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Extreme Flame Wizard c34

Chapter 34: The Magician

Celia: “<MAGIC>? Did you just say <MAGIC>?”

Celia begins laughing at Igni’s last comment.

Celia: “HA HA HA HA HA!! Are you telling me that a kid like you was able to master a spell?!?!”

Igni: “Yeah, I mastered my spell.”

Igni grits his teeth as his own {FIREBALL} continues to singe his thighs.

Celia: “Then show me! Show me your so called <MAGIC>!!”

Celia steps forward and charges in. At the same time, Igni blasts [FLAME ARMOR TRANSPORT] : [AXLE BOOT] behind him.

Igni: “Alicia, I have a favor to ask.”

Alicia: “Whーwhat is it?!”

Igni: “When I use my <MAGIC>, I can no longer use {FIREBALL}. …..can you be my legs?”

Alicia: “Got it.”

Alicia nods without hesitation.

Alicia: “{Come, My Wind - VENTOS}!!”

Wind envelops Igni and Alicia gently, and as if to guide them to the skies, their bodies lift up.

Celia: “Do you think I’ll let you escape?!”


Igni’s {FIREBALLS}’s circle around behind him and then….


He forces the {FIREBALLS} to accelerate to the speed of light!!

Igni: “{LAUNCH - FIRE}!!”

Celia: “.......................!!”

KYUUUDOOOOHHH…………!!!! (*sfx fast impact)

Without giving her any time to react, the {FIREBALL} collides with Celia! It completely wipes out her left side and continues past her!

But Celia’s body is enveloped immediately in light.

But she’s vulnerable for this one critical moment.

This is what some people would call an opportunity.


With Igni’s incantation, his enormous magic power begins to quickly collect and consolidate in front of him.

Celia: “........oh?”

Celia was swatted back down to the ground, and as she looked up…….she held her breath at the sight.

Celia: “Light is… the ENTIRE WORLD is twisting around you, Igni! How much magic power do you have?!”

Igni: “.................this is everything I got….”

Igni exerted every last bit of magic power from his body. He feels terribly dizzy from the magic exhaustion, but even so, his hand pointed at Celia did not waver.

A <MAGIC - MIRACLE> that he can perform only because he is so close the [Demon King’s Realm].

Igni: “ you know how this universe began?”

Celia: “It’s beginning? Of course. God created it.”

Igni: “Yeah, exactly…’re absolutely right……………..”

In Igni’s hand, a light was born.

Igni: “What God made in the very beginning…………..was a tiny…..very tiny {FIREBALL}.”

The very beginning of the universe, of space and time, was a tiny {FIREBALL}. In a single moment, it expanded rapidly, cooled, and in the void of chaos, the laws of the universe were born and the world was created.

Then if Igni can only use {FIREBALL}, this is the most appropriate pinnacle of his spell for him to arrive.

His <MAGIC> : 【The Miracle of Beginnings - THE BIG BANG】.

In short, the creation of the universe itself.

Igni: “My <MAGIC> is a reflection of the very beginning. Do you understand what that means…..[Extreme]?!”

Celia: “Yeah, of course I would know. You and I are both grave sinners who have reached into the hands of God!!”


Igni: “My world will about 250 billion years……..but this is the universe I created…...until my time is up…...I can use it however I like.”

The small universe that Igni created in his hand will disappear 250 billions years - which means that he’s controlling 250 billion years of time and energy all at once - it’s that kind of <MAGIC MIRACLE>.

Igni: “My <MAGIC> …….is 【THE STRONGEST】."

Celia: “Don’t get so cocky!!”

Celia screams.

But as she screams, her arm and leg blow away.

Celia: “................?!?!”

Igni: “You can’t understand, right? Even an [Extreme] can’t keep up with…..the speed of my <MAGIC>”

Celia immediately heals and recovers her lost limbs.

Celia: “HAAA!!!!”

Celia immediately swings her sword towards Igni and Alicia.

But in a blink of an eye, both disappear before her eyes.

Igni: “We now live in different universes. Your attacks…..will no longer reach me.”

Igni appears behind Celia and quietly makes this declaration.

Igni’s face is completely blue, no even the blue is drained, and he has gone completely white.

But the {SMALL UNIVERSE FIREBALL} in Igni’s hand continues to shine brightly.

Celia: “...........YOU!! ………….YOU BENT TIME……….?!?!”

Igni: “This is MY world. I can do as I please with time. Then of course I can attune ourselves to it too.”

Celia: “.......your <MAGIC> is absolutely ludicrous…..”

Igni: “HA! An immortal being like yourself has a right to tell me that?”

Celia laughs defiantly at Igni’s words.

Celia: “You’re absolutely right.”

As she laughs, she swings her sword.

But her sword won’t reach Igni.

It can’t.

It will….NEVER reach him.

Igni: “To you, you may be talking normally, you may think you’re moving normally….but to us….”

