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Extreme Flame Wizard c33

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

Chapter 33: The Witch and the Wizard

Igni: “Alicia, don’t leave my side.”

Alicia: “What?”

As the Teleport Spell opened a path, at the same time, Igni took hold of Alicia and rose into the sky. As they rose up to the sky, Alicia looked at her surroundings and gasped.

There was only sand all around them. A desert as far as the eye can see.

Celia: “Where…..are we?”

A moment later, Celia realizes her situation.

Igni: “This is the Gargante Desert. It is a desert right next to the [Demon King’s Realm]. There is no one here for dozens of miles around. Whether you use Epic-Scale Spells or Disaster-Scale spells, or even <MAGIC>, you won’t hurt anyone here.”

Celia: “’re speaking to me from quite a ways above.”

Igni held Alicia close as he looked down upon Celia.

Igni: “I’m…..not that smart, but I thought a lot about this. How I can save Alicia without leaving any messes or unfinished businesses with you…”

Celia: “And your solution?”

Igni: “I….I just need to defeat you. That’s all.”

Celia: “Hm?”

Igni: “I’m going to defeat the [Extreme] of [Life]. But you’re 【THE STRONGEST】 Wizard. Even if you <LOST> here, you would never be able to admit that to the people of the Empire….isn’t that right?”

Celia: “Hmph.”

Igni: “Then I’ll just have to defeat you. I’ll use that as leverage to have you leave. If you <LOSE>, you will have to leave. You can’t have the [STRONGEST] [Extreme] lose to a student. And it’s not just you and I here. The 3rd Imperial Princess, Alicia, is also here. She will stand as our witness. And now, the stage is set.”

No matter how much Igni tells everyone that he defeated Celia, no one would likely believe him.

But if Alicia was to say that Igni defeated Celia, that would be a different story altogether.

She is an Imperial Princess after all.

Celia: “Amusing. But Igni, you have made one fatal miscalculation.”

Igni: “Miscalculation?”

Celia: “I will not lose. That is a fact.”

Igni: “No, you will. You will lose to me.”

As soon as Igni finished saying that, an unbelievable amount of magic power flows out of him.



A {FIREBALL} that completely covered the skies is born.

The world became as bright as the noonday, and heat and light lick the surface of the earth.

Igni: “I…. can’t use Disaster-Scale Spells. I have no talent for it.”

Celia: “.........................”

Igni: “But I can use a Disaster-Scale-Class Spell.”

With that Igni smiles.

Igni: “{METEOR - FIRE}”

A star fell from the heavens.

Celia: “It’s huge.”

Celia gazed at the {FIREBALL} and smiled.

Celia: “I told you, Igni. I. will. not. lose.”

Celia draws her sword.


BAN!! (*sfx heavy impact)

In a flash, Celia’s muscles bulge and grow.

Celia: “FU!!”

With on breath, she swings her sword.

The next moment, Igni’s {FIREBALL} as large as the sky is cut in half.

Celia: “Ohhhhh…. This…..”

Igni blinked, and Celia was right before his eyes.

With a predatory smile, she growled the next words.

Celia: “........will be difficult not to kill you.”


But Igni saw through her movements.

Igni: “{EXPLODE - FIRE}”

Celia: “How many times have you used that trick now?!”

Celia slices the explosion in half and reaches towards Igni and Alicia.

But once the smoke cleared, they were not there.


Igni creates 3 {FIREBALL}’s in front of him, and they begin to spin rapidly.

Igni: {LAUNCH - FIRE}!!”

DODODON!! (*sfx 3 explosions)

As the explosions erupt, they violently vibrate the air, and the impacts echo, all the shots hit Celia.

But Celia lands on the ground without noticing. She stretches out her sword as she charges right at Igni.

Igni: “Is it not working?” Alicia: “No, it’s working.”

Igni creates {FIREBALL}’s below his feet and allow it to explode in a specific direction. He travels the ground with his {FLAME ARMOR TRANSPORT} : {AXLE BURST} and waited for Alicia to speak.

Alicia: “But she heals. She heals immediately, you see?”

Igni: “Healing Spells, huh…”

The spells that can heal the human body are the [LIFE] Magic Type’s most well known ability.

Igni: “That’s the fastest Healing Spell I’ve ever seen.”

Alicia: “Of course, you’re dealing with an [Extreme].”

