: “Then withdraw.”

“You’re letting me go? How kind of you.”

The edges of the [Marionette]’s lips curve upward as he laughs.

“But that kindness during a battle is a [mistake].”

Below the [Marionette]’s feet, the broken Golem is reconstructed.

“Igni, I haven’t seen you use any other Spells except [Fireball].”

Igni: “Yeah, that’s the only Spell I can use.”

“I had a feeling that that was the case.”

The [Marionette]’s face instantly twists into a wicked smirk.

“So just for you, I created a Golem that can’t be destroyed by heat.”

[Heat Resistant] Golems surround Igni.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignite}”

“It’s no use! I put a lot of work into this! It can’t be destroyed by [Fireball]!!”

Igni: “[Change] {Heavy Equip}”


You could almost hear Igni’s [Fireball] fattens up with a <ZUN> (sfx heavy weight) as it increases not in temperature but in Magic Power!

Igni: “[Artillery] {Fire}”

DODODON!!! (sfx multiple impacts)

The heavy sound almost rips everyone’s eardrums!!

The air rips to pieces and howls!!

The [Fireball] Igni created <PUSHES> the Golems as they are blown away!

Igni: “A [Fireball] not just about temperature.”

“Are you kidding me?”

The [Marionette]’s jaws dropped as he envisioned a completely different outcome. And Igni stood before his eyes and pointed a [Fireball] at him from point blank range..

Igni: “So what will you do now? Will you surrender? Or will you fight?”

The [Marionette] raised both his arms in a sign of surrender.

“Of course I’ll surrender. I’m not paid enough to bet my life on this. I feel bad for my employer, but……….I’m giving up on this job.”

Alicia: “Your employer? ……..aren’t you a mercenary of the Southern Union?”

Alicia restrains the [Marionette] with techniques she learned from the classes at the Academy.

“The Southern Union? My contract with them ended last year.”

Alicia: “What? Then who are you working for?” “You really think I would divulge information about my employer?”

Alicia: “.........”

This was his dignity as a mercenary.

And drawing out this information is not Igni and his group’s job.

Alicia: “Alright, let’s get out of this Workshop. C’mon. Guide us to the exit.”

Alicia smacks the [Marionette] in the head.

“Hey! I’m still an older man so treat me with more respect…..” Alicia: “You’re a CRIMINAL who tried to abduct the [Saint]!”

The [Marionette] tries to defend his position that he’s an [attempted] abductor, but Alicia hurries him forward.

Rose: “ThーThank you, Igni.”

With dreamy eyes, Rose thanks Igni while still being held in his arms.

Igni: “Don’t worry about it. You’re a girl I wanted to catch.”

And Igni smiles warmly at Rose.

Igni: “Can you stand?” Rose: “YーYes.”

They exit the underground [Spell Workshop].

Yoori was waiting for them outside.

Yoori: “WーWelcome back!”

“ still had one more person standing by….”

The [Marionette]’s shoulders sag and drop.

Rose: “Hey, Igni.” Igni: “Hm?” Rose, who was walking behind Igni takes his hand.

Igni: (Oh, her hands are soft….)

Rose: “I have a wish I want you to fulfill for me.”

Igni: “A wish?”

Igni tilts his head at Rose’s request.

Rose: “Um, well. Igni, I really like you!”

Igni: “ThーThanks…..?”

Igni’s brain crashes at the sudden confession.

Rose: “And so…..I want you to go with me.”

Igni: “.....go with you….?”

Rose: “I’m going to be going to a lot of different countries for the next 40 years. Igni, I want you to come with me and do this together.”

Igni: “...together…”

Rose: “Yes. don’t have to answer me right now! I know our destinies are tied together!! And I understand how you feel about me after you rescued me today!!”

Igni: “ feelings…”

Igni could only parrot Rose’s words.

Rose: “I’ll be here in this country for 3 days. So I want to hear your answer before I leave.”

Saying everything she wanted to say, Rose smiled brightly.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

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