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Extreme Flame Wizard c159

Ch. 159: The Planning and the Wizard

“Alright, Igni.”

In front of Igni was the big, beefy Captain of the Knights. Just like the last time Igni saw him, he was nothing but pure muscle, and a smile that spread completely over his entire face like a mask. And the two of them were in one of the Knight’s Strategy Planning Room.

“Here are all the locations best for sniping in the Imperial Capital.”

Igni: “.......that’s quite a few locations.”

On a wooden board, a map had been tacked on and red circles marked all the locations where a Mage could potentially snipe.

“Well, this is also useful for when the Imperial Capital is invaded! We’ll be able to use these spots against our attackers, and if they were to penetrate into our city, these locations would also prove useful as defense points!”

Igni: “ it really okay? For showing me this information?”

“Yes! Not only has Princess Alicia spoke well about you, but Lady Celia as well! That is more than enough reason to trust you.”

The Captain of the Knights roared with laughter as he spoke, and Igni understood his reasoning.

If Alicia AND Celia both recommended him, then any Imperial Citizen would put their full faith in him.

Celia’s voice carries that much weight here.

Igni: “I understand. Please continue.”

And Igni spoke remembering his Noble education, and the Captain nodded once more.

“We will assign the Knights to all of these spots as a means to protect the Imperial family on the day of the Festival.” Igni: “I see. So you’ll use this to attack anyone who tries to attack the Imperial Family.”

“That’s correct. But we’re going against [Transgressors]. It would not be surprising at all, if they attacked us from outside of our normal range.”

Igni: “.....using <Magic>......huh….”

It is the Miracle that gives birth to something out of nothing.

It was the one thing every Mage stretched their hands and longed for ー the epitome of their greatest desires.

“That’s right. That’s why, in that case, we’ll be relying on you. Will you be alright?” Igni: “I’ll do something about it.”

Igni smiled back reassuringly at the Captain as he replied.

He is a <Magician> as well. And, he is the <Strongest>.

Igni was confident of this fact and held strong to it.

“Thank you. Besides that, you can leave the rest to us. We may not look like much, but we have protected the Imperial Family up until now.”

Igni: (“We may not look like much”, huh…..)

Igni repeated the Captain’s words in his head as he shook hands with him and strained a smile at his humility.

In order to enter the Knight’s Order responsible for guarding and protecting the Royal and Imperial Family, you must undergo severe and torturous training. Or you could accomplish something great, and be recommended into the Order. For instance, Elina’s elder brother, Howell, was top of his class for 3 years at the world’s most prestigious academy, the Rolmod Wizard Academy.

Hence, since entering the order, he has continued establishing feat after feat.

Even if he wasn’t the top student of his class, being one of the Rolmod Academy’s Student Council members would be sufficient in entering the Order as well.

But if you turn those facts around, you can see how high the entrance bar is set.

It is not like an Adventurer ー a job anyone can be if they wish.

And you would have to be able to take hits and understand the ins and outs of battle strategy ー far more than any Adventurer.

That’s why the new Knight recruit that Igni fought against was incredibly tough to knock out.

Igni: “Let’s hope that nothing happens on the day of.”

“Yes, that would be best.”

As Igni finished his meeting with the Captain, he went outside and inspected a Horse drawn carriage.

Wrapped in the darkness of the night, the moonlight shined upon it, and the next morning, the Imperial Family will be riding in this.

“Igni, tomorrow, you will be riding with her Imperial Highness, Princess Alicia, in this carriage.”

Igni: “Hm? In Alicia’s carriage?” Since the [Transgressors] are waging war against the Empire, should Igni not be assigned to the Emperor’s carriage?

“Unfortunately, it would be very difficult to have a non-citizen ride along with his Imperial Majesty during the Birthday Festival. We cannot allow that.”

And this was the first time the Captain’s smile wavered as he answered.

But Igni understood the Captain’s reasoning.

Yes, Celia and Alicia both trust Igni, but Igni is a citizen of the Kingdom at the very end of the day. And right now, it was quite clear to everyone that the Kingdom and Empire were not on good terms.

Of course, that is not all the reasons. This is the Emperor’s Birthday Festival. In short, it is to <celebrate> the Emperor.

To have someone from the Kingdom barge in onto his carriage and ruin the day would not be acceptable.

