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Extreme Flame Wizard c194

Ch. 194: Another Wielder of Miracles

Miko: “Sh!!” (*sfx: exhale)

Miko’s fist cut through the air more times than she could count, but as the Vampire girl before her yawned, Miko realized that the girl was playing with her.

“This is it? And you’re using Spells? Humans are so weak.”

Miko: “Miru! Help me with your Disruption Spells!”

Miru: “I’m already doing that!”

In other words, the Vampire in front of her was not using any Spells.

She was able to keep up with Miko just with her raw physical abilities alone.

“You, you’re too weak.”

The Vampire girl looked bored as she kicked Miko’s body away.

Miko bounded off the ground several times, and while Miko tried to regain her balance, the girl charged towards Miko.

But she suddenly decided to stop.

No, it wasn’t her decision.

She was ankle-deep inside a puddle made of darkness, and she was unable to move.

It was one of Miru’s improvised Disruption Spell

Miru: “Miko!!”

Miko: “........fuh!!” (*sfx: exhale)

<PAAAAAHHHHNNNN!!> (*sfx: loud slapping sound)

As Miko kicked the ground, the air popped loudly and echoed all around.

But her jump kick……..ended with her leg caught in the Vampire girl’s hand as before.

“You’ve already tried that before.”

Miko: “Hah!!” (*sfx: exhale)

But using her caught foot as the axis, Miko twisted and kicked the girl across the face!

The kick must have caused a small cut inside her mouth as a trickle of blood fell out of the Vampire girl’s lips.

Miko then raised her leg high, and brought her heel down upon the Vampire girl’s head hard.

But Miko only felt the sensation of kicking something akin to a solid piece of metal.

It was then that she regrettably realized what it meant to fight against one of the strongest species.

“Can you just lay there quietly?” The Vampire girl was unfazed by Miko’s strike and began squeezing Miko’s ankle. In that instant, Miko felt a hot sensation as her ankle was crushed ーー and her foot was subsequently torn off.

Miko: “........{Heal}”

As Miko managed to distance herself away from the Vampire girl, she cast a Healing Spell on her wound. Her wound bubbled and swelled with new flesh, and the missing foot was restored.

“.........hmph, so you can use Healing Spells too.”

Any Wizard with [A] Rank compatibility can replace a missing limb easily.

“Well, whatever. I’m bored of stalling for time anyways.”

As soon as the girl spoke, Miko grabbed Miru and jumped into the air.

They both saw a red whip soundless pass by where they stood a moment ago.

“Oh, you have good eyes.”

The Vampire girl spoke to Miko who was now standing quite far from her.

Around the girl were several long, red whips that were violently lashing around her.

If they had been a moment too late, both of their heads would have been detached from their necks.

Miko: “ that’s the Spell Vampires use….”

Miru: “A [Blood] Type Spell….that’s a first for me too.”

Using the blood as a medium, it can be freely converted to cover both close and long ranges, and depending upon how talented you are, you can use it for attack, defense, and healing - a Spell Type that truly covers all aspects. That is the [Blood] Type Spell that only Vampires are allowed to use.

The girl in front of Miru was neutralizing Miru’s Disruption Spells.

Miru: “Miko, can you do that fast thing again?” Miko: “........I can. But…..I’m not sure if it’ll work on her.”

Miru: “I’ll do everything I can to stop that Vampire. In that moment, Miko, I need you to go for the head.”

Miko: “Got it.”

Miko released Miru to the ground and began circulating her Magic Power right where she stood.

As she was manipulating magic as Igni had taught herーー

“Oh, isn’t that [Rotation]? I didn’t know a Wizard here could use that.”

The Vampire girl remarked curiously as she observed Miko.

Miko: “ know about this?” “It’s a common skill used in the ‘East’.”

And she began circulating magic the same way.

“Circulating magic in a state of manipulation. Though it sounds simple enough, it is a very difficult skill, isn’t it?” Magic in a manipulated state is like lighting a fuse to a bomb.

One mistake in control would cause a severe rebound towards the manipulator.

But if you are able to control it.

Miko: “.......fuh!” (*sfx: exhale)

Miko took a strong step forward.

“Don’t worry. It won’t hurt.”

A red line dashed past her.

A second past, and Miko fell to the floor.

Miru: “Miko!!”

Miko heard Miru’s shriek from somewhere far, far behind her as she gazed towards her legs. There, she saw a very clean cut across her thighs. It was cut by something incredibly thin and fast.

“It’ll be over in an instant.”

Miko reached a hand towards Miru.

In that instant, Miko knew that it would indeed be over in an instant.

But for Miru, that moment stretched endlessly.

The world froze, and Miru saw that thin red line stretching towards Miko.

It was the Spell the Vampire girl must have cast. Though thin, it had the durability of steel and would tear through human flesh too easily. As she watched the scene unfold, Miru furiously rummaged through every Spell that crossed her mind.

What Spell would break apart that bloody whip? Which Spell would save Miko?

If she is too late, Miko would die. Miru stretched out her hands towards Mikoーー

ーーwhen a thought crossed her mind.

Why is she using her [Undoing] magic with just Spells?

That was the thought.

That thought turned Miru’s world upside down as it unraveled everything she knew and believe ーー a paradigm shift that could only have occurred because of a dire situation such as this.

That’s why when the realization dawned on her, she reached deep into the depths of her Spell.

The thin beam of light she saw reminded her of soft moonlight.

She could not figure out whether what she found was always inside of her or something that descended down to her from Heaven. There was no way for her to know. And she couldn’t care less.

If this will change the grizzly fate unfolding before her eyes ーー that was enough for her.

Miru: “[Undo].”

The incantation came out more as a desperate wish as she poured all of her hopes into the words to change reality.

It was in accordance with her Wizard’s Title.

And it was a word that represented the core of her Spell.

There are curses based on similarity.

It is said that things that sound the same are tied by the same essence.

Then holding the title of “Undoer,” it was most fitting for her to be the one to reach this <Miracle>.

With a flash, the thin, bloody red line unraveled and disappeared before reaching Miko.

One of the Vampire girl’s brow was raised as she wondered when her finger began unraveling.

It unraveled… and then disappeared.


And the Vampire girl vanished without a trace.

To “undo” is to unravel and break apart what exists.

That’s why the <Miracle> absolutely broke apart everything that caught her sight.

It returned anything that existed into nonexistence.

It broke it apart to the point where you wondered if it ever existed in the first place.

It was the pinnacle of Spells.

A wondrous miracle only those who reach the pinnacle of humanity can wield.

The <Miracle of Undoing>.

The genius crossed one foot into the realm of Magicians.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:


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