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Extreme Flame Wizard c29

Chapter 29: The Late Night Visitor

Yoori: “Wow, tonight was so much fun, right Igni?”

Igni: “Yeah, you’re right. It was a lot of fun.”

The two spoke while lying in their bunk beds.

This was something that naturally became a daily custom and habit for the two.

Yoori lies on top, and Igni on the bottom.

They talk about what happened during the day until one of them falls asleep.

What their doing is very much like any other romantic couple, but the two do not realize this.

Yoori: “It really was fun〜. I didn’t know Edward could do so many party tricks.”

Igni: “Yeah, I didn’t think Edward could do something like that.”

It was an act that completely took the group by surprise, and they all had a good laugh about it.

Igni: “It really was an unexpected side of him we got to see…” Yoori: “Yeah, even though we had our differences, I’m really glad that we got to know about each other like this - even the unexpected sides.”

Igni: “Unexpected sides, huh…”

Igni: (Like….Iris’ codependence? Stuff like that?)

Igni: (Oh, but that’s something that was obvious from day 1, huh.)

Yoori: “You’ve fought all those matches, and you’re not even tired?”

Igni: “Hm? Oh, yeah, I’m not tired at all.”

A single day in the [Demon King’s Realm] was so much more difficult and harsh.

Yoori: “You really are amazing. Any guy would look up to you.”

Yoori spoke those words with great admiration.

The window rattles on its hinges.

Looks like there’s a strong wind tonight.

Yoori: “My body’s not that strong, so if I fought as much as you did, I’d be pooped.”

Igni: “Everyone has their own strengths. Everyone is different, and that’s why it’s good.”

It was his grandfather’s words that Igni shared with Yoori.

Yoori would never dream that these words came out of a lecture on the topic of extreme masochism.

Yoori: “But….I really wanted to be more manly than I am now~”

Igni: “Oh….um…”

Looks like Yoori himself recognizant that he isn’t very manly either.

Igni: “Wーwell….um...isn’t that okay? To be just who you are now....?”

Igni has a hard time knowing what to say and only babbles vague compliments.

The words taste bitter in his mouth as it comes out.


The window rattles again.

Along with it, the sounds of a thunderstorm also follow in the distance.

Looks like a sudden storm is upon them.

Igni: “The weather’s looking bad.”

Yoori: “Is it a hurricane?”

Igni: “Can’t be. It was so sunny all day today.”

Yoori: “You know that hurricanes can suddenly hit you, right?”

Igni: “Really?”

Yoori: “Yeah, like when a Dragon sudden flies overhead a town.”

Igni: “Ohhhh….”

Yoori: “Or when someone uses an Epic-Scale Spell.”


Something hits the window hard.

Yoori: “WAHHHH!!”

Yoori falls out of his top bunk and jumps into Igni’s arms.

Yoori: “WhーwhーWHAT WAS THAT…?!”

Igni: “WhーYoori, why are you hugging me….?!?!”

Yoori trembles like crazy while holding onto Igni.

And Igni can’t help but feel how soft Yoori’s body is.


And something hits the window once again.

Yoori: “IーIgni! Someone’s outside the window!!”

Igni: “We’re on the second floor. You sure that it’s not just the wind?”


Igni: “........nope, that’s a person.”

Igni drags Yoori with him as he approaches the window and pulls open the curtains.


Outside the window, Alicia who was drenched in the rain was there.

Igni: “..........what are you doing?”

Igni opens the window. The next moment, Alicia dives into the room, and quickly shuts the window and closes the curtain.

Alicia: “You need to hide me!”

This was the first thing Alicia said to Igni and Yoori.

Igni and Yoori look at each other.

Igni: “I don’t mind, but you know that girls aren’t allowed here, right?”

Yoori: “Plus, we’re guys, so we don’t care but…”

It’s strange to hear Yoori say this.

Alicia: “I don’t mind. Please, let me stay here for a bit.”

Alicia is trembling as she pleads with Igni and Yoori.

Looks like she has her reasons.

Igni: (.........okay, guess it’s a good chance to be popular!)

Igni turns on his mysterious switch and smiles at Alicia.

Igni: “You’ll catch a cold wearing those damp clothes. Let me find you something you can change into.”

Alicia: “.....thanks.”

Igni: “Let’s get you some hot tea too. Yoori, can you bring the water?”

Yoori: “Yup.”

Igni brings the kettle, and turns it towards Yoori. Yoori casts the beginners' elementary magic [WATER BALL] and fills the kettle up. Igni uses [FIREBALL] to boil the water.

Igni: “We only have our own cups, but that’s okay, right?”

Alicia: “Yes, thank you.”

Igni: “Yoori, could you get Alicia a towel?”

Yoori: “Yーyeah, sure thing!”

Igni quickly and efficiently gives out orders and takes care of business.

His caregiving is 1st rate.

Igni: “Hmm...I only have my clothes so what should we do…”

Yoori: “Oh, when the villagers gave me clothes, there were some girls’ clothes in there so we can use that.”