Igni: “........but why is it okay for me to ride with Alicia?”

“Hm? Aren’t you classmates with Princess Alicia?” Igni: “WーWell, yes. That is true but……does the people of the Imperial Capital know that?”

“The kind-hearted Princess Alicia has devoted herself not only to the Empire, but to understand the society and culture of the Kingdom, and thus, enrolled herself at the Rolmod Wizard Academy, has she not?” Igni: (HーHas she?)

Igni didn’t know how to respond to this question.

Igni could not help feel that there were sharp contrasts between the story Alicia was telling him and what was being told at the Imperial Capital, but since she is part of the Imperial Family, those differences must be quite common.

“In other words, there’s no problem that a classmate from her school is riding with her. And besides that, this is a direct request from the Princess herself.”

Igni: “From Alicia?” This did surprise Igni, and he had to ask to confirm.

“Yes. But she did mention……that it was decided from the result of her fortune telling.”

Igni: “Fortune Telling….”

Since Alicia’s fortune telling was pretty accurate, Igni could trust that Alicia knew what she was doing.

And speaking of fortune telling, Igni was reminded of the [sacrifice] card from before.

Igni: (Whatever happened to that I wonder? And is Hayem doing okay?)

“Oh, how diligent you are to be working so late into the night.”

Igni: “Hayem, have you been well?” Igni heard a woman’s voice out of nowhere, and a blue-haired woman was standing by Igni’s side. She was supposed to be acting as a Noble Dragon who thought it was below her to speak to humans… it caught Igni off guard to hear her speak plainly to him.

Hayem: “Yes, they are taking <good> care of me.”

Igni: “That’s good to hear.” Behind Igni, the Captain of the Knights readied his position for anything to happen.

And that couldn’t be helped. She was one of the strongest creatures after all.

If Igni didn’t stop her, she would have completely froze the Imperial Capital into one solid glacier.

Igni: “What will you do tomorrow?” Hayem: “I’m doing absolutely nothing.”

Igni: “Oh, really?” Hayem: “Yes, right now, I’m too busy reading stories.”

Igni: “” Not expecting Hayem to say that, Igni had to ask her again.

Igni: “Stories…..meaning….you’re reading books?” Hayem: “Yes, I’m reading them.” Igni: “What kind of books are you reading?” Hayem: “Right now, I’m reading ‘The Red Dragon and the Black Knight.’”

It’s actually a children’s picture book.

Igni: “ it….good?”

Hayem: “Yes, it’s a wonderful tale.”

Just then, in Igni’s eyes, Hayem looked like a very young girl.

Igni: (......I guess girls will always be girls….)

ーーis what he thought.


CHONKY TL LiT (Lost in Translation)

Keigo (敬語) – Formal, polite speech. Unlike English, there is a formalized set of words, phrases, and sentences that are considered polite and formal. It’s almost like having a very formalized business language. To be frank, I know what “polite” language (“tei-nei-go” 丁寧語) is, but I cannot distinguish it officially from “Keigo” (敬語). I heard that when you are employed in businesses, they take you to a “business course” (ken-shuu) (研修)

Otome (乙女) – This is a hot button issue that I prefer not to touch, but it is ingrained in Japanese culture and should be elaborated on at the very least. The word “otome” in most aspects, refers to a woman’s heart, but unfortunately, is used more often used to symbolize a young “feminine” girl with hopes of dazzling romance (think of the movie “Twilight”). This can also get convoluted with “feminine” hobbies and interests such as flowers, perfume, make-up, sewing, cooking, cleaning……….annnnnnd it all goes downhill from there. The cultural atmosphere in the U.S. is very anti-gender stereo-type (another issue too hot to touch here), and the word, “otome” encapsulates and represents Japanese female gender expectations (like a nuke). And yes, in some anime, this word is applied to beefy, muscular men with feminine hearts, feelings, and aspirations, and fwew, oh boy, that’s……..more culturally acceptable to place inside literature, animation, and film in Japan than where I live today. So when Igni says, “Otome will always be otome”, I did TL this to “girls will always be girls”, and it pained me to write it, but…….it’s what’s in the text, story, and general narrative.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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Lucas Lennan
Lucas Lennan
Jun 29, 2022

Thanks for the chapter!

Aaaand the anxiety sets in. I know nothing bad will happen to the main characters but I can't help but feel a sense of forboding.

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