Celia’s head is blown off.

Her body is enveloped in light and is immediately repaired.

Igni: “You’ve completely stopped in our eyes.”

The world created by Igni’s <MAGIC>, it’s laws and forces will apply to Igni and only to those Igni has allowed.

But in truth, there is not a whole lot Igni can do.

He can manipulate time, and hit his foes with pure energy.

That’s all.

That may be it, but…

Igni: “You can’t reach me, right?”

He can become 【THE STRONGEST】.

There is only one person who can fight against Igni’s <MAGIC>. The one person who can move at the speed of light, Lucas.

Igni: “Stop.”

With Igni’s words, time itself stops.

To be accurate, Igni took his {SMALL UNIVERSE FIREBALL} and accelerated it’s time entirely to infinite acceleration, and Igni and Alicia are attuned to that acceleration. Hence, the difference between the regular world around them and the speed of Igni’s universe causes the illusion that time itself stopped…..or looks as though it stopped.

Igni: “Alicia, take me behind her.”

Alicia: “Okay.”

They move behind Celia who looks frozen in time, and Igni takes out energy from the {SMALL UNIVERSE FIREBALL} and shoots the energy at Celia as a {FIREBALL}.

And the regular world’s time catches up with Igni’s world and time moves together once more.

Celia: “.............!!”

Celia realizes that both her arms are blown off and finally realizes this.

Celia: “.........certainly….”

KIN!! (*sfx high metallic sound)

Celia’s sword strikes and buries itself into the desert ground.

Celia: “Certainly, Igni. You’re <MAGIC> is…….strong. It’s probably one of the strongest <MAGIC> there is. But I won’t die. This <MAGIC> that I have inscribed on my soul will never run out of magic power.”

Igni: “I thought so. I also have 250 billion years of energy, so I’m not running out any time soon.”

Unlike Spells which use Magic Power as a source of energy, <MAGIC> which creates something out of nothing has no limitations as far as anything like running out of magic power.

Celia: “Then we are at a stalemate.”

Igni: “No, the stalemate will break.”

Igni smiles.

Igni: “I just need to break your will.”

Celia: “...........?”

Igni: “Try 【10 Years】first.”

The next moment, Celia realized that everything around her slowed down.

Celia: “..............what…….what is this……”

Igni and Alicia, who is hugging Igni from behind is not moving at all. It’s as if the world completely stopped.

Celia: “...............! My body………..!!”

Celia tried to move her body in the frozen time bubble and realized that she couldn’t.

Celia: “10 years…………….! That’s what he meant………………!”

At that moment, Celia understood Igni’s words.


Igni: “How was【10 years】?”

Celia: “............I……...I can….move…...My body… moving………..”

Trapped in frozen time, without being able to move her body at all for 【10 years】, even an [Extreme] had a hard time mentally and emotionally recovering from the experience.

Igni: “I attuned just the time around you to my universe. Next is 【100 Years】.”

Celia: “...........!!”

Without realizing it, Celia immediately raised a fist and jumped towards Igni but…..

Celia: “…..”

Her expression was that of realization, and she fell to the ground. At that moment, 【100 Years】of time had passed for her.

To Igni, it was just a flash of a second. But to Celia, the 【100 Years】 was something akin to eternity.

If I wanted to, I can stretch it to 1000 years or 10,000 years or even 5 billion years…….would you like to experience 250 billion years?”

Igni’s {SMALL UNIVERSE FIREBALL} flames dance in Celia’s eyes.

Her knees fall to the floor.

Celia: “’s…………………”

Igni’s {SMALL UNIVERSE FIREBALL}’s light dances and flickers...

Celia: “my loss.”

With those words, Igni, Alicia, and Celia’s body is enveloped in light.

Igni: “It’s been 1 hour.”

Celia: “1 hour…..I see… only 1 hour……….has passed up to now.”

Celia mumbles to herself as her eyes show a gleam of surrender, and she closes them.

And this entire time, Igni’s heart pounded hard as he waited for Celia to say, “Ergh! Just kill me now!”



Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

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Jul 01, 2023

That was so cool!


Joo Hoe
Joo Hoe
Jul 10, 2022

So at this point he's at the level of an extreme already huh and his grandpa counters him as he can move faster than the speed of


Mahdi Ashraf Mahir
Mahdi Ashraf Mahir
Apr 18, 2022

Glad I took my modern physics classes seriously. If anyone wants to understand wtf happened, i suggest reading theory of relativity, lorentz transformation, velocity addition formula, time dilation and a basic concept of big bang.


Dione Rowler
Dione Rowler
Mar 18, 2022

Damn GG bro, just imagine how powerful would this world demon king be in order to balance things out (even though he already dead lol)


Quintin Moore
Quintin Moore
Feb 19, 2022

I just feel like it’s too early too introduce magic of that level but it was still pretty cool.

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