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Extreme Flame Wizard c18

Updated: Jun 4, 2021


Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Chapter 18: The Invitation and the Wizard!

Elenoir: “Hey, Igni.”

Igni: “What is it, Ms. Elenoir?”

During the lunch break, Igni was eating with his usual group when Elenoir called him to over to talk to her privately.

Elenoir: “It’s about this~~~”

Saying this, Elenoir takes out one sheet of paper.

On the sheet of paper, Igni’s name, age, and address is written down.

His compatibility [FIRE] : [F} was also included as well.

Igni: “Is this about my compatibility? I thought at this school, my compatibility didn’t matter?”

In order to enroll into the Rolmod Wizard Academy, you had to score a high enough grade during the Entrance Examination. That was all.

It was no more or no less difficult as long as you surpassed the average score.

But on the other hand, reaching that average score is no easy feat.

Elenoir: “No, that’s not it. I know that better than anyone else. I’m not talking about that~~~, and it’s hard for me to say but~~~...”

Igni: “Yes?”

Elenoir: “Do you want to participate in the ‘Tournament’?”

Igni: “Um, what?”

Igni didn’t understand what she meant.

Elenoir: “Well, I don’t know if you know or not but~~~”

Igni: “Yes?”

Elenoir: “Just once a year, there is a ‘Tournament’ that determines who’s the strongest in the Kingdom. And I was thinking ’I wonder if Igni’s would be interested~~~’”

Igni: “A ‘Tournament’... huh…”

Igni takes the piece of paper from Elenoir and looks again.

Yes, there were details written about the Tournament there.

Participation Requirements: None

Age Requirements: None

All that is required is strength.

Igni: “Is this a famous ‘Tournament’?”

Elenoir: “Yeah, a lot strong people from various countries gather together. We usually have a lot of participants from our school but~~~......well, this year, we don’t have that many people going…”

Igni: “Not that many? How many people usually go every year?”

Elenoir: “Umm~~~ about 10…?”

Igni: “And how many people are going this year?”

Elenoir: “3”

Igni: “What?”

Elenoir: “Yeah, so, um…. 3 people.”

Elenoir said this and then fell silent.

Elenoir: “……..well? Basically….what I’m trying to say is……”

Igni was wondering why she was mincing her words so much but then…

Elenoir: “Okay, we just need you to participate to just boost our numbers~~~....”

She got tired of trying to find a way to rephrase it and just shot it to him straight.

Igni: “....and who else is participating this year by the way?”

Elenoir: “Frenda from the 2nd Year, Fray ‘The Dawn of Light’ and ‘Warped’ Erumi from the 1st Years…”

Igni: “Wait, what about the 3rd Years? Are none of the Student Council members going to this?”

Elenoir: “Well~~~, so the 3rd Years are really busy with their missions.”

Igni: “Missions?”

It’s the first time Igni has heard anything about this and tilts his head.

Elenoir: “Uh, oh, well, I’m not supposed to talk with any 1st Years about this but……..”

Elenoir asks Igni to keep what she’s about to say a secret, and begins to explain.

Elenoir: “The Rolmod Wizard Academy 3rd Years have really advanced Wizards this year, so for those that are way ahead of the others, they have been given missions and quests from outside the school~~~”

Igni: “....ah, I see.”

Elenoir: “And especially the kids in the Student Council are super serious and responsible by nature, so they are really popular. And now they are flooded with mission requests~~~”

Igni: “Now that you say it, it all makes sense now. I have one question though. Why aren’t you allowed to share this with the 1st Year students?”

Elenoir: “It’s because~~~, there will always be students who will ask to be selected for missions~~~”

Igni: “..............”

Yeah, there are definitely many 1st Years who will definitely say that.

Elenoir: “SO~~~, I want Igni to join this ‘Tournament’, but what do you think? No~~~?”

Igni: “I don’t mind. If this is what you really want me to do.”

Elenoir: “Thank you so much~~~. With this, I’ll be able to survive till next month~~~...”

Igni: “.....huh?”

Elenoir: “OH! Well~~~.... So you need to keep this a secret too but…”

Igni: “Yes?”

Elenoir: “If a student from your class joins the ‘Tournament’~~~, you get a bonus on your salary.”

Igni: “Uh huh...”

Elenoir: “And then~~~... and so~~~... if that student moves up in the ‘Tournament’, you get an even bigger bonus.”

Igni: “Uh…….. huh……...”

Igni couldn’t believe that they had such a system in place at this Academy.

At this, Igni couldn’t hide his shock.

Elenoir: “So~~~.... Igni, please do your best.”

Igni: “Ohh………. Got it. I’ll do my best.”

Igni didn’t feel quite as motivated, but he accepted the invitation to join the “Tournament.”

Elenoir: “Oh, and… just so you know… if you win the ‘Tournament,’ you’ll win some money~~~”

Igni: “Did you want the cash prize?”

Elenoir: “Oh, no. I do want it, but that’s not what I meant~~~.... What I’m trying to say is, Igni, if you win, you’ll get a lot of nobles asking for you.”

Igni: “Why is that?”

Elenoir: “They’ll ask you to marry their daughter and stuff…”

Igni: “.........ohhh……”

Being someone with a former fiancé, that was something that bothered Igni.

