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Extreme Flame Wizard c176

Ch. 176: The Wizard’s Title and the Wizard andー

Miru: “Hey, Igni.” Igni: “Yes? What is it?” It was late afternoon. As one of the Student Council members, President Miru was busy making the final arrangements for the Class Competition when she called Igni over.

Miru: “So the Competition starts tomorrow, right?” Igni: “Yes, it’s tomorrow.”

Miru: “And so, don’t you think Estea should definitely attend?”

Igni: “.......but she had her reasons, no?” Miru: “Well, I understand that, but it’ll be the first time in Rolmod Academy history where the Head of Class doesn’t attend the Competition.”

Igni: “Isn’t that okay? The first in history. Wow, that sounds so cool.”

Miru: “But the teachers don’t think so. Besides the fact, the ‘voluntary participation’ is just to give the non-combat students a school-approved excuse.”

Igni: “Oh yeah, I remember you mentioning that last time.”

Miru: “That’s why, Igni. I need you to persuade Estea to participate this time.”

Igni: “You’re talking about the individual competition, correct?” Miru: “Yes. The Class Competition’s attendance is mandatory.”

For Igni, he wanted to respect Estea’s wishes.

That’s because of the Ultimate Secret to Popularity No. 8 ー “A man who can accept a woman will become popular.”

In other words, if Estea made that choice, then Igni needed to accept it.

Miru: “Well, I want you to explain the situation to her, and if she says no this time, I’ll push the voluntary participation excuse. And isn’t Estea a fan of yours?” Igni: “.......well, that’s what she said, yes, but…”

Miru: “Then if you insist, I think she’ll listen!”

And with that, President Miru pushed Igni out the door with the mission to persuade Esta once more.

This is a complete tangent, but Valia was in the middle of collecting all the curses and was currently wrapped like a mummy with bandages.


Igni really wasn’t motivated this time. As he entered the library, he saw Estea sitting at the same desk and doing her reading.

Igni: “Hey!”

Estea: “Oh, iーit’s nice to see you again, Mr., Igni.”

She closed her book and nodded politely to Igni.

Igni: “You didn’t have to close the book.”

Estea: “Oh, but, sーsince it’s you, Mr. Igni….”

Igni: “Sorry to bother you. I had something I wanted to ask from you.”

Estea: “Something you wanted to ask?” Igni: “.......could you….participate in the upcoming competition?” Igni had difficulty getting the words out and mumbled slightly at the end.

And Estea seemed genuinely surprised that Igni had brought this up after their last conversation.

She stared blankly at him with rounded eyes.

Igni decided to push forward.

Igni: “You know Estea……I know you said you stand out in class, but right now, most of the school considers you a ‘mystery’....”

Estea: “YーYes, but….”

Igni: “But I would love it if more people got to know you better.”

Estea: “WhーWhy… that?” Igni: “Because you’re the Head of Class. Didn’t you work really hard to become Head of Class?” Estea: “ThーThat’s…..true…..but… was just a fluke…..”

Igni: “There’s no way you can become the Head of Class with a fluke. No matter what, you became Head of Class with your skills, Estea. That’s why I want to see how good you are.”

Estea: “BーBut….”

Igni: “Don’t worry.” And Igni stepped forward closer to Estea.

Igni: “If the class ends up liking you less because of this, come see me. I’ll do everything I can to help you.”

Estea: “Oh…..! BーBut……is that really okay…..?” Estea now blushed a scarlet red.

Igni: “Don’t worry. I’m in Class D, so our class is right next to each other. If anything happens, come find me. I’m here to help.”

Estea: “BーBut that’s…..”

And not being able to hide her embarrassment, Estea turned her eyes desperately to the floor.

But to Igni, this wasn’t a bad flow. He could sense that Estea was now feeling more and more comfortable with the idea.

Igni: (Just one more push……!)

