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Extreme Flame Wizard c190

Ch. 190: Guerrilla Warfare and the Wizard

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition} : [Anti-Armor] {Pierce}!”

With Igni’s incantation, 3 {Fireballs} appeared and began spinning rapidly.

As he poured his power into them, each {Fireballs} magic density rose.

Fray: “Get out of my way! [Ultimate Light Blade] {Aurora’s Blade}!”


Igni crouched, and saw a blade of light pass over him and cut down the trees behind. Clearing the field of trees, Fray saw that his attack missed. That’s why he threw his hand forward and began another incantation.

Fray: “[Ultimate Light Fan Blade] {Aurora’s Jade}!!”

Starting from where Igni ducked down, blades of light poured down in a wide circle and cut through the jungle’s soft earth.

As debris of small rocks and dirt rained down, Fray felt something from above. Snapping his head upwards, he saw a {Fireball} with a density of an iron cannonball coming towards him.

Fray: “........urghh?! [Ultimate Light Wall] {Aurora’s Wall}!”

Fray cursed from not being able to pin down Igni.

Judging that he had no time to disperse Igni’s Spell, Fray created a simple defensive wall.

He heard the {Fireball} grind deep and carve out his defenses, but it came to a complete stop.

Turning towards where the Spell came from, Fray was about to throw a counter Spell when he realized that Igni wasn’t there.

Fray: “........where did he go?”

Fray hissed quietly to himself.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition} : [Long Range] {Snipe}.”

Fray heard a distant voice.

He instantly turned towards the direction of the voice, but he could not find its owner. He could not even see the Magic remnants from the spell cast.

Fray: “Stop hiding, you coward!! Come out and face me!!”

And in answer to his challenge, a small {Fireball} came out and struck through his right thigh.

Fray: “........fine. Then take this! [Ultimate Light Explosion] {Aurora Borealis}!!”

Once the incantation was complete, the ground Fray stood upon began to glow bright white!

And a huge explosion followed!!

The intent of the Spell was simple. He would forcefully stop Igni who was hiding in the jungle and doing sneak attacks. As Fray had planned, a 50 meter wide crater now lay below him, and he saw the silhouette of one Wizard above him in the air.

Fray: “You can’t hide anymore, Igni.”

Igni: “I was hoping to wear you out a little more.”

Fray: “Like I’d let you……..”

Igni analyzed Fray’s condition.

His right arm was broken, and so were both his legs.

On top of that, he had a few broken ribs.

If Fray moves too erratically, one of his broken ribs could accidentally pierce his heart and cause his death.

Igni had no intention of killing Fray.

His goal was to stop Fray from proceeding forward.

As Igni thought through possible options, Fray went down and took a knee, and Edward contacted him at the same time.

Edward: [Igni, how are things?]

Igni: [Edward? I got Fray pinned down like you asked.]

Edward: [Understood. The Attack Team succeeded in taking 2 of the enemy’s flags. They’re struggling to retrieve the last flag.]

Igni: [Then I just have to keep Fray here?]

Edward: [Yeah, keep him there if you can.]

Igni: [I got it. No worries.]

Igni deactivated the earpiece and looked down towards Fray.

Igni: “Hey, I think it’s obvious who won. Just stop right now and rest.”

Fray: “........obvious……who…….won…..?”

Fray gripped his blood soaked fists and glared daggers at Igni.

Fray: “You fool. I have already reached into the farthest depths of Magic…….!]

Igni: “You mean, you mastered your Spell?”

Igni threw a question back at Fray as he looked at his brother with slight alarm.

If Fray had reached the realm of Magic, then things are about to change dramatically.

In order to stop Fray, Igni would be forced to use his Magic.

But Fray refused to answer Igni’s question.

He stood their with tight fists and glared at Igni.

Fray: “..........?! Wait, that’s it!!”

And Fray burst out in sudden excitement.

Fray: “So that’s it…….! I understand now……!”

Igni: “HーHey, Fray? You okay……?”

Seeing his brother shout incoherently, Igni looked upon him with concern.

Igni reflected on their battle and thoughtfully regretted that he may have hit Fray with one too many {Fireballs}.

Igni: “Hey, look. Why don’t you surrender here and let the medical team fix you up…..”

Fray: “[Ultimate Light Exchange] {Convert}”

But ignoring Igni completely, Fray completed his incantation.

Light enveloped him the next instant.

No, to be accurate, Fray became composed of particles of light.

Fray: “HAHAHAHA!! That’s right!! This is all I had to do!!”

And returning to his former body, he now stood with no injuries.

Fray: “So now what do you think?! I just created the strongest Defensive Spell known to man!!”

Igni: “.........oh....... yeahー.......I mean…….”

Fray looked upon Igni with extreme satisfaction smeared across his face, but Igni could only gaze upon his brother with sympathy. Igni just didn’t know what to say at that point.

Fray: “HAHAHA!! You’re at loss for words!! Your face tells me that you can’t even comprehend what just happened!!”

Igni: (That’s most definitely not the case.)

Igni just didn’t know how to explain the situation to Fray. Thinking this and that, Igni remained silent as a result.

Igni: (Should I tell him?)

This was a Defensive Spell that the [Extreme of Light] already came up with.

And on top of that, it was an incomplete Spell.

Fray: “I’ll explain it to you! This Spell changes my body into Light Particles and negates any attack Spell thrown at me!!”

Igni: (Yeah, I know.)

Fray: “And once you return to your original body, it heals all your wounds!”

Igni: (I know that too.)

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}”

And Igni fired a {Fireball} towards Fray.

Fray: “It’s useless! Your attacks won’t reach me anymore!!”

As soon as Igni’s {Fireball} came in contact with Fray’s body, there was a bright flash and Fray’s body turned into Light Particles.

Igni: “.......yeah, I didn’t expect it to.”

Igni let out a sigh as he keenly observed the manipulation of Magic around him.

Igni: “[Equip flame] {Ignition}.”

Igni detected Magic being newly manipulated diagonally behind him to his left.

So he aligned his aim there andー

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}”

Fray: “So now, none of your attacks willーー UGH?!?!”

And appearing behind Igni, a {Fireball} struck Fray.

Igni: “Fray, there’s a flaw to that Spell.”

Fray: “........what do you…..”

Igni: “You see, when you need to attack, you actually have to change back. It’s a Spell designed for retreating.”

Lucas used the Spell to escape from being caught cheating with someone else’s wife and when he wanted to remain hidden from the Monsters that Igni was fighting during his training. And it might be an effective Spell against someone who doesn’t understand its mechanics, but that’s not the case for Igni.

Igni: “That’s why, Fray, this is yourーー”

But before Igni could say, “Loss,” a sudden alarm pierced and stung Igni and Fray’s ears.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

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