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Extreme Flame Wizard c193

Ch. 193: The Wizard of Time

Miru: “Miko! We need to hurry!!”

Miko: “[Physical Enhancement] {Active}!”

From straight above her, a vampire fell upon Miko and grabbed her leg, and she immediately kicked it away. Her foot connected with the creature’s stomach making it lurch into a V-shape, but the impact was too great as it exploded its body into two.

But it soon transformed itself into bats and returned into its original form.

Miko: “Ugh!! My hits aren’t working!!”

Miru: “It’s a Transformation Spell unique to Vampires. If we don’t kill it instantly, they can fully recover from any wounds.”

Miko: “But where did all of these come from?!”

Miru: “I assume the intruders invited them, right? But right now, we need to protect everyone.”

The top two leaders of the Student Council communicated briefly with one another as they prepared themselves to engage against the Vampire. There were 12 Vampires that appeared on campus. Miko and Miru were handling the Vampire they could see, and another Vampire was locked onto Fray.

However, the other 10 Vampires had scattered across the campus.

Miru assumed the Knights and teachers would be handling the rest, but she couldn’t be certain. Since they did not know the identity of their attackers, there was no way to know their enemy’s strength. The only thing that she was certain of was that anyone who would bring this many Vampires is not someone in their right mind.

As these thoughts crossed her mind, she looked directly at the Vampire that was facing them.

Miru: “I’ll focus on support, so Miko, you can go on the offensive.”

Miko: “..........shouldn’t we switch?” Miru: “What are you talking about? I know you’ve gotten much stronger too, Miko.”

The compliment brought a smile to Miko’s face as she gripped her fist tightly.

Miko: “Okay, I’llーー”

In that next instant, Miko felt a killing instinct overwhelm her. Trusting her instinct, she thrust her fist to the left. The Vampire had snuck up quietly next to her, and was just about to sink its fangs into her neck.

Miko: “ーーfuh!!” (*sfx: exhale*)

She blew out a quick breath as her fist connected.

The Vampire flew back parallel to the ground and smashed into a building before coming to a stop. A wicked smile crossed its face as it transformed into a shadow and transformed back into a vampire form.

All of its wounds were completely healed.

Miko: “This is going nowhere.”

Miru: “Don’t worry. I think I understand now.”

Miko: “..........that’s a genius for you. You’re so reliable.”

Miru looked confident as she analyzed the Vampire.

Understanding Miru’s strength more than anyone else, Miko could not help but chuckle as she glanced over at her friend.

Miru: “Don’t worry about me. I’ll work out the timing, so just fight freely, Miko.” Miko: “Alright.” And Miko kicked the ground as she flew forward.

A second later, Miru began manipulating her magic.

Miru: “{ Unravel }”

It was more a command than an incantation.

The next moment, all the Wizards there would have thought they saw the world instantly freeze over as Miko’s kick connected with the Vampire and sent it flying upwards. The Vampire forced its body to flip as it stopped midair and smiled once more.

Andーーwhen nothing happened, Miko’s fist buried deeply into the Vampire’s stomach.

Miko: “How does it feel to feel pain?” The Vampire hit the ground hard, and its expression of one of confusion. It had obviously intended to use a Spell but couldn’t.

“.........disruption magic……”

It mumbled quietly to itself.

Miko: “Huh? You sure? Maybe you’re just terrible at using Spells.”

“Arrogant human trash!”

The Vampire roared in anger, but Miko was no longer there.

And a moment later, the Vampire’s head disappeared.

Blood sprayed away from its body when Miru realized a few moments later that the Vampire had died.

Miru: “WhーWhat was that?!”

Miko: “Oh, this? Igni taught me this. It’s called {Spin-Spin Magic}, and you cycle the magic to make it more powerful.”

Miru: “Oh really?”

Miru ignored the terrible name for the Spell, but she was genuinely impressed at not being able to see Miko’s movements.

“Huh? Is Chenik already dead? Wow, wasn’t she super confident?”

But 2 pale girls appeared without a sound, so neither Miru nor Miko could relax.

“So which one of you finished her off? Oh, it must’ve been the taller one.”

The girl glanced at the blood on Miko’s foot as she spoke.

“But I guess it doesn’t matter. We’ll suck both of you dry regardless.”

Miko: “Miru, are you ready?” Miru: “Yes, I’m ready.”

They both quickly switched back into fighting mode, but the girl placed a hand on her cheek as she ignored the sharp glares coming from Miko and Miru.

“To be frank, I like virgin females more than males. There’s no way I would leave a feast like this untouched.”

Miko instantly appeared next to the girl in a kicking motion. But the girl grabbed Miko’s leg and stopped her cold.

“So please don’t squirm while I finish you off.”


“........what…..what are you………?!”

When Igni heard Gregory’s voice, for an instant, he thought his <Magic> Spell failed.

But no…

The <Magic> Spell had activated correctly.

“ “ How can you move when time has stopped….?! ” ”

And both Gregory and Igni spoke the exact same words in unison.

Gregory: “Impossible! Crein is the only one in the world who can use this Spell! There’s no way you can either!!”

And as Gregory yelled with a panic-stricken voice, Igni finally understood what all had happened.

Igni: “.......I see now. No one knew how you guys managed to sneak onto the premise. And we had no idea what happened when you attacked us……but now it all makes sense.”

Lucas had told him about it.

There is a [Unique] Original Spell caster who can manipulate time.

Igni: “So that girl right there is the [Unique] Original Magic Type [Flux] - a Spell Caster who can manipulate time, huh.”

Gregory: “But what…..what are you?!?!”

Igni: “I told you, didn’t I? I’m a <Magician>.”

Igni met Gregory’s eyes with unwavering confidence.

Igni: “Do you know how this world began?” With time itself paused, Igni sent a beam of light towards Gregory.

But Gregory had grabbed Crein and dodged it.

Gregory: “Crein, no matter what, don’t release your Spell……..!”

Crein: “Urgh….Gregory, it’s hard…….!”

Crein’s face had turned from a pale blue to completely white.

She most likely had a limit to how long she can stop time.

A Spell that can manipulate time would be unstoppable.

That’s why she had not considered training her Spell. In fact, she never needed to before now.

Gregory: “Don’t worry! He can’t stop time forever either……!”

And Gregory was not wrong.

Igni’s [The Miracle of Creation] also has limits.

Igni: “Of course, I have limits too.”

Gregory: “ Crein, just hold on until…….”

Igni: “With this much magic reserve, I can only hold this for 143 billion years at most.”

Gregory: “..............what?” That’s when Gregory realized that his body was frozen in time.

Igni: “That’s the difference between a Wizard’s Spell and Magician’s Spell.”

But Igni continued to move freely.

And now holding absolute control, Igni began manipulating more Magic.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:


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