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Extreme Flame Wizard c167

Ch. 167: The Path the Magic Follows

Two spheres of infinite energy pushed against each other.

Against Fram’s <Magic> which used the infinite negativity versus Igni’s <Magic> which lowered an object from 4-dimension to 3-dimension to carry literal infinite energy clashed as they met.

It was like watching two monsters try to devour one another in the sky as their conflict caused the air to grow brighter.

The massive energy bloomed between the two spheres and light emerged from the clash!

Alicia: “Igni!”

Igni: “.....Alicia! Above us!!”

Both Igni and Fram’s <Magic’s> effects will continue after initiation until their Magic reserves are exhausted. Then the obvious tactic is to attack the <Magician> performing the <Magic> and disrupt their Spell.

Alicia began weaving through the rain of Black Flames raining down on them from above, but as they dodged, Fram followed up with more homing strikes.

Igni: “<I need you to do something for me>.”

In the shower of Black Flames, Igni spoke to Alicia.

Alicia: “What is it?” Igni: “I need you to head upwards. If you do that, I’ll take care of the rest.”

Alicia: “.........okay. Leave it to me.”

Above them, a new sun was born.

Alicia began circling an d climbing up into the sky towards where Igni and Fram’s <Magic> continued to clash.

There, they saw a young man with scarlet hair.

A Magician who reached the level of <Magic> just like Igni.

Igni: “.......Fram, I think I understand why you and I are similar.”

Igni stood up on the broom behind Alicia as he spoke up.

The air was thin at this altitude, and breathing should have been difficult, but with Alicia’s Spell, they were able to secure their oxygen supply. There were no issues there.

Igni: “Fram, you’re a [Specialized Magic Type・Element One], right?”

Fram: “........yeah, what of it?”

All this time, Igni could not help but feel a certain degree of suspicion.

And that was the fact that Fram only used one type of Magic.

For students like Igni, a standard Wizard will use many other kinds of Magic Types to support their main Magic Type and get the upper hand in a fight. The [Marionette] is a good example. He fought with a mix of his [Unique Original] Magic Type and the [Earth] Type together.

The exception is if an [Extreme] elevates one of their Spells to its utmost point orーー

Igni: “No, I just thought that we seemed similar.”

Like Igni, if they’re unable to use other types of Spells.

The [Specialized Magic Type・Element One] is just like it sounds ー a Wizard who can use only one Magic Type. They are unable to manipulate any other types of Magic. But in exchange, they have extremely high compatibility to that one Magic Type.

Fram: “.........I’m a [Fire] : [SS]. Isn’t that amazing? My compatibility?”

Fram responded to Igni’s question very quietly.

Igni: “Yeah, that is amazing.”

And Igni responded with genuine respect.

A standard Wizard would never be able to use [Human Stagnation] as fuel for their fire. Without a doubt, Fram is a first-rate Wizard.

That’s why he was able to reach the realm of Magic.

Fram: “Does that mean that you’re also a [Specialized Magic Type・Element One], Igni?” Igni: “No, I’m a [Ultimate Specialized Spell Type・Spell One].”

Fram: “.......what’s that?” Igni: “I can only use one Spell.”

Fram: “......and that’s your {Fireball}, huh.”

Igni: “Yeah.” Igni nods to acknowledge Fram’s assumption as Fram looks at the thing right below him.

ーーAt the two spheres of infinite energy that continued to clash against one another.

Fram: “ became a <Magician> with just {Fireball}? You’ve got to be kidding me.”

Igni looked directly into Fram’s eyes as Fram’s words were mixed with both fear and amazement.

Igni: “Surrender, Fram. You’ll probably be sent to the Underground Prison [Labyrinth], but….well, at least you won’t die there.”

Fram: “Don’t be ridiculous. For me, freedom is as precious as life itself.”

Igni: “Then there should have been no reason to invade the Imperial Capital.”

Fram: “ you know about Séance Spells, Igni?” Igni: “The [Spirit of the Dead] Spell, Necromancy?”

Fram: “That’s right. It is a sacrilegious Magic that plays around with the souls of the dead. We will bring back a past Hero’s soul over to this side and place it inside a physical container. By doing so, we can bring a Hero back to life ー it’s that kind of Spell.”

Igni: “What about it?” Fram: “Don’t we need one? I mean, a <Hero> in this world?”

Igni: “......for what?” Fram: “What? Wait, do you actually not know anything?” Although Fram had been more than willing to engage in conversation with Igni up until now, at this, he could not hide his distaste and spat the words as if to cut the conversation short.

