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Extreme Flame Wizard c35

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Chapter 35: Another Newcomer!

[Who are you, grandpa?]

On a battlefield raining with blood, a robed figure stood there with his hood pulled deeply over his head.

[I thought there was a child crying, so I came.]

[This is a battlefield. There are no children here.”

The young girl rode on her broomstick and floated in the air to avoid stepping on a charred corpse.

[Hmmm, strange. I swear there’s one right before my eyes.]

[I’m not crying.]

[Is that why you keep such a serious expression on your face? You do not cry, but you do not laugh either. I see. Just as the rumors say, you are quite the iron maiden.]

[What are you, grandpa? An enemy?]

[I’m not your enemy, but I’m not your ally either. I came to fulfill a promise to an old friend. I came to give you your freedom.]

[You’ve been saying nothing but gibberish until now.]

[If…….if you do not like “now,” then run here. Here. I have your admission documents prepared right here.]

[..........what is that?]

[It’s admission papers to the Rolmod Wizard Academy. It’s a Wizard Academy located in the “The Kingdom.”]

[.....................not interested.]

[You’ll make friends there.]


In the fables, the heroes would always be surrounded by “friends.”

[Hey grandpa. There……..”

But for Alicia….

[No, never mind.]

Instead of being a weapon for killing...

[Yes, there is. There’s a man who can save you.]

…...she wanted to be a princess.


[Oye, my grandson.]

[What’s his name?]


That was when “The Hurricane” Alicia and “The Ultimate Light” Lucas crossed paths for the first time.

This was the day before the entrance exam.


Yoori: “..........THEY’RE BACK!!!”

Yoori’s voice echoed into the quiet air.

They finally returned back to the Kingdom.

Igni continued to monitor Celia closely without letting his guard down.

Celia: “.....I’ll…..go home for now.”

Igni: “Please do.”

Igni was able to keep his eye level even with Celia because of Alicia’s spell.

Igni: “You’ll withdraw for now. In return, I will not let the citizens of the Empire know that I defeated an [Extreme]. Do we have a deal?”

Celia: “Yeah.”

Celia nods with a tilt of her head.

Igni: “Then we have a deal.”

Igni smiles.

Celia: “Your legs… I’ll fix them.”

Celia lays a hand on Igni’s shoulder, and as soon as her hand touches, Igni’s feet are restored. Even though he incinerated his thighs with his {FIREBALL}, no scars or wounds remained, and he was healed completely.

Celia: “Alicia, you found a good man.”

Alicia: “.........yes.”

Celia turns around. Her cloak waving gently in the air.

Celia: “I see now. I understand a little of why the town girls chase after men.”

Igni: “...........?”

Igni tilts his head in response.

Celia: “All I am saying is that strong men are popular, Igni.”

Igni: “Huh? Oh, yeah...sure…”

Suddenly, the conversation turned into something about popularity, and Igni’s head tilts again.

Celia: “You are dense, Igni. I’m confessing my love to you right now.”

Igni: “………..wait, WHAT?!”

Shock and surprise overtakes Igni and his voice flips an octave higher.

Igni: (Did my *season of popularity just arrive?!?!?!)

With his rusty brain, he tries to churn and crank his thinking into motion.

Celia: “What a cruel man. I was staring at you for 100 years, you know.”

Igni: “That’s why…..?????”

Wait, what? That’s why? If you stare at a person for 100 years, would you fall in love with them?

That’s not written anywhere in the Rules of Popularity?!?!?

Alicia: “Sis! You know you can’t!!”

But Alicia pushes her sister away from Igni.

Alicia: “You’re the 1st Imperial Princess! You can’t just choose your fiancé just like that?!”

Celia: “If anyone objects, I will remove those obstacles.”

Alicia: “No! For crying out loud, just go home already!!”

Alicia pushes Celia from behind.

Igni: (What?! Huh?! What’s going on…..?!?!)

Magic Exhaustion was taking its toll and Igni’s mind spun uselessly and…

Igni: (I’m….I’m popular?!?!?!?!?)

But as he reached his answer, his mind completely shutdown, and the world blacked out.


Alicia: “Good morning, Igni.”

Igni: “Where……..where are we?”

Igni wakes up in a bed he didn’t recognize.

Next to his bed, Alicia sat in a chair beside him. Next to her, Yoori slept with his face planted on the bed.

Alicia: “We’re in the school’s nurse’s office. You suffered ‘Magic Exhaustion’ so they brought you here.”

Igni: “......I…...see…”

Igni rises to sit up and looks at Alicia.

