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Extreme Flame Wizard c48

Chapter 48: The Rescue Wizard

Lilly looks at the remaining members and lets out a deep sigh.

She had a bad feeling for a while now.

Her chest has been hurting since Igni and Kurara left together.

Lilly: “Captain Lula…..” Lura: “What’s wrong, Lilly?” Lilly: “, it’s nothing.”

“I’m not feeling well,” is what she wanted to say but couldn’t.

So although she was the one who started the conversation, she fell silent.

Iris: “Miss Lilly, is something the matter? Are you not feeling well?” Lilly: “No, I’m fine. It’s really nothing.”

Lilly shakes her head in denial to Iris’ question.

Lilly: (Yes, it’s nothing. Nothing at all.)

Lilly was trying to convince herself that she was just feeling off.

Edward: “Iris, why not you and Lilly go out into town together? You have plenty of time before Igni comes back this evening.”

Just hearing the word, “Igni” made her heart flutter.

Iris: “Huh? I’m fine with that but what will you do?”

Edward: “Me? I don’t have any business with the town. But Lilly looked like she wanted to go.”

Lilly: “NーNo I didn’t!”

She outright denies Edwards’ words.

Lura: “Why not go, Lilly? We don’t have anything to do until Lady Kurara returns. Besides, this place is different from Alelimenia, so it will be a good learning experience to walk around a city different from ours.”

Lilly: “But Captain…..” Lura: “Go on and have fun.”

Lilly nodded.

She didn’t understand why, but the hope of going into town made the pain vanish.

Lilly: (Did I really want to go to town?)

Recently, she has been understanding herself less and less, and it left her feeling confused and frustrated.

Iris: “Then Miss Lilly, you ready to go?”

Lilly: “YーYes.”

And with Iris tugging at her sleeves, they leave for town.

And after coming to town, her heart wouldn’t stop beating quickly.

Iris: “Wow~ look at all these people!”

Lilly: “Does the Kingdom’s Capital have more or less people than here?”

Iris: “Um~ well, I’m sure the Kingdom’s Capital has more people, but there’s not a whole lot of places where this many people gather!”

In the Principality’s Market Place, many people are coming and going. It would be easy to pass by someone you know in this sea of people.

Iris: “You think we can find Sir Igni?”

Lilly: “Hey, why are you looking for him?!”

Iris looked around curiously, and Lilly felt a pang of annoyance. She tugs at Iris’ clothes. Iris is very capable overall but just on the subject of Igni alone, she becomes practically blinded by his presence.

Iris: “Hehehe, I’m kidding! Sir Igni wouldn’t be close by in a place like……..”

The next moment.

<DON!!> (sfx impact)

Something crashed into the City Walls, and the impact echoed across the area.

Lilly: “..........what was that?”

A bad feeling crept over Lilly as she glanced at Iris. Iris was also looking back at Lilly.

Iris: “We need to go.” With those words, they sprang into action and located the source of the sound.

With just four people left on Main Street, Lilly saw Igni talking in the distance. A deep relief crossed her mind as soon as she caught sight of him.

Lilly: (Good. He’s okay.)

But she tilted her head in confusion at the thought.

Lilly: (.........I’m glad he’s okay? But Igni is stronger than I am.)

Lilly: (Next to Igni is Lady Kurara.)

Lilly saw that Kurara had her sword drawn and was talking to 2 others.

Lilly: (Wait...why….why am I not relieved to see her?)

She places a hand on her chest. Nothing’s changed.

Lilly: (Why did it change with Igni, but not with Lady Kurara…..?)

And in the next moment, after an intense collision between Kurara and someone else’s Spell……..Lilly saw a girl drop into the ground.

Iris: “........Alicia?”

Iris who was standing next to Lilly looked up into the sky and mumbled something quietly.

Iris: “Why….is she here?”

The next moment, the wind carried Igni’s voice.

Igni: “I’ll go after her! Alicia, follow me!”

Alicia: “Understood!”

Lilly saw that just with those few words, the two understood each other completely, and this time, an excruciating pain gripped her heart.

Lilly: (.......what is this…..)

.........but there was no one here to answer her question.


Igni used the [Equip Flame Engine] {Accel Boot} and looked down from the sky, and from there, he saw that someone was taking Rose away underground like a mole.

Alicia: “Igni, listen carefully. The [Principality] sold intel about the [Saint]’s location to many countries. So there are many countries right now trying to capture the [Saint] for themselves.”

Igni: “ the ‘Ruler’ Marionette is…..”

Alicia: “A mercenary of the Southern Union! He’s weaker than me in a direct fight, but he’s annoyingly clever!”

Igni: “.........the [Southern Union]. It’s that place where slavery is still legal, right?”

Alicia: “Yes! That’s why we have to stop them here, or the [Saint] will be drugged to the bones and used as a puppet!”

Igni: “Dammit! Then we’ll just have to find her!”

Igni holds back his panicking brain, and traces the trail in the earth, but the trail disappears at a certain point.

Igni: “.........did he dig to the depths from here?”

Alicia: “He got us….! It might have been a diversion this whole time…….!”

Yoori: “LーLeave it to me!”

Yoori gets off the broom from behind Alicia and places a hand where the trail ended.

Yoori: “[Those who swarm and crawl in the darkness...come out…]”

With Yoori’s incantation, a ball of darkness poofs out before him.

