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Extreme Flame Wizard c192



*CHONKY Apology: m( _ _ )m

Got Mila and Miru mixed up in the previous chapter.

Mila [The Gateway] - Elf Professor at the Rolmod Wizard Academy

Miru [The Undoer] - Student Council President.


Ch. 192: The Magician

Gregory: “Crein, wake up already.”

Crein: “ Hmm? Huh? Where are we?”

Igni observed the two who were brought here to the top of the school building.

Though they put a lot of effort and care into their choice of clothing, Igni could not see any other outstanding characteristics.

Though they must be 1st Class Wizards, they did not seem to be anything more.

Without letting his guard down, Igni continued analyzing the differences in strength between himself and the opponents.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition}”

A ball of flame twisted and contorted into existence.

Pointing the flame at the opposing manーー

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}”

Gregory: “{Protect thy host}”

A pitch black fog appeared at the man’s feet, and blocked Igni’s {Fireball}. The {Fireball} failed to penetrate the fog as sparks erupted from its collision and then vanished.

Igni may have held back too much that time.

Igni manipulated more magic as he pointed his finger.

But Gregory also held out his hand, and Igni sensed something bubble right below his feet.

Igni immediately took a large step back. Only a second later, countless hands appeared from where he was moments ago and stretched towards Igni.

It was the {Demon Hand} that drew living beings into its midst and sucked out their life.

Among the [Dark] Spells, it was a very high level Spell, and the man did it without an incantation.

Igni revised his opinion of the man’s combat strength.

Gregory: “Crein, we are changing plans.”

Crein: “Why?” Gregory: “We’ve been found. The Kingdom’s Secret Police are incredibly tenacious. If we do not take care of things immediately, we are in danger.”

Crein: “You mean, they will find out about us?” Gregory: “No, they will kill us.”

Crein: “......what? I don’t want that to happen.” Gregory: “That’s why we must kill them first.” Crein: “Okay, I understand.”

Crein reached out and grabbed Gregory’s offered hand and stood up.

Their exaggerated movements were elegant and graceful as if Igni was watching a play, but it did not feel awkward or out of place.

Fray: “[Ultimate Sword] {Aurora Blade}”

Gregory: “{The darkness will consume all light}”

Gregory turned a hand towards Fray’s sword of light, and the sword was swallowed up by a dark mist.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition} : [Artillery] {Cannon}”

And Igni, standing in the back, finished his incantation.

A giant {Fireball} appeared, and as flames flickered in all directions, it began glowing white with increased heat.

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}!”

A low, gut-wrenching boom sounded, and the {Fireball} shot towards Gregory like a cannonball.

Gregory: “Crein”

With that one word, Igni saw a large amount of magic being manipulatedーーthen the two vanished.

The next instant, Igni felt pain across his whole body as if it was slashed.

Looking down quickly, he saw blade wounds all over himself.

Igni: “…..possible…..”

He did not know what just happened.

No, it’s not that he couldn’t understand.

They used a Spell.

But what kind of Spell was it? How could they disappear and attack Igni at the same time?

That was what confused Igni.

Now, he felt the slow drip of warm blood trailing down to his feet.

He felt his strength give out, and fell to one knee. Next to him was Fray who also had cut wounds all over his body. He too looked perplexed by the circumstances.

Gregory: “They are just ignorant hatchlings. They don’t stand a chance against us, Crein.”

Crein: “Yup! Because Gregory’s the strongest!”

Igni’s vision began to darken and narrow as he listened to the man and woman’s voice.

Igni: (.........think…….what…..did they do just now?)

Igni looked at the blood flowing out of his body as he breathed out slowly.

He saw magic being manipulated.

The next instant, the two disappeared out of Igni’s line of sight, and then Igni and Fray were both slashed all over.

Gregory: “Now then, let’s do a little more damage, Crein.” Crein: “Yes, let’s.” Gregory: “We must make sure that they would never dare to think about coming after us, ever.”

As Gregory spoke, shadows began running all around the Rolmod Academy buildings.

Gregory: “In these cases, calling on our allies would be a good idea.”

Crein: “It would be more fun if we got everyone together, right!”

Gregory: “{Hide the earth from the sun}”

In an instant, oozing magic was manipulated and covered the sky.

It was dark, black, and hid the Academy from the sun’s light.

And as soon as the world turned to night, the shadows emerged and materialized.

“Gregory, calling us so suddenly is so rude.”

Gregory: “C’mon now. Look what I prepared for you here. You can do as you please.”

A man in a formal black suit like Gregory’s appeared.

But the man’s skin was snow white. He looked as though he never spent a second under the son. It was that white.

Gregory: “I thought you preferred young virgins.”

“Ah, an academy, I see.”

A cruel smile appeared as the man in the black suit’s lips curled upwards.

It was then that Igni was able to see the large fang protruding from the man’s mouth.

But the man before him was not a Beast Race.

“Well, it has been a while since our last get together. We will enjoy ourselves.”

Igni: “..........a vampire?!”

Gregory: “Oh… can still talk?” Hearing Igni’s realization, Gregory looked down upon Igni with dismissive eyes.

Vampires were equivalent to Dragons as one of the [Strongest Races].

Fray: “[Ultimate Light Ray] {Laser}”

Fray suddenly got up next to Igni without any wounds and finished an incantation.

A rainbow colored light pierced the Vampire’s head.


But the Vampire laughed triumphantly as it transformed in shape, and when it returned to its original form, he kicked Fray directly in the gut. Fray flew backwards like a ball, bounded on the ground 3 times, and then came to a stop.

“I will have this one, then.”

Gregory: “Fine, he’s yours.”

The Vampire grabbed Fray by the skull and picked him up.

Fray tried to wriggle himself out of the Vampire’s grasp, but the Vampire playfully dropped Fray back onto the ground.

With night suddenly upon them, and Vampires filling the school grounds, the Rolmod Academy erupted into panic and chaos.

Igni: “.......I need to do something about this….”

Gregory: “Hey, hey. You know that we cut your throat? How are you still alive…..?” Igni threw up and spat blood as he rose to his feet.

Though he had large gashes across his body, though he was covered in blood, Igni stood, and Gregory could not help but take a step back. It was then that Gregory saw. He saw the [stagnation] stir inside Igni’s wounds. He clearly saw an infinitely infectious, dark human stagnation.

Gregory: “.......what…….what are you….?” Igni: “I’m a Magician.”

The darkness crawling held Igni’s wounds closed as Igni rose, and his wounds began to heal. Once the wounds were closed, it began restoring the blood he lost.

But Igni did not take any notice and placed a hand on his chest. There, he apologized silently to the pure, sweet little girl he was connected to, as he seized and manipulated an avalanche of magic.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition} : [Complete Incineration] {Full Burst}!”

Gregory: “CREIN….!!”

Gregory screamed in panic as both Crein cast her Spell, and Igni stopped time at the exact same time.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:


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