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Extreme Flame Wizard c191

Updated: Jul 18, 2023

Ch. 191: The Intruder and the Wizard

Gregory: “Crein, look. Those are the dark secrets that this Kingdom is hiding.”

Crein: “What’s that?” At the very edge of the Royal Capital.

Crein looked towards the cheering sounds of the crowd and saw a large building there.

Several towers stood alongside the Capital’s Royal Palace. They were all buildings of the Rolmod Wizard Academy

Gregory: “This is what the Kingdom is hiding from other nations. They have something they don’t want people to know about inside.”

Crein: “Are they doing something bad?” Gregory: “That is correct.”

Gregory gave an exaggerated nod in his tail coated suit.

Gregory: “Though they try to show themselves as decent to other nations, they are researching foul things inside.”

Crein: “Then Gregory, you’re going to tear it down, right?!”

Gregory: “No, I’m here to take what they have.”

Crein: “You’re gonna take it? Is that okay?”

Gregory: “It is. As the [Demon King] is the absolute catastrophe, you can only fight evil with evil, Crein.”

Crein: “Uh huh……”

But losing interest, Crein let out a bored sigh.

Gregory: “Well, let’s leave it at that. The details will probably bore you. Let’s go, Crein.” Crein: “Okay.” Gregory: “You can begin.” The next moment, the two had disappeared.

You could clearly see their imprints from where they were standing before.

But if anyone had been observing, they would not have been able to identify where they had gone.

Next, they appeared deep inside the Rolmod Academy’s basement laboratory.

Crein: “Hey, Gregory? Where should we go next?” Gregory: “Stay by my side.” Crein: “Okay.” The girl in a gothic dress simply nodded.

Gregory walked forward observing everything inside the laboratory. As he examined the labels, one caught his attention.

Gregory: “’s here.”

As he placed a hand on the research lab’s door, they heard a *clink* as the key was unlocked. It was a lock mechanism that required a precise flow of Magic energy, but for Gregory, it was all too easy.

First and foremost, the Rolmod Academy security was heavily focused on keeping people out of the basement area. Once you are inside the laboratory, the security was relatively simpler. It proved to Gregory that the Rolmod Faculty had absolute and misleading confidence in their security system.

As Gregory stepped inside, he found a single blueprint among many objects.

Gregory: “..........found you.”

Crein: “What’s that?”

Gregory: “A Forbidden Ritual.”

Crein: “Like Alchemy?” Gregory: “.......Crein, you’re ignorance astounds me sometimes. Forbidden Rituals are Spells that are based upon sacrificing many lives. The research and use of such Spells are forbidden in every nation. That’s why it’s called forbidden.”

Crein: “What?! But that can’t be. If it’s forbidden, why is it here?”

Gregory: “Fool, that is just an excuse. Every country is researching this in secret. This Kingdom is no different.” Crein: “So that means……they’re all liars?” Gregory: “That’s correct.”

What Gregory discovered was a large Spell inscription.

The repeated and overlapped complex and beautiful geometric design was knowledge he needed to defeat the [Demon King].

Crein: “Is that what you wanted, Gregory?” Gregory: “Yeah.” Crein: “Then Gregory, you’re going to be a murderer?” Gregory: “..........Crein, listen to me.”

Gregory engraved the design of the Spell Inscription into his memory as he spoke to the girl standing next to him.

Gregory: “If we do nothing, 1000 people will die. But if we sacrifice 100 people of that 1,000, then 900 people will be saved. What will you do in that case?” Crein: “Huh? Uhhhhh…..ummmmmm……” While Crein thought long and hard about Gregory’s question, Gregory finished memorizing the Spell’s blueprint.

And just in case, he said a short incantation. A dark sphere appeared and enveloped the blueprint.

Gregory let the blueprint go and allowed the dark sphere to engrave burns into the paper.

Gregory: “Now then, let’s return. We don’t need to overstay our welcome.”

Crein: “Hmmm, Gregory, I’ve been thinkingーー”

Gregory: “We’ll talk later. Let’s go now.”

Crein: “OーOkay.” Crein nodded and initiated her Spell whenーー

The two found their bodies hitting hard against the ground.

“Oh? There were two of you~ welcome~”

Gregory: “What just….hey, Crein! Are you okay?!”

“Ohー I’m sure she’ll be fine~”

The voice sounded almost sleepy.

Gregory quickly checked his surroundings, and assessed that they were inside some kind of building. He could not have known that he was inside the Rolmod Academy’s Practice Field.

In front of him was a petite girl.

But looking at her long earsーー

Gregory: “ elf?!”

“Correct~ but you’re far from getting full credit from that answer~”

The elf nonchalantly sang the words as she looked down upon Gregory. It was then that Gregory recalled the name of the one who taught at Rolmod Academy despite being an elf.

Gregory: “You’re [The Gate] Wizard, Mira?”

Mira: “Congratulations〜 You’ll get full credit for that answer〜♪”

As she smiled, a boy with scarlet hair and another with blonde hair appeared at her feet.

Igni: “...!! Where is this?!”

Fray: “What just….? Where….?!”

Though the boys looked bewildered from the sudden change of scenery, seeing Mira and Gregory, Igni nodded as understanding dawned on him.

Mira: “Igni, Fray, I have something I need you two to do, okay〜?”

Igni: “Yes! Tell me anything, and I’ll do it!”

Fray: “......why were we brought here?”

Fray was still confused from the situation and tilted his head in wonder. Igni, however, had grasped and understood the situation almost immediately.

Mila: “That alarm was to let us know that intruders entered into the research lab~ But it usually rings when an intruder attempts to enter, but this time, the alarm sounded after they entered.”

Igni: “.....which means?” Mila: “For whatever reason, they suddenly intruded inside the school grounds.”

As Mira spoke, she glanced at both Gregory and Crein who were still lying on the ground.

Mila: “I didn’t have time, so I pulled them here directly. So! I know this is sudden, but can you two do something about these two~?”

Fray: “ you’re asking us to kill them?” Understanding now dawned on Fray as he spoke carefully.

Mila: “Well, if you can capture them alive, that would be best but~ I need to go look for any other intruders right after this. The other teachers are busy evacuating the students, so that’s why the assignment was given to you two.”

Fray: “ 1st Years?” Mila: “It doesn’t matter what grade you are. But I especially thought you two would be perfect for this job.”

Igni did not quite understand what Mira meant by that, but he was already prepared to engage.

Gregory: “.......{Awaken….Awaken….}”

Suddenly, Gregory began an incantation.

Gregory: “{Come out from the darkness and awaken}”

The next instant, a thick, jet-black substance began pouring in from every entrance way and instantly filled the Practice Field completely.

Mila: “Too bad~”

But Igni caught Mila’s voice an instant later as they all had been transported to the rooftop. Gregory and Crein were of course, brought with them too.

Mila: “Okay, Igni, Fray. Make sure they don’t get away, okay!”

Igni: “Leave it to us!”


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

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