The strange ball of darkness wriggles and squirms as Igni and Alicia’s gaze falls upon it.

Igni: (.......what is this?)

Yoori: “{Follow the magic residue}”

The ball of darkness jiggles and shakes and suddenly screams, “Peep!” like a bird and begins to go in a different direction from what Igni’s group was following previously.

Yoori: “This way!”

Igni: “You’re a life-saver, Yoori!!”

Alicia: “We’ll fly there!!”

Igni is reminded that Yoori is a Support Role Wizard.

He can’t Heal like Edward, but his expertise falls in a Spy-like role such as reconnaissance, tracking, and disarming traps which are his specialties.

Igni: “[Acceleration] {Burst}!”

Igni explodes a [Fireball] beneath his feet and instantly accelerates his body into motion!

Igni chases down the dark mass created by Yoori!!

A few kilometers outside of town. There, the Dark Mass was hovering over the ground.

Yoori: “Igni, there! Below it is the [Spell Workshop]! The [Saint] is held here!!”

Igni: “How deep?!”

Yoori: “Wait, give me some time. …….okay, around 15 meters (49 ft)!”

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignite} : [Molecular Size] {Minima}!”

Behind Igni, he loads the Magic Power Accelerator, and a ring of light shines behind him. The molecular size [Fireball] is cast behind him as it begins its acceleration!

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}!!”

<DOOOOOOOOOOOGHHH!!!!> (sfx ground exploding)

The [Fireball] Igni launches unearths the ground covering over the [Spell Workshop] and completely uncovers the workshop!

Igni: “I’m taking her back! [Equip Flame] {Ignite}!”

Igni places a hand on the wall of the [Spell Workshop] and as he creates a [Fireball], he charges it with magic!

Igni: “[Explode] {Fire}!!”

And he sends the explosion in a single, unified direction!!


The wall crumbles with the explosive impact!

From there, Igni and his group jump inside the facility.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignite}!”

Ready to fight, Igni immediately prepares a [Fireball].

What Igni saw was Rose who was being surrounded and captured by Golems.

Rose: “Igni! You came!!”

And there was a middle-aged man with a fatigued expression with a cigarette in his mouth.

“ already found this place? Aren’t you a little too fast??”

His eyes widened just slightly with his surprise.

Alicia: “Igni! That’s him, the [Marionette]!”

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}!!”

“WHAAAAT?! HEY….?!?!”

The [Marionette] hurriedly dodges. But at the same time, the Golems standing next to him shield him from Igni’s Spell and protect him.

“Geesh. You fired that without any warning. You’ll scare the s*** out of old farts like me.”

The [Marionette] spits out his cigarette and exhales a heavy sigh.

“I can’t believe you arrived here but.....I welcome you. You are…..oh, I recognize the boy. You’re Igni, right?”

Igni: “ do you know my name?”

“Huh? Ohhh...yeah, Miss [Saint] here wouldn’t stop talking about you.”

Igni: “I’m honored.”

“The girl is…..oh, I remember you. You’re the Aerial Weapon of the Empire, right? Sheesh. I just wanted to capture the [Saint] and get out of here but…….you guys won’t let me, huh…”

The [Marionette] claps his hands and <countless Golems rose from the ground>.

“Well, I welcome you, Igni and Alicia. This is my castle. I only have Golems here, but…..enjoy yourselves.”

Alicia: “IーIgni! These Golems have great resistance to Spells!!”

Igni: (So that’s why Rose remains captured then.)

Igni: “Rose, it’s going to be okay.”

Igni laughs and smiles Rose to reassure her.

Igni: “Haven’t I told you before? I prefer catching my girl.”

Rose: “........huh?”

Igni: “I’m going to definitely take you back myself.”

Rose: “Igni~...............I love you~”

Rose’s face reddens with Igni’s words.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignite} : {Scatter Shot}!!”

Igni surrounds himself with [Fireball] and applies just enough Magic Power to not place Rose in the radius of the blast and…

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}!!!”

<ZUDODODODODO!!> (sfx rapid impact)

The sound of countless Golems getting blown away echo throughout the [Workshop]!


The [Marionette]’s jaws drop open with his voice.

Igni: “I’m going to take back Rose with me.”

Igni drops the statement as a matter of fact.

The five [Fireball]s surrounding him begin to shine into a bright white.

All of them are directly aiming at the [Marionette].


The [Marionette] looks at Igni and Rose and exhales another exasperated sigh.

One of the Golems places a hand on the [Marionette]’s shoulder as if to comfort him.

“..........must be so nice… be so young….”

Wistful sorrow seemed to envelope his body.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

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Victorino Fajardo
Victorino Fajardo
Dec 24, 2021

The golem knew they are now fucked up!So it conforted the marionette hahaha😂🤣


Goga kaman
Goga kaman
Oct 08, 2021

rose is one good


Jul 20, 2021

Wow. Marionette wasn't a girl future harem member.... RIP Old fart. Igni isn't likely going to care about reducing some old dude to ashes.


Herrscher Of Smile
Herrscher Of Smile
Jul 20, 2021

Thanks for the Chapter (´-﹏-`)

Damn i don't know Lili's love for Igni is this serious, i thought it was just like a maiden in love like Iris, but damn...


Lucas Lennan
Lucas Lennan
Jul 20, 2021

Thanks for the chapter! Why do I feel like this was way too easy..?

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