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Extreme Flame Wizard c28

Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Chapter 28: The Celebration and the Wizard!

“ “ “ CHEERS! “ “ “

Igni and his friends all lift their glass mugs and clink it in the air.

Alicia: “When Edward said he knows a good place, I thought it would be a pretty fancy restaurant, but it’s just a normal bar, huh?”

Edwards: “In times like these, it’s better to be in a place where you can make a ruckus and not get in trouble, right?!”

Igni: “Good thinking, Edward. That’s really considerate.”

Igni gave a rare compliment to Edward.

Edward: “Hmph! Whatever, Igni!”

“That’s right! Sir Edward looked all over town to find a place where you can be noisy and have fun!”

“This was the only store that accepted his request!”

Igni: “Thanks again, Edward.” Edward: “HMPH!”

Edward looks away.

That’s just like him.

Iris: “Sir Igni! That last spell you used was so amazing!!”

Igni: “Thanks.”

Iris: “How did you cast a spell like that?”

Igni: “How? You make a really small [FIREBALL] and then you accelerate it to the speed of light. That’s it.”

Iris: “...............???????????”

Iris is trying to understand and tilts her head to the side.

Igni: “Well, it’s not like you’ll need to use a spell like that. You can already use more powerful spells than me.”

Igni can only use the spell [FIREBALL].

So he had to train with that spell alone.

But Iris would not need a spell like that.

With a [EARTH] : [S] compatibility, she should be able to easily exceed Igni without as much training.

Iris: “What?! No! Sir Igni, you’re the No. 1 Wizard!!”

Igni: “........No. 1, huh….” Just hearing that word reminds Igni of one person.

Yoori: “But it’s really true that you can only use [FIREBALL]...”

Igni: “My compatibility is [F], so yeah.”

Yoori is astonished and in disbelief.

Alicia: “Oh, that reminds me. What were you and Fray talking about?” Igni: “Um…..nothing important, really. I already forgot”

The memory was almost completely forgotten and erased without a trace from Igni’s brain.

Igni wasn’t trying to avoid the question. He genuinely forgot.

Elenoir: “I’ve never seen Fray with such a desperate expression on his face~~~”

Igni: “Is that so?”

Every time Igni see’s Fray, Fray’s expression twists up into knots, so to Igni, that was Fray’s regular face.

Igni: (Hm? Does that mean that he dislikes me?)

And Igni arrives at the truth but....

Igni: (Meh, who cares if a dude doesn’t like me.)

He quickly moves on.

Alicia: “So Igni, how did you become so strong?” Alicia was waiting for the food to arrive, and looked at Igni’s face while asking him.

Igni sipped his fruit liquor as he thought about his answer.

Igni: “.....maybe determination?”

He cooly and mysteriously left it at that.

“ “ “ OOOOHHHHH……. “ “ “

And the people around him are taken back by his reply.

Igni: (YES! That was so cool to say that!)

His overjoyed smile spills over into his face.

And it’s no secret that Alicia completely saw him do this.

And as they talked, the food was brought to their table, and the questions to Igni ceased for the moment.

Yoori: “Do you have anything you don’t like to eat, Igni?”

Yoori sat next to Igni as he served salad into Igni’s plate.

Alicia: “He’s so graceful at the table....”

Alicia was taken back by how naturally Yoori took care of Igni and his food. And Igni also couldn’t help but notice either.

Igni: (!!...........wait!! I can learn from him!)

[A caring man is a popular man] is too much of a common sense to be put into a rule or law, but Igni was inspired by Yoori’s movements.

Igni: “No, I don’t have anything I can’t eat.”

Yoori: “I see. Then I’ll just serve you regularly then.”

And with that, Yoori puts food on Igni’s place, and he also serves food to one of Edward’s minions.

“......oh….um, thanks.” Edward’s Minion A blushes slightly at Yoori.

Igni: (Even though I don’t know your name, I hope you know that Yoori is a man.)

Igni kindly warns the man in his heart.

Edward: “Then let’s eat!!”

With Edward’s words, everyone started reaching for their food.


Iris: “Hey Alicia, can you do any fun party tricks?”

Alicia: “Party tricks? You’re asking for a lot, Iris.”

Iris who got a little tipsy begins to tease Alicia.

Alicia: “But I do have something I can show you.”

And with that, Alicia pulls out a deck of cards.

Alicia: “See? You know what this is?”

Iris: “Fortune telling!”

Iris’ exaggerated reactions are fun to watch.

Igni: (I wonder if they had planned this beforehand?)

Alicia: “Alright! Alicia the “Genius” Fortune Teller will tell you your fortune tonight!”

Iris: “You mean, you’ll tell us of our misfortune, right?”

Iris laughs heartily.

Alicia: “What do you mean!”

The two get along so well.

Alicia: “C’mon! Give it a shot. Ask me anything.”

Edward: “Oh, then can you tell me my fortune?”

Alicia: “Sure thing.”

Edward raises his hand to go first.

