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Extreme Flame Wizard c179

Ch. 179: The Competition and the Wizard

A high bell sounded to signal the beginning of the Individual Competition.

Igni was watching from the seating area for Academy Students when Miko came to chat with him.

Miko: “Hey, Igni. How is it? What do you think about the Competition?” Igni: “It’s amazing. It’s like a festival.” Miko: “Yeah, people from outside the Academy also come to watch, so it really is just a festival.”

And Miko glanced up towards the 2 who were fighting.

Everyone was silently observing the fight.

But the number of spectators were few. They had seats available for visitors, but it was far from full.

Igni: “But there’s not a lot of people here.”

Miko: “Well, for the Individual Competition, the fights are happening everywhere. You saw the tournament order, right?” Igni nodded as Miko continued to speak.

Miko: “Nowadays, if you’re well known outside of the Academy, people come to see your fights. I think they’re all watching Frenda, that second year, right now.”

Igni: “Oh, is Miss Frenda fighting right now?” Miko: “Yeah, she is. Oh, now I remember. Didn’t you fight her in the [Tournament]?”

Igni: “Yes, she was my Semi-Final opponent.”

Miko: “She also didn’t have a Wizard’s Title and won her way up to the Semi-Finals so she’s famous now.”

Igni: “I see…….” And with that, Igni glanced at the Tournament chart where his name wasn’t anywhere.

Well, technically, he is included.

That would be the very last match.

The first year who fights their way to the top will then get to fight Igni.

Igni: “Then I guess there’s going to be more people watching at the very end of the Competition?” Miko: “Yeah, no doubt. There’s going to be lots of food stands too! Look forward to it.”

Igni: “I guess they’re not all here then.” Igni looked towards the Rolmod Academy entrance where all the shops and stands were currently set up.

There seemed to be some customers shopping around, but there weren’t a lot.

Miko: “Well, right now, even the small fry’s are fighting. It’s kind of boring watching those fights, right?” Igni: “That’s quite blunt.”

Miko: “Well, all they have to do is get stronger. It’s that easy.” Miko had no doubts about what she just said and laughed.

And as a student of the Rolmod Wizard Academy, her perspective was correct.

No matter where you looked, here, strength determined what was right and wrong.

But that was also the same outside of the Academy.

To graduate from the Rolmod Academy meant becoming a Wizard.

You may become a Wizard assigned to a Knight’s Order, or maybe you will be employed by some Nobility. You could even be a hired guard for a town or rural area.

But no matter where you went, it was your strength that made a difference.

A Wizard always had to prepare for the worst case scenario - their death - at any point.

And the only thing that could save you in that situation is your luck and your skills.

Miko: “Besides, we are a famous Academy for Wizards, but if we don’t market how strong we are, it’ll be bad. We may not have as many people enrolled next year if we didn’t have this Competition.”

Igni: “Enrollment…….yes, you’re right. It’s an Academy after all.” Miko: “Yeah, and to be a famous Academy, you can’t forget to show the public what you’re made of.”

And Miko glanced at Igni as she spoke.

Miko: “That reminds me. I was shocked that you were able to convince Estea to show up. Was that because she was a big fan of yours?” Igni: “No, I don’t think that mattered. In this case, we negotiated to do favors.”

Miko: “Well, regardless, thanks. You were a big help.”

Igni blushed slightly at Miko’s straight compliment.

Lilly: “Igni, it’s time.”

Igni: “Is it already?” Lilly, who was watching the matches with Igni, nudged him, and Igni stood up.

Miko: “Oh, is the Class Competition about to start?” Igni: “Yes, it’s about to start. Excuse us, Miss Miko. We’ll head to the field now.”

Miko: “Who’re you fighting first?” Igni: “Class B.” Miko: “Good luck! I’ll come watch later.”

Igni: “Well, I’ll make sure to stand out if you do come.”

Miko: “Good, that’s the way a Student Council member should be talking.”

Igni spoke confidently as Miko laughed.

And Igni left his seat to head to the fields.

They were to face their first opponent, Class B, on the [Wilderness] Field.

It was the same field that Igni pounded and shaped with his {Fireball}

“Okay, everyone. This time, we are going to be taking 3 of their flags while protecting ours. I know it’s obvious, but we will need to separate into a team that retrieves the flags and a team that will protect the flags.”

It was right before the Class Competition began.

In the classes’ meeting room, Edward was taking the lead.

Edward: “I think you’re all aware of your assignment, but our class will specifically focus on defending our flag. No matter what, as long as we have our flags, we will not lose!”

And with 30 students in the class, he pointed to a heavily defense oriented formation with 7 people guarding each flag.

Edward: “Each team is responsible for defending their own flag. The attack team will be composed of 6 people. Do you guys have any idea where you’re going to start?” Edward pointed the question to the Attack Team’s leader, and the leader nodded.

“Yes, we believe Class B will follow standard tactics and go after one flag at a time. That’s why we plan to attack from the opposite end of where they’re going to start their attack.”

Edward: “So that’s the plan. I know we’re divided into teams, but team leaders, please send me a status update periodically. Depending on the situation, I’ll relay further orders.”

Igni listened to his Class discussion and looked at the 2 standing next to him.

There is 1 attack team, and 3 defense teams.

But that only adds up to 27 people.

That is because there is one team who will neither commit to attacking or defending and move freely.

Edwards: “So Mobile team, we’re counting on you to do what you think is best. Honestly, I wouldn’t know how to direct you guys.”

Igni, Alicia, and Iris formed the ultra-mobile team.

Igni: “Leave it to us.”

Edward nodded in response.

Edward comes from a Noble family, and he has received training in leading troops.

That’s why no one in class spoke out against him taking leadership of the class.

And Igni is far more comfortable with deciding what actions he should take rather than directing several teams at once.

In short, each person was given a role they knew how to perform best.

Edward: “Does every team leader have the Magic Item on their ear?” Igni felt the item on his own ear.

There, there was a small ear bud placed.

Edward: “We will use this to send and receive orders. I explained how to use this before, but all you have to do is place a finger on the Magic Item. [See, now you can all hear me, right?]”

Igni heard Edward’s voice overlap in the room and also speak from the ear piece.

Edward: “Right now, it is set so that each team leader will only be speaking to me. If something major happens, switch to the general channel. Let me know if you have any questions about how to use this device.”

They all heard a bell ring to let them know that the match will begin in 10 minutes.

Edward: “It’s about to start. Let’s win, everyone!”

And the entire class pumped their fist into the air with Edward.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:


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