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Extreme Flame Wizard c170

Ch. 170: The Next Bringer of Calamity

Ellie: “What…. Is it so strange to find me here?”

As Igni stood their jaws dropped and gawking at Ellie, and Ellie snapped him out of it with a quick retort.

Igni: “NーNo, it’s not that. I was…..just caught off guard.”

Ellie: “Why?” Igni: “WーWell, because….you’re part of the Royal Family, and…”

And Igni wanted to point out that this probably wasn’t an appropriate arrangement, but Ellie cut him off.

Ellie: “That’s right. And that is exactly why I had to come and directly convey our gratitude.”

And Ellie puffed out her chest with pride.

Ellie: “So c’mon. Hurry up and come here.”

Her cat ears twitched left and right as she invited Igni.

Igni: (So she can move her ears like that….)

And Igni could not help but feel satisfied at his new discoveries.

Igni stood there frozen for a few more moments, but feeling that it would be more discourteous to decline, he sucked in a breath before proceeding forward and stretched out his hands towards Ellie’s head.

As he reached her ears, an incredibly soft sensation grazed his fingertips.

Ellie: “……”

Ellie let out a quiet grunt as if being tickled.

Igni: (It feels…..pretty intimate……)

Igni: “It’s soft.” Ellie: “IーIt’s my ears after all….”

And as she let Igni feel her ears, Igni sat down next to Ellie.

Igni: “What does it feel like when someone is touching your ears?” Ellie: “IーIt's a little ticklish….but it’s not that bad….”

Ellie flinched and twisted her body slightly as she spoke, and her face reddened as she allowed Igni to continue feeling her ears.

Ellie: “........thank you, Igni.”

Igni: “ For what?” Ellie: “For saving us.”

Igni: “You mean, the Empire?” Ellie: “......yeah, that too.”

Igni: (That too?)

Igni waited for Ellie to explain further.

Ellie: “And….you saved me too.”

Igni: “” Ellie: “Yeah. You told me that it was alright for me to be different. ….that…..made me really happy.”

Ellie’s ears stood straight up, and Igni could feel the muscles in the ears tense.

And as he made mental notes about how ears can feel harder when the muscles tighten, Ellie continued.

Ellie: “I……it’s…….pretty complicated when it comes to my ears.”

Igni: “Really? It’s so cute though.”

Ellie: “Thanks.” And Ellie chuckled and blushed at Igni’s words.

Ellie: “But….in the end, I’m the only one who’s half human and half beast.”

Igni: “........well, I guess that’s true.”

Celia and Alicia both do not have any Beast ancestry.

Only Ellie is a mix between the Beast Race and Humans.

Ellie: “I hated it when…..they brought my ears up….”

Igni could imagine that the “when” she referred to was not a single incident.

And the "they" she mentioned was probably not just the Imperial Family.

She could have overheard things being said about her by the servants who work inside the castle.

Ellie: “That’s why…..I felt this weight lift off of me when you said that, Igni.”

Igni: “I see….” Igni smiled, but not being able to look him directly in the face, Ellie looked away as she felt her face redden even more.

Igni: “If what I said was helpful, then I’m glad, Ellie.”

Igni let go of Ellie’s ears and patted her head gently.

Igni: “Thank you, Ellie.” Ellie: “I’m the one who’s saying thanks.”

And both chuckled and laughed.


Lucas: “Igni, it’s been a while.” Igni: “.......didn’t you say that you were going to be back after a day?” At the front counter of the inn, he found his grandfather, Lucas, enjoying a cup of tea, and Igni shot him the question.

Lucas: “Hm? Did I say that?” Igni: “Yeah, you did.”

But Igni knew that griping about it wouldn’t change a thing, but he couldn’t help but try and give his grandfather some grief.

Lucas: “Well, it would have been boring to have me around anyways. So how was it? Did you have fun at the Imperial Capital?”

Igni: “Yeah, it was a lot of fun.”

Lucas: “Good. Then all is well. Let’s go back home.”

Igni: “Yeah, let’s.”

Igni sat down in the chair across from Lucas as he asked his next question.