Estea: “So, Mr. Igni. SーSo….. Iーif…..just as an example, if….if you will do something for me in return…..IーI wouldn’t mind…..participating in the competition….that….would be fine with me…….what do you think?”

Igni: “Like what?” Igni pondered all the possibilities.

Since the request was coming from a girl, Igni’s personality would never say no, but he was surprised to hear Estea say it nonetheless.

Estea: “AーActually, nevermind. I can’t believe I said that….”

Igni: “Oh, if it’s something I can do, just tell me. I’ll do my best.”

Estea: “RーReally?!”

Estea suddenly brightened at Igni’s words.

Igni: “So, what did you have in mind?” Estea: “Yes! Actually……” And Estea whispered into Igni’s ear.

Igni listened to Estea, and then nodded in agreement.

So with that, Estea and Igni walked together after school.

And they headed to Estea’s house.

For Igni, Estea’s request seemed awfully simple, but for Estea, it might have been a big deal.

Igni: (I need to respect her feelings.)

With that thought in mind, he stood in front of Estea’s house.

Estea: “IーIt might be a little messy, so please wait outside for just a second…..!”

Igni: “Sure. I don’t mind, but you really don’t have to be so formal with me.”

Estea: “Oh, yーyes, that’s true….but….I really wouldn’t feel comfortable addressing you any way else, Mr. Igni…..”

Igni: “WーWell, if that’s the case….”

Considering what Estea was asking him to do, being so formal probably wasn’t the best idea, but Estea’s face turned scarlet at the thought and shook her head furiously at the suggestion. Igni had to back down on this one.

“Hey, sister’s back! You’re back early today!”

Estea: “WーWell, I brought a friend!”

“Friend? You have friends?!”

Estea: “Of course I do!!”

Igni could hear yelling from inside the house.

Yes, so Estea’s favor was to “come over to her house as a friend.” Apparently, her family has been pressing Estea, who seemed to severely lack friends, to bring a friend over when she could.

And in order to assure her family that she has friends, she asked Igni to fulfill the role.

Estea: “IーI'm so sorry about the mess….”

And now Estea’s nervous tone was somewhere hanging between formality and friends as she welcomed Igni inside.

Igni: “Pardon me. Thank you for having me over.”

Estea: “YーYes, please come this way….!”

And now, Estea’s limbs stuck straight out with her joints completely frozen as she guided Igni down the hallway.

“Wow, Estea really brought a friend over……!”

“It’s a boy too! Is that her boyfriend?!”

And two girls, probably Estea’s younger sisters, peered from a doorway to look at them.

Though they were trying to be secretive, Igni heard everything they said.

Estea: “Hey! You two, go somewhere else!”

“ “ Okaーy ” ”

The younger sisters followed Estea’s order, and muttered as they left.

Igni: “You have a lot of siblings?” Estea: “YーYes, there’s 5.”

Igni: “Five…..?”

Nobility would have many wives, so that many children would be normal, but not for commoners.

“Hi Estea, you’re home. ……oh? Who’s this?” Estea: “A fーfriend…..from school…..”

A girl was sitting on the living room sofa, and from her height and appearance, Igni guessed that she must be the second oldest next to Estea. The girl’s eyes, on the other hand, grew bigger as she began to recognize Igni.

“WHーWHAT?! Isn’t that the [Heaven’s Flame]....?!”

Igni: “Uh……wait, what?” Igni tilted his head at the comment as the girl continued to explain.

“That’s the [Heaven’s Flame] Igni!! Why is he here?!?!”

Igni tilted his head yet again at the unfamiliar words.

IgnI: “Oh, we’re friends at school.”

“FーFriends…..?! THAT’S RIGHT! IーI forgot! Estea and you are going to the same school! IーIt’s nーnice to meet you!!”

Now the girl was completely frozen but managed to stretch out a stiff arm towards Igni to offer him her hand.

“I’m a huge fan! Could I shake your hand?!?!”

Igni: (Huh? Wait! Am I finally Popular?!?!)


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:


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