In the [Demon King’s Realm], Igni constantly underwent “Magic Exhaustion,” so to him, this was nothing, but to the average Wizard, “Magic Exhaustion” can lead to death.

Hence, that is why their care for Igni was so overboard.

Alicia: “Yoori was awake until a moment ago, but he just fell asleep.”

Igni: “Alicia…..are you okay?”

Alicia: “What do you mean?”

Igni: “Like school……”

Igni tries to remember the events before the Magic Exhaustion, but his memory is foggy, and he can’t recall the details.

There’s….there’s something really important that he can’t remember…….or at least it feels important……

……...a knight……...a princess……

“Ergh, just kill me?”........?

………, that’s not it.

Alicia: “Don’t worry about me. Because of Ms. Mila and Ms. Elenoir, I’m going to be able to live in the dorms starting tomorrow.

Igni: “Oh yeah… that I think about it, where were you living before?”

Igni assumed that she was commuting from home all this time.

Alicia: “Um...well...a secret hideout.”

Alicia lets out a giggle as she answers.

Igni: “......a secret hideout, huh.”

Igni didn’t know how to respond to her answer, and just repeats Alicia’s answer to himself.

Alicia: “Um….Igni….?”

Igni: “Hm?”

Alicia: “I just wanted to say… thank you.”


A soft sensation lands on Igni’s cheek.

Alicia: “See you tomorrow.”

Her face completely red, Alicia leaves the room.

Igni: “...........hueghhh..?”

Being left alone, a strange sound escapes his throat.

Igni: “Whー.....just now…...whー, whー, what just……..”

Igni’s brain explodes and deflates and only broken words form and spill out of his mouth.

Igni: “What just…..happened……?

As Igni questions reality itself, the soft light of the moon quietly shone through his window.


“*Madam Saint. We finally found him.”

In the Holy Nation of Santaruman...

In the center of the Capital lies the Great Temple. In the far back of the Temple, in a private room, an attendant disturbed the prayers of the girl inside. She had sky blue eyes and without turning around, she spoke.

“I see. Where is he now?”

“He is located in the Rolmod Wizard’s Academy in the Anthem Kingdom.”

“.......a 【SCHOOL】. So God did not abandon him after all.”

At the age of 13, the girl was deemed to be compatible with the [HOLY] Magic Trait, and she lifted her gratitude to God and smiled.

“It’s okay. It’s going to be okay. I have been praying all this time for this moment. I’m sure….I’m certain that he hasn’t forgotten about me.”

She speaks to herself quietly as if to convince herself of something.

“We 【PROMISED】, didn’t we? Oh, Lord. I knew we were tied together by fate. ….let us depart immediately. Make the preparations for the journey.”

“As you wish.”

“2 years…… was too long. It was way too long.”

Her laughter was tainted with the sweet scent of insanity.

“But it is all right now. Fate has brought us back together. No matter how much the world pushes us away, no matter how much they deny us, we are destined to meet.”


“Igni, everything will be okay now.”

Rose Aquilmarun smiled warmly towards the portraits.

Rose: “I’m here for you.”

To be continued!! ← {{literally written in English in the raw Japanese text.}}





CHONKY Notes LiT (Lost in Translation)

*Season of Popularity - mote-ki (モテ期) - Slang Japanese word for a time or season when you become popular with the ladies.

*Madam Saint - seijo-sama (聖女様) - So she’s a female saint....of the world? In Japanese, it’s easy to make titles and turn them into formal names. The formula is [Your Title] + [Sama]. The ending “sama” is the highest honorific you can give to any individual. It is still used in modern Japanese culture, and it can literally be applied to ANYONE to show respect. This would be similar to the honorific “Sir” and “Madam” in English. I actually had to Google “How to address a Saint” and the suggestions were “Your Grace,” “Your Excellency,” or “My Lord.” Since the “Saint” part was emphasized so heavily in the flow of the text, I cringed, but used “Madam Saint” to see if it sticks.


Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

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Jul 01, 2023

I see, this is so amazing and strange! I didn't know you can harem a girl like that! Igni forgot the first love confession in his life! And the Saint Yandere is coming after Igni! This novel is so good.


Oct 13, 2022

hes f****d


Joo Hoe
Joo Hoe
Jul 10, 2022

Damn a better candidate for "who is most likely to stab him" has arrived


Mahdi Ashraf Mahir
Mahdi Ashraf Mahir
Apr 18, 2022

Madam saint sounds good


Mahdi Ashraf Mahir
Mahdi Ashraf Mahir
Apr 18, 2022

I love yandere yeeee

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