Edward: “C--can you tell me if I’ll graduate from this academy?! Could you read my future?!”

Alicia: “Um, what? Are you worried?”

Edward: “......just a little bit.”

Alicia: “Hmmm...that’s a little boring. Isn’t there a more fun fortune I can try to read?”

Yoori: “Oh, I have one.”

Alicia: “What is it?”

Yoori: “Could you see if we’ll all still be able to drink like this together in 10 years?”

The table falls silent.

Alicia: “Yoori, you….you’re such a kind child.”

Yoori: “W--was that weird?”

Alicia: “No, of course not! Leave it to me!!”

Alicia sits up, and places a few cards on the table.

Alicia: “Alright, just you wait and see!!”

With a <BANG!> she flips over her first card.

Alicia: “..............the reaper?”

There was a Death Reaper-like Skeleton dancing on the card.

You could tell that it was not good omen with a glance.

Immediately, the atmosphere of the table cooled to sub-zero.

Yoori: “.......ummmmmmm, Alicia?” Alicia: “N-NOPE! REDO!! THAT DOESN’T COUNT!!”

Iris: “SEE~~~!! Alicia, you’re a genius *MIS-Fortune teller!!”

Alicia: “WHAT?! NO I’M NOT!! Here let me try again!”

The conversations around the table gets lively once again.

Igni smiles as he watches his peers, and Ms. Elenoir who was sitting next to Igni whispers into his ear.

Elenoir: “Igni~, why didn’t you go all out with your match with Fray~~~?”

Igni: “?? What are you talking about?”

Elenoir: “Because Igni. You can use <MA•GIC>, can’t you?”

Igni: “......if I used magic on Fray, he would have died.”

Elenoi: “Ohhh~~~ I’ll just accept that as your answer then~~~”

Elenoir is smiling.

And Igni returns the smile in kind.

Igni: “What about you, Ms. Elenoir?” Elenoir: “What? Me~~~? Nope, I can’t~~~”

Elenoir smiles at Igni once again.

Iris: “HE~Y!! Ms. Elenoir is flirting with Igni!!”

Elenoir: “Oh you caught me~~~”

Ms. Elenoir grabs hold of Igni and hugs him tightly.

Igni feels something very soft against his face.

Igni: (B---Br---BRE------....!!)

Iris: “AAAHHH!! NO!! Stop seducing Sir Igni! NO, MS. ELENOIR!! You can’t do that with students!!”

Elenoir: “What~~~ I’m not doing anything~~~”

Iris: “No~~~!! Ms. Elenoir!! Let go of Sir Igni!! ALICIA!!! HELP ME~~!!! MS. ELENOIR IS TOO DANGEROUS~~!!!”

Alicia: “What do you mean dangerous? Look, Igni looks like he’s enjoying it. Just leave him be.”


Igni’s heart was currently overflowing with bright glowing flowers and all the colors of the rainbow, but Iris’ comment did sting his conscience for a moment.

And then he returned immediately to the soft sensations he felt on his cheeks.

The breasts were too strong!!




There was a pun that Iris intended that wouldn’t translate from Japanese to English.

Genius - “Ten-sai” (Heavenly Talent)

Natural Disaster - “Ten-sai” (i.e. Great Disaster; Act of God)

“Ten-sai” Alicia = Genius Alicia

“Ten-sai” Alicia = Great Disaster Alicia

Magic (Ma-hou) (魔法) - it’s been getting implied for a while but Ms. Elenoir and Igni finally drop a hint at what they potentially mean when they say magic (mahou) (魔法). They do distinguish this with spells (majutsu) (魔術). This is a very atypical way of using the word. Like, everyone knows ninjutsu (忍術) which is a ninja technique (or ninja move). Ninpou (忍法) is the traditional way of the ninja and it doesn’t really allude to a specific technique. You can’t really say Ninpou is a type of move that is greater than ninjutsu. Similarly, the author here is using mahou (魔法) which is traditionally translated as “magic,” is not only different but a tier above majutsu (魔術). Yes, Japanese authors use mahou (魔法) interchangeably with majutsu (魔術) which doesn’t help us. I think other works in English will talk about low-magic or high-magic (old magic or ancient magic), to distinguish it from modern magic but this gets into a lot of semantics and differences in magic systems for different universes. In short, similarly, the author is trying to redefine “magic” (mahou) as something greater than “spells” (majutsu).

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Jun 30, 2023

I am curious, is there something even stronger than the magic he used?


Mar 15, 2023

I'm genuinely concerned about her title, fray said in the battle her title was "puppeteer" Elenoir, I'm not tryna accuse her but she's a bit


Sep 28, 2021

Might as define "magic" as "beyond magic" or something like that to emphasize the fact that igni can use magic beyond just his fireball lol


Aug 11, 2021

it's actually not that uncommon for fantasy novels to have this trope where mahou and majutsu are 2 different things and one is like much harder to learn than the other but also super powerful. it's kinda hard to express that nuance in english tho


Jun 17, 2021

Edward best waifu :))

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