Igni: “........okay.”

Igni got a glimpse of a darker side to Yoori’s village.


In a darkened room, Alicia held a cup with steam rising and warmed up her cold hands.

Alicia: “Thank you, Igni, Yoori.”

Igni: “Don’t worry about it. Aren’t we friends?”

Yoori: “Yーyeah, we’re friends, Miss Alicia!”

Alicia is quiet after hearing Igni and Yoori’s words.

Igni: “But I’m impressed that you were able to find this room in the first place.”

Igni tried to change subjects and brought up something he was curious about.

Alicia: “Yeah…….I sensed Igni’s presence here………”

Igni: “Presence……?” Igni: (What is this girl saying all of a sudden?)

Alicia: “Hehe, just kidding.”

Yoori: “Oh, um… Miss Alicia likes to joke around too..haha…”

Yoori tries to keep the conversation flowing.

Yoori: “Bーbut, what should we do about the bed?”

The room is meant for two.

And there is only a bunk for 2.

Igni: “........Alicia, use my bed. I’ll sleep on the floor.”

Yoori: “What?! No, don’t do that Igni. You’ll catch a cold!”

Igni: “Don’t worry. I’m used to sleeping on the ground.”

Yoori: “Yーyou can sleep with me…”

Igni: “...............................”

Igni: (Why did God make Yoori a boy?)

Igni used all of his brain power to find an answer.

But he could not find one explanation.

Alicia: “Hey, you know what? I’ll just…”

When Alicia was about to say something…


Someone breaks through the window!!!

“ were here this whole time <A•L•I〜〜〜>”

A beautiful woman wrapped up in full body armor.

She bounded her blue hair behind her in a long ponytail and carried a sword on her back.

She must have been in the rain because she was drenched, but with a devilish smile on her face, she stretches a hand to Alicia.

Alicia: “......! Sis?!”

“ “ Sis?! “ “

Igni and Yoori shout at the same time.

“Well well, that was quite a shock. I never thought you would be able to use an Epic-Scale Spell already. You truly are my younger sister.”

Alicia: “.......sis…..I…..”

“Let’s go home. The people are worried about you.”

The armored knight grabs Alicia’s arm.

Igni: “Hey, wait, wait. Hold on. Could you at least explain the situation to us?”

And Igni interrupts and butts into the conversation.

Igni: “First of all, who the heck are you?”

“Me? I’m Celia Esmeralda. The first Imperial Princess of the Esmeralda Empire.”

Igni: “..........what?”

Igni tried to chew on this answer but could make nothing of it.

Yoori: “Celia……..?! Do you mean “Undeath” Celia….?!

Igni: “Dーdo you know her, Yoori?!”

Igni was more shocked that he didn’t know who this beauty was.

Yoori: “HーHOW DO YOU NOT KNOW, IGNI?! She’s an [Extreme]! She’s an [Extreme] of [LIFE]!!"

Igni: “WHAT?! An [Extreme]?!”

An individual who has completely mastered spells and has arrived at the pinnacle of a living being - those who accomplish this in life are called [Extreme]'s.

As a single being who reached perfection, they are given the title of [STRONGEST].

That is why people love to rumor and gossip.

ーーーWho among the [Extreme] is the strongest?

Is it the "Ultimate Light" Lucas who with his unparalleled attack power was able to defeat that dragon alone?

Or is it the one who glimpsed into the universal principles of spells and gave birth to their own [MAGIC TYPES], the researcher “The Deep” Abyss?

Or would it be the one who was unable to cast spells, but trained her martial arts to its ultimate form, “The Sword” Kulara?

But amongst them is another monster.

Although she was born into royalty, the one who has mastered and conquered her own spell.

The one who threw away her birthright and only sought the path of the Wizard.

The one who stretched out her hand into the ultimate depths of spells and life.

That is why she was able to reach the pinnacle at the mere age of 20.

The “[Extreme] of [Life]” Celia Esmeralda.

The proud Empire’s [STRONGEST] Wizard.

Celia: “Okay, Alicia. Let’s go back home.”

Alicia: “I…..I…..!!”

Alicia glances at Igni.

Igni: (It’s……’s…...IT’S A PRINCESS KNIGHT?!?!?)

But Igni was completely thinking of something else at the moment.

=============================== ♪~Discord~♪


CHONKY NOTES LiT (Lost in Translation)


殯 (mogari) -- I know enough Kanji but this one’s a new one and had to look it up. Translation says “mogari”. The author translated this as “shinazu” (死なず) -- “that which cannot die or does not die” or “that which did not die.” The character is derived from an ancient Japanese burial process where the body is mummified in hopes that it returns back to life, and it’s a process to allow the body to lay post-mortem until they are absolutely certain of the passing of the individual.

Other options for translation include: “The Funeral” Celia “Undead” Celia

Celia “The Mummy” ← this one might be appropriate depending on what kind of <MA•GIC> she uses.

Following my gut here and stuck with “Undeath” ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

=========== TL'DR Credits


Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

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