Igni: “Grandpa, what were you doing?” Lucas: “Hm? I was just catching up with some old friends.”

Igni: “Oh yeah? That’s great.” Igni just replied politely following the natural flow of the conversation before he continued.

Igni: “Why didn’t you take down Hayem?” Lucas: “Hm?” Igni: “You knew, right? You knew all along?” Lucas tried to feign ignorance, but Igni continued pointing out what was bugging him.

Igni: “The shortest route from the Kingdom to the Empire is going right over the ocean. But we came here across the land taking the long way to the Empire.”

Lucas: “The journey would have been boring just going over the ocean.” Igni: “That may be true, but Grandpa, you’re an [Extreme]. And if a Dragon appeared in a port town near the Kingdom, you would have heard about it.”

Lucas: “Hmmmm, and?” Igni: “Was it your intention for me to fight Hayem?” Lucas: “Hmmm, that may be true, or it may not.”

Lucas continued dodging the questions as he sipped the last bit of his tea.

Lucas: “Igni.” Igni: “Hm?” Lucas: “How is your life? Are you having fun?” Igni: “What’s with the sudden deep questions? Are you going senile?” Lucas: “How rude. I’m perfectly fine and in great health. Hurry up and answer the question.” Igni: “Of course I’m having fun.” Lucas: “Good. Then let’s go home.” Lucas left Igni at the table and climbed up the stairs to tell Yoori and Sara to get ready to go back to the Kingdom. Igni continued to sit as he watched his grandfather go, and thought about what he just asked. In the end, he concluded that his grandfather must have been asking if he’s become Popular recently.

So then, telling his grandfather that he still hasn’t become Popular may have nudged his grandfather to divulge more Popularity Etiquettes and Ultimate Secrets to Popularity and deeply regretted his answer.


Above the [Demon King’s Castle].

In a place where Dragons, Vampires, and not even [Transgressors] dare to live, the deepest part of the [Demon King’s Realm] tore and opened.

Who could have noticed what was happening?

No, no one was aware.

If the one who predicted this event saw what was happening, a roar of laughter would have filled the Underground Prison [Labyrinth].

But the [Endless Depths] Abyss had already lost, and now lay in the Prison’s depths.

The only true survivor of the [Demon King’s Castle] was now on the side of the boy with the scarlet red hair, and all the barriers and Monsters placed to protect her had lost all meaning.

Hence, <it was he and his relentless desire> that called it here.

Like thick sludge, a heavy, dark liquid poured into the [Demon King’s Castle].

<He> was one of history’s defeated.

Losing to the Hero, he had lost, and disappeared into the pages of history as the weaker counterpart.

Being unable to do anything, his name completely forgotten, he still managed to tear and leave giant gaping wounds across all of humanity.

That is why some aspired to become like him.

And that is why some surrendered their lives to make that come true.

Each gained strength and each time, another splash of fear was instilled in the people.

The vengeful anger and pure fear <against him> collected and pooled inside the [Demon King’s Realm] as [Human Stagnation], and as it swirled together, it opened the doors to another dimension.

His name forgotten, history rewritten, he only managed to protect one person before he, the [Demon King] died.

But he held a deep seated desire that no ordinary man could have achieved.

It was darker than the deepest night, and from it, a cold vengeance permeated from it.

That is why, unsurprisingly, the [Human Stagnation] entwined itself to it, and called out.

After the dark liquid was expended, a man fell from the sky.

And with empty eyes, he received and embraced the [Vengeance] as he looked across the land.

The [Demon King] was dead.

But his will remained in this world.

And someone who now carried on his will…

Someone who stepped in to fill in the next generation…

Carrying on the relentless, unending desires of his predecessor, how could we not call him the embodiment of [Calamity].

Born of unadulterated malice, he had accepted the role to speak for the defeated and pronounce destruction upon the world ー thus, he was the most suitable candidate.

A visitor from another dimension.

One who was closest to his predecessor’s will.

That is why the title was so fitting.

Hence, the visitor from an alternate dimensionーーーwas called the [Demon King].


To be continued!!! (untranslated)


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 5

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