Elenoir: “Huh~~~?? You’re not happy about that~~~???”

Igni: “I just……. don’t like the idea of two households forcing people to marry.”

And maybe it was because Igni was discarded from being too weak by nobles in the past…



A man would not back down from such an offer just for <TH•AT> reason….!!

But a memory from the past, some deep down and repressed began to resurface….!!

And in Igni’s mind, one particular memory begins to take shape…..!!


[Oye, Igni. Do you want to go back being a noble?]

[Huh? What? Grandpa, what’s with the question suddenly?]

[Well, I mean, it’s something important, so I wanted to ask you to see what you thought.]

[Well……..hmmmmm…. If I can go back to being a noble, I would. Wouldn’t I be more popular?”


Lucas’ mouth twists into a smile.

[Igni……. Being a noble, doesn’t make you popular]


The revelation left Igni slack-jawed.

[You were once a noble yourself so you should know. The uptight culture. The complicated and bothersome family relationships. And to put matters to worse, adventurers make more money.]

[…….wait! …..but then…..I…...then I…..!!]

[Yes, Igni. Welcome to <TH•IS> side]


Igni thanked his father with tears streaming from his eyes.

[I’m so glad I’m no longer a nobleeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!]


Igni: “A man should attract a woman with his own strength.”

Igni could not hide his ridiculous smile as the words spilled out of his mouth.

Yes, this man...

He just didn’t want to go back to being a noble.

Elenoir: “Oh~~~, Igni. You’re so cool to say that~~~”

Igni: “Hahaha, no no. I’m not THAT cool”

Elenoir: “And you’ll also become popular with the commoner girls too~~~”


Igni’s motivation just skyrocketed and broke the gauge.

Elenoir: “Okay~~~ now that we’re set, could you go meet with the other 3 right now~~~?”

Igni: “Just to introduce myself?”

Elenoir: “Yup. So~~~, you see, at the ‘Tournament,’ you’ll be competitors~~~ but you’re all from the same school~~~ so~~~ just to get to know each other~~~ do you understand?”

Igni: “Oh yes. I understand. I get what you’re saying.”

Elenoir: “They’re in the room next door~~~. Don’t worry, it’ll be over before the lunch break ends~~~”

And so they move to the room next door.

There were 3 already sitting there.

Elenoir: “I’m so sorry~~~ for being late~~~ Here is a participant from my class. This is Igni.”

Igni: “Hey”

Igni bows.

Igni: (Is this good enough?)

Igni wondered this as he looked at the 3.

First was a girl.

She had light, cream colored hair and had her head on her desk and slept.

Igni: (Did she not get enough sleep? That’s kinda cute.)

Igni ignored the second one. It was a dude.

Plus he’s one of those handsome types and got on Igni’s nerves. NEXT.

The 3rd is a girl. She’s wearing a bandana around her forehead, and she’s fidgeting in her seat.

Igni: (Is she the athletic type? She’s cute too.)

“Teacher! *’Iz he a 1st Year?! He’s cute!!”

{{Chonky Notes: Frenda has an unique Japanese dialect that emphasizes the S sounds.}}

Igni: “WHAT?!”

The 3rd athletic looking girl said that.

Igni: (FINALLY?! My popular days are here?!)

This is all Igni really thinks about.

Elenoir: “Hey hey, Frenda. Don’t scare the 1st Years~~~”

Frenda; “I’mz not scaring them! Hey 1st Year! Imz Frenda! Nice to meet you!”

Igni: “It’s nice to meet you too. My name is Igni.”

Frenda: “You has a nickname’z?”

Igni: “Nope’z!”

Igni couldn’t help but copy the way she spoke.

Frenda: “Then you’re the same’z as me! These two already have nickname’z?! Izn’t that scary?”

Igni: “Um… not really…”

Frenda: “Why not’z?! I also want a nickname’z!”

Well, a nickname isn’t necessary for a Wizard to be popular (Per Lucas).

Elenoir: “Alrighty now, everyone~~~ please introduce yourself. Okay! Erumi, go!”

Erumi: “Be quiet. Let me sleep.”

Without even raising her head, she said this and went back to sleep.

Igni: (......oh wow.)

Elenoir: “Then Fray, you’re next”

“I’m Fray Talcoyz. Nice to meet you.”

Igni: “ <TAL•COYZ>?”

Fray: “Yeah, that’s right. What, do you have a….problem….with that…..”

Startling revelation instantly overcomes Igni and Fray’s eyes.

Fray: “I———IGNI?!?!”

Igni: “WHO ARE YOU?!?!?!?!?!?!”

Igni: (I don’t know anyone THIS handsome!!!)

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Jun 30, 2023

The part not being a noble is cool, it would have been cooler if it wasn't filled with unpure desires. And it's finally here, the time for the two brothers to face each other.


Dione Rowler
Dione Rowler
Mar 18, 2022

Ohhhh shit going to turn down badly


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him to over to talk -> him over to talk

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Lucas Lennan
Jun 01, 2021

Thanks for the chapter!


Jun 01, 2021

And so they meet again... Thanks for the chapter ~

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