Igni: “True…”

Igni will not allow Celia to come near him.

It’s because Celia is a close-combat specialist. Close-range combat is her realm and domain.


Igni gains about 50 to a 100 meters of distance and Igni begins his spell incantation.

He creates 3 {FIREBALL}’s that spin rapidly at a high rate.

Igni: “{LAUNCH - FIRE}!!”

Celia kicks the ground and readies her sword at the same time.

Celia: “HAー!!”

With one yell, she deflects, cuts, and dodges Igni’s {FIREBALL}’s.


Celia’s spell incantation.

Celia: “A quick horse…”

HIIIIIIIIIIINNNNN!! (*sfx a metal ringing)

A cold sound of metal vibrates in the air.

Celia: “......cannot run without its feet.”

Igni: “.........!!”

Igni’s legs <DISAPPEARS>, and Igni loses his balance.

Igni: “Alicia!!”

He braces Alicia behind his back as he falls but…

Alicia: “{COME MY WIND - VENTOS}”!”

Alicia’s spell picks Igni’s body back up.

Alicia: “Igni! Your leg………!!”

Alicia’s voice strains as she realizes that everything below Igni’s thighs are missing.


Igni’s legs are lying somewhere far behind him in a spray of blood.


The next moment, countless {FIREBALL}’s replaces and acts as Igni’s legs. Each one is small as if to replace Igni’s lost cells, and his {FIREBALL} will not be his feet.

Igni: “............!!”

And with it, Igni cauterizes his wounds to forcefully stop the bleeding. In the [Demon King’s Realm], Igni faced many situations with lost limbs. So he came up with this spell to help him recover temporarily until the fight is over.

But of course, there is nothing he can do about the pain.

The pain of the wound. The pain of the burns.

He directly burned all of his pain receptor nerves directly with fire. The pain is unimaginable.

But Igni grits his teeth and stands up.

Alicia: “Igni! It’s….it’s enough!! I’ll be okay now so please!! I’m sure if I ask my sister, she’ll heal your legs so please…!! Let’s just apologize and be done with this!! I just have to go home….. So please, Igni. You can let me go……..”

Igni: “Alicia…… many times have you had to kill yourself inside to stop yourself from feeling?”

Alicia: “! That’s not true! I’m not…………!”

Igni: “You can… can be a little spoiled and ask for what you want…. A demanding girl, if it’s just a little, can be cute, you know?”

Igni smiles while enduring the pain.

Celia: “That was a painful process to stop the bleeding. I’m sure that must have hurt a lot, Igni.” Igni: “.......HA! Doesn’t hurt….one bit….”

Celia catches up to them, but Igni spats her words right back at her.

Igni: “Losing legs….? This isn’t anything compared to real pain….”

Celia: “Hmm?”

Igni: “True pain comes from the heart! The pain Alicia felt…….. it’s at least 100 times worse than what my legs felt just now!!”

Celia: “HA! You bark too loudly, Igni!”


Igni creates 2 {FIREBALL}’s!

The front is hard, and the back is soft…….!

Igni: “{LAUNCH - FIRE}!!”

DON!! (*sfx explosion)

As soon as the explosion occurs, Igni kicks the ground.

Igni: “Now look to the sky in wonder, [Extreme]!!”

In a blink of an eye, a {FIREBALL} covers the entire sky. But it’s different than the {COMET METEO} from before.

Each {FIREBALL} is a standard size, but it’s numbers overwhelm the skies above.

Celia: “You have incredible magic reserves, Igni!!”

Igni: “I’ve trained a lot!”

Igni smiles.

Igni: “How about 16,384 {FIREBALL}’s? Try dodging this if you can!!”

Celia: “Incredible! There’s not many Wizards in the Empire who can cast this many spells at once!”


The {FIREBALL}’s in the sky turn bright white and…


ZUDODODODODODODODODODO………………….!!! (*sfx infinite machine gun fire sound)

Unthinkable violence rains down upon Celia.

Alicia: “Igni! Please! Give it all you got!!”

Igni: “You got it!” Alicia: “My sister won’t <DIE>!”

Igni: “.......she won’t die?”

Alicia: “So please! Don’t hold back! Do it as though you'll finish her off!!”

Of course, Igni didn’t believe that this would be enough to take down an [Extreme].

So he already has the next spell ready, but Alicia’s words puzzle him as he slightly tilts his head to think.


