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Extreme Flame Wizard c156

Ch. 156: The Date and the Wizard

[Oye, Igni.]

[What is it, Grandpa?]

In the face of nature’s grandeur, Lucas questioned Igni.

Igni had two {Fireballs} hovering around him very closely.

He had finally mastered being able to create 2 {Fireballs} at once.

[When you become Popular, something like this will happen.]

[Like what?]

[That is……having girls approach you for dates!]

[What?! Really?!?! Could that really happen?!?!]

[It can! Listen carefully, Igni. Popular Men will remain Popular to the end. The Unpopular will forever remain Unpopular…….! And women instinctively are able to distinguish between the two!!]

[IーIs that really……possible……?]

[Hence, you cannot be semi-Popular! That will not do! But when you breach that Semi-Popularity into true Popularity, a change will occur…….! Women will begin asking you out!]

[ThーThat’s amazing…….! That……that can really happen………..!!]

Rather than being the one to always ask out girls, being asked out by girls was something Igni could only dream inside dreams.

Though Igni could only imagine it happening in fairy tales, the hope that it might happen to him swelled inside of him.

[However, Igni. Women who will ask you out can be grouped into broadly 2 categories. Just like the two {Fireballs} you have right now……..]

[Uh…..Grandpa, you know that these two are identical……..”

[Just shut up and follow along!]

[Yes, sir.]

[The first just wants to hang out and spend some time together! That is fine. You can just hang out, and it will be over. But the second…….! This is what is so troublesome……!!]

[WhーWhat is it……?]

[That is………a woman with a wish for destruction…….]

[A wish for destruction…..?!]

The words were too terrifying for young Igni,.

[That’s right. A woman who is recklessly self-destructing. One who lost all hope in her future. Another, who felt something inside her tear and shatter to pieces. There are many reasons why a woman may find herself in that position, but those who do are……absolute trouble….! Even we are in danger of being dragged into their destructive end…….!!]

[BーBut why?! If they want to self-destruct, they can go do that on their own!”



In a blink of an eye, Igni only saw a glimpse of Lucas’ hand as it slapped him across the face. His {Fireballs} vanished as he flew away from a direct hit.

[They will self-destruct <afterwards>! But for a man who never knew a woman, he gets entangled and swallowed up by her destruction!]

[HーHe gets swallowed up…….?!]

[Yes! The Unpopular men tend to get sucked in more often because they don’t understand women and accept the destructive fate that faces them…….!]

[BーBut that’s……! Then, what should I do, Grandpa?! You have to help me!!]

For Igni who had no experience with women, he could only plead for his grandfather’s advice.

He could easily foresee a future where he gets caught with a girl unknowingly and innocently gliding down to a destructive end.

[Igni, have you learned nothing from watching me?]


Being caught off guard by the question, Igni looked Lucas up and down.

[I need better eyesight?]

[What are you talking about?!]

This time, the words slapped Igni across the face as he took his grandfather’s criticism.

[Igni, you must <save them>]

[ them?]

[That’s right! Why do strong men become Popular?! Why do men with confidence and ease become Popular?!]


[But this all hinges on whether the woman you’re with is <enjoying> her time with you…..! Whether you are able to shake and draw out her feelings……! Everything depends on that……..!!]

[Draw out…….her emotions……!]

[Of course, it will not be easy! But a man with a large heart, a man who can save another human being heading for destruction……..that man……will no doubt become Popular!!]


Igni could see his grandfather’s reasoning now.

No, in fact, he now saw it as central to everything that was true in this world!

[If you understand, stop slacking and go back to your training!]

[BーBut Grandpa, you’re the one who made the {Fireballs} disappear…….]

[No excuses!]

The young Igni saw the unreasonableness of his grandfather’s attitude and proceeded with his training.


The date with Elie was great.

She took him shopping, and they performed a simple Quest together.

And during that time, Igni contemplated whether he should open up to her with the concerns and thoughts he had.

But he couldn’t find the right words, and in the end, he spent the day with her until evening came.

Elie: “It was really fun today. Thanks for hanging out with me.”

Igni: “No, I had fun too. Thank you. It was really fun being able to go on a date with you, Elie.”

At the Adventurer’s Guild, Igni and Elie shook hands.

Igni: “Hey, Elie. I’d like to take you to one last place. Can I escort you there?”

Elie: “You know that I’m the elder one here, right?”

Igni: “Well, escorting is man’s job, right?”

And Igni held his hand out to Elie.

Elie: “........well, I guess. I wonder where you’re going to take me, Igni? I know this Capital city like the back of my hands.”

Igni: “This way.”

And Igni took Elie by the hand and walked outside. Taking her to an empty alleyway, he held Elie’s hand, and with [Flame Engine] {Accel Boot}, they flew into the air.

Elie: “What?! Huh, whーwhat’s happening?! We’re flying?!”

Igni: “Elie, look down.”

From the distant horizon, the sun gently shined upon them.

But what Igni wanted to show her was not the sunset.

As if to fight against the oncoming night, the Magecraft streetlamps came on, and eventually, more came on as the entire city lit up.

Elie: “’s beautiful…..”

Igni: “Isn’t it? This is what I wanted to show you.”

It was a scene Igni noticed when he was returning to the Capital with Alicia.

People returned to the Capital, and with all the night lights, true night never overcame the city.

That’s why he guessed that at night time, the Capital will look like a city of jewels from above.

Igni: “Elie, you invited me on a date…….because Alicia resolved the Dragon Crisis?”

Igni wanted to say, “to get back at her?” but held back those words.

He didn’t want to criticize Elie, but rather, wanted to talk with her.

Elie: “ It’s not that.”

And pouting a little, Elie turned away.

And that was the answer to Igni.

Igni remembered what Alicia said. How Elie liked to take things that were hers and play around with it.

So Igni hypothesized from there.

Elie potentially had some kind of inferiority complex against Alicia…….possibly.

Igni: “I don’t know much about this country. But more than that, Elie, I know very little about you.”

Elie: “.............”

Igni: “That’s why I don’t know what happened between you and Alicia.” Elie: “Are you trying to comfort me?”

Igni: “No, I just……I just wanted to go on a real date with you, Elie.”

Eie: “........what do you mean?”

Igni: “I meant what I said. I just want you to like me, and go on a date with you. That’s all.”

High up in the air, the winds were stronger, and strong gales hit the two standing up in the sky.

Elie: “ you knew?”

Igni