Igni: “.................what?” Fram: “Unlike those oblivious, thick-headed [Extremes], we, the [Transgressors] have our own way of living.”

Igni: “........I guess you don’t care to explain any of that.”

Fram: “I’m almost envious of your completely clueless and ignorant way of living.”

With that, Igni saw no further reason for discussion.

With that conclusion in his mind, Igni gritted the back of his teeth hard.

Fram: “Igni.” Igni: “What.”

Fram: “Did you know that there’s <[stagnation] right where you’re standing>?”

At that instant, the place right below Igni and Alicia <exploded>!!”

Igni: “.........?!”

Alicia and Igni were both caught in the blast and were thrown up into the air!

Igni: “You……! You can burn any [Stagnation] in this world?!”

Fram: “[Human Stagnation] is the result of human acts. It is dark, heavy, and pools in the secret places of this world. But there are other [stagnations] that are thinner and dispersed in the atmosphere of this world.”

Igni instinctively glanced towards Alicia. Her body was flown out in a defenseless curl as she flew across the air.

Igni: (.........she’s lost consciousness!!)

Igni checked his magic reserves as he fell through the sky ー there was more than enough.

Igni: (......thank you, Sara.)

Igni: “[Flame Engine] {Acel Boot}!”

Below Igni’s feet, a few thousand {Fireballs} were formed, and he directed them to explode in a single direction!

He flew right towards Alicia in a straight line!!

Fram: “HAHAHA!! You can fly using {Fireball}, Igni?! Then let me try. {Fireball}.”

With Fram’s incantation, 256 {Fireballs} were initiated.

All of it was pointed at Igni andーー

Fram: “{Fire}, right?” <ZUDODODODODO!!!> (*sfx)

The {Fireball} came flying towards Igni!!

Igni: “.......crap!!”

Igni cursed as he continued to close the distance with Alicia. But the {Fireball} was much faster than he was! He redirected his attention to the countless {Fireballs} approaching his position, and he arced and twisted his body to flip his body.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition}”

But seeing how troublesome dodging the {Fireballs} will be, he created the same number of {Fireballs} andーー

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}!”

He fired back at Fram.

Fram: “Oh my. How scary.”

Speaking with obvious sarcasm, Fram relocated to dodge Igni’s attacks.

But with that, both Wizards lost control of their {Fireballs}.

Igni: “.....Alicia!!”

But right now, Igni had lost both his arms.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition}!”

But this Spell was not meant to be pointed at others but himself.

Igni: “[Swarm] {Generate}!”

In that instant, countless {Fireballs} swarmed towards where his arms should be, and two burning arms attached to his body appeared.

He managed to take a hold of Alicia who was still falling out of the sky, and feeling her weight, Igni put on the brakes in midair. Handling the inertia very well, he came to a gentle halt.

Igni: “Hey! Hey! Are you okay, Alicia?!”

Alicia; “ Oh….wait…..where am……!! OH! That’s right!! Fram! Where’s Fram?!”

Igni: “He’s above us. He targeted the broom and……he dropped us this far.”

Alicia: “IーI’m sorry. That’s my fault. I should have noticed……”

Igni: “No, I should have noticed too.”

The two apologized to each other in the air and looked up to Fram at the same time.

Igni: “ it too hot?” Alicia: “No, not at all. I’m fine.” Igni’s arms are currently made up of {Fireballs}.

No matter how much Igni tries to hold back the heat, he would not be able to completely turn off the temperature like Fram.

But Alicia’s clothes with anti-Spell defense had cut-off the burning temperature.

Alicia: “This reminds of the time when we fought my sister.”

Igni: “That brings back memories.”

At Alicia’s words, although they were in the middle of battle, Igni felt the nostalgia creep up inside of him.

Igni: “We’ll win this one too.”

Alicia: “Yes, you are strong after all.” Igni: “No, it’s because you’re here, Alicia.” Alicia: “.......I don’t think I’m doing much.” Igni: “I’m going to use my <Magic> once more.”

Alicia looked up into Igni’s face.

Igni: “Alicia, I can only count on you for this.” Alicia: “.........okay. Then hold on tight to me, and don’t let go.”

Alicia wrapped her arms around Igni.

Igni felt the warmth from her body against his, and something else also connected far deeper.

The two felt their hearts connect.

Alicia: “.....this is….” Igni: “.......yeah.” A connection of Magic.

A connection made between two people with absolute trust in each other.

In short, a [Pass] was made.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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