Igni creates the particle accelerator with his magic power behind him.


ーーKIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNN!!!!!! (*sfx high-pitch ringing)

As Igni’s {FIREBALL}’s rain down on Celia, another Epic-Scale-Level Spell is initiated!

The {FIREBALL} reaches the speed of light.

Alicia: “DO IT, IGNI!!”

Igni: “{LAUNCH - FIRE}!!”

With Alicia’s wishes, Igni fires his spell!!


The {FIREBALL} directly hits Celia and an explosion erupts!!

The explosions and impacts lift the sand into the air, and it rains down upon them.

Celia: “..............I…….see……….that…..hurts.”

But Celia withstood all of Igni’s spells and stood up.

Igni: “.......are you serious…..? She didn’t use one defensive spell and……..she can still talk….”

An exasperated breath escapes Igni. There was a lot of confidence behind those spells that just got wiped away.

The wind blew, and the dust and sand settled back down. Celia, broken and tattered, stood there.

From the countless explosions from Igni’s spells, her skin was turned to charcoal and her right arm was gone.

With her remaining left arm, she used it to support her weight with her sword. It was a gruesome sight not worthy of an [Extreme].

Celia: “Let me {RESET}.”

And Celia, with those wordsーーdecapitated her own head.

Igni: “WHーー?!?!”

Igni couldn’t hold back the shock that surged forth.

The next moment, Celia’s body turned to tiny balls of light and as her body transformed, they regathered and began to take shape.

Celia: “Oh, no need to be so shocked. This is my <MAGIC> 【MIRACLE】.”

And a completely wound-less Celia appeared and laughed in her armor.


There are Wizards who are called [Extreme]’s.

They are living beings who have reached the ultimate pinnacle of spells, and they are also known asーー


Using Spell Power, you can make 1 into a 10 with a spell.

Using Spell Power, you can make a 10 back into a 1 with a spell.

But with <MAGIC>...

Celia: “From nothing, you can make something. If there was such a thing, would you not call that <MAGIC> a miracle, Igni? Quite appropriate if I say so myself.”

From 0 you create 1.

Igni: “........yeah, you’re right.”

Igni groans as the words leave him.

The [Extreme] of [Life] Celia Esmeralda.

Also known as Celia “The Undeath.”

Her <MAGIC> is appropriate for the [Extreme] of [Life] ーー【The Miracle of Immortality】.

By inscribing a spell into your soul, no matter how much your body is injured, [DEATH] merely becomes a trigger that activates a [RESET] for your body.

The Immortal Magician. That….. is Celia Esmeralda.

It’s an impossible situation, and Igni feels despair creep up, but another memory comes up at the same time.


[OYE, IGNI! What are you going to do when a woman stronger than you appears.]

[Grandpa, I’m trying to sleep.]

That was when Igni walked around the [Demon King’s Realm] without sleeping for 1 full week.

[I’m asking you what you will do.]

[..........get away]

[Oye, why?]

[Because women like “strong men”, right? If you have someone that strong around, you can’t be popular any more.]





[There are MILLIONS of women stronger than you now! Do you plan to run from all of them?!?!”


[Stand up to them! Catch up to them!! AND FOR GOD’S SAKE, OVER TAKE THEM!!!”


[When people see that, there is something that shakes them from the foundation of their very being!!]

[I…..I see……..!!]


……...I see……..I really see now.

That’s what you meant…..

Celia: “What’s wrong, Igni? Are you through?”

Celia provokes him.

Although every one of his attacks came to nothing, Igni smiled - if for anything else, just to reassure Alicia who was looking so worried at him.

Igni: “No. Just one. I just arrived at one principle truth of this universe.”

Celia: “Truth?”

Igni: “Yeah…...the importance of……..trying - giving it your all…..”

The Ultimate Secret to Becoming Popular Rule Number 1.

ーー”Women love strong men. But they love men who give it their all even more.”

Igni finally <UNDERSTOOD> the meaning behind those words.

Igni: “The [Extreme] of [Life]. The Immortal Magician. If that’s the case, then I’ll just have to use my <ULTIMATE> trump card.”

Igni smiles.

Celia readies her sword, andーーkicks the ground.

Igni: “Alicia, don’t let go of me.”

Igni lifts his right hand towards Celia.

Igni: “I’ll show you my <MAGIC>.”



Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

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