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Extreme Flame Wizard c189

Ch. 189: The Cost and the Wizard

Edward: “Everyone, are you all ready?” Edward looked in turn at each and every one of his teammates.

As the leader of the undefeated Class D, he wanted to end the next match with another victory.

But their next opponent wasーー

Edward: “Class A is also centering their strategy around one person just like us. So while Igni faces off with Fray, whichever class can outmaneuver the other will be the victor.”

ーーwas Class A.

Edward: “So how about it, Igni? Do you think you can win?” Igni: “Yeah, of course.”

Edward suddenly turned his attention to Igni, and Igni nodded and answered with confidence.

Hearing Igni’s answer, the classmates’ relief filled the meeting room.

Igni: “I’ve beaten him before, and right now, Fray is not in top form. I would say my odds are beating him 9 out of 10 times.”

Edward: “That’s good to hear. But I’m sure Class A is also aware of Fray’s slump. Even though Fray is top of the class in just combat alone, Elina was still cornering him.”

With that, Edward took to the white board and slammed a piece onto it.

Edward: “That’s why I know they’re going to try and end the match early. It’s a reckless strategy, so all we have to do is thicken our defenses, and we will go with the same strategy as before. Attack team, we’re counting on you to take out the enemy flags with less people. Sorry, Alicia and Iris, but we need you on the attack team. Igni will be facing off with Fray alone.”

Igni: “That’s fine but……do we know which flag they will come after first?” Edward: “Looking at all their previous matches, Fray came straight for the center flag. He probably assumed that there was no one who could stop him.”

Igni: “That’s quite the confidence.” Edward: “Yeah, but this time, we have you, Igni. Since he lost to you in the [Tournament], I’m not certain if he’ll do the same thing this round. Igni, what do you think?” Igni: “I think he’ll come straight for the center flag. He’s that kind of guy.”

Because Fray is full of confidence, he won’t change his strategy just because of Igni.

In fact, Fray would be more fired up than before to avenge his defeat.

And Fray is not the only one who is stronger.

Igni has also gained experience against fighting some true monster-like Wizards.

In truth, Igni could not see himself losing no matter what.

Edward: “Understood. Then Igni, I want you to wait for Fray in the center of the field. If we see him in other locations, we will notify you immediately. Until then, be prepared to relocate.”

Igni: “Got it.” Edward: “Besides Igni, the rest of you will do exactly the same as before. We will defend our positions and give the Attack Team time to seize victory. Remember, Defense Teams, your job is to stop them, not beat them.”

As Edward was wrapping up his orders, a signal rang notifying participants that the time for preparation was over.

Edward: “Move out! We’re going to win, and Class D will be the champions!”

As everyone in the class nodded in affirmation, they left for the field.

This time, the field was a [Jungle]. It was the field where Igni spread out those seeds.

But unlike before, there was not an inch of empty ground in sight.

A thick jungle blocked their field of vision and spread everywhere before their eyes.

Igni: “This is really hard to see.”

Igni mumbled to himself as he headed for the center of the field.

Igni: (Was everyone able to reach their positions?)

As he wondered, he ran through the thick shrubs in between trees.

There was no way for Igni to know that the stands were overflowing with spectators roaring their cheers at the top of their lungs. They were all excited to see the finalists from the [Tournament] face off with each other once again.

They all chatted loudly about what the fight would be like, and they squeezed into any space they could find in the spectator area. The thick jungle dulled the sounds of the crowds, but take one step out, and you would think the ground was shaking from the commotion.

Igni: “ then, it’s about to start.”

As Igni spoke, he heard the bell ring to notify the start of the match.

From the Magecraft earpiece, he heard Edward give out commands.

But that was all towards the Defense and Attack Teams.

Each class was given one map of the field. He was probably looking at it while confirming their positions and gave out further orders.

Seeing Edward, Igni reminisced about the past.

He remembered that during his Talcoyz days, his father had taught him about leading a military.

Igni was distracted from studying in those days, but he remembered how Fray also had difficulty in those studies. He wondered if Fray was also not the type to lead as an officer. And maybe that’s why he was fighting on the frontlines.

Igni: “I thought you would come straight here, Fray.” Fray: “.........of course I would, Igni.” Parting the jungle vegetation, Fray appeared before Igni.

He was simple minded to a fault.

Just as Igni predicted, Fray had headed straight for the center flag.

Igni: “Now then, my job is to keep you company.”

Fray: “...........”

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition}”

Fray remained silent as Igni began his incantation.

Before Igni was 5 {Fireballs}, and they turned white!

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}!!”

Fray: “............!!”

But Fray did not do anything.

He ran straight forward at Igni’s {Fireball} and ーー the {Fireball} erupted in his face and blew him backwards.

Igni expected Fray to use a Defensive Spell, so he fired a fully-powered {Fireball} at him.

Taking the {Fireballs} head on, it sent Fray flying back into the jungle’s trees. The trees snapped with the impact, and Fray continued to fly several dozen meters. Finally, he smashed into a particularly large tree and stopped.

Igni: “........what…….are you doing?” Fray’s inaction completely caught Igni off guard, and Igni took a step back at his brother’s recklessness.

Fray: “............I still haven’t gotten the hang of it.”

As if possessed by something, Fray stood up quietly.

His face was drained of color, and he visibly breathed taking in gasps of air.

He was most definitely not in his best of conditions.

Igni: “.........well, you get no pity from me. Staying in your best condition is the basics of all basics.”

Though they say idiots also don’t catch colds, Igni spoke without hesitation.

But this was expected.

On the battlefield, inside a Dungeon, when you are about to lose your life, could you say to your opponent, “Hey, I’m having a really bad day and not feeling well,” and expect them to let you go? Will you live if you have that excuse?

The answer is ーー no.

Fray: “It’s not that I’m not in top form…….. It’s the price I had to pay.” Igni: “...........I see.” Fray’s words caught Igni’s attention, and Igni let out a small sigh.

Igni: “I don’t know about what price you’re talking about but……..if that’s the price, it’s a petty one.”

Fray: “..............what?” Fray’s eyes suddenly turned menacingly towards Igni.

Not noticing, Igni continued.

Igni: “If you think not being in your best condition is all it takes to achieve something, you’re dead wrong.”

But the words of a man who is gambling his whole life to become Popular, did not reach Fray’s ears.


CHONKY TL LiT (Lost in Translation)

Japanese sayings, "Idiots don't catch colds." (バカは風邪を引かない)

Originally, the figure of speech meant, "Some people are too stupid to know if they are sick or not," but over time, the saying evolved to mean, "Idiots tend to have very sturdy bodies that are resistant to colds." In other words, the only good thing about being stupid is that you have a stupidly healthy body.

Whether that's true or not is a different issue. This is just a well-known Japanese figure of speech. The stereo-type is very common against student athletes who spends more time training than studying; but also towards people who spend more time outdoors. The stereo type is also commonly applied to people who tend to relax and enjoy their days doing whatever they want versus the people who are stressing out worrying about every little detail in their life. The list of use cases is quite extensive, but those are ones that come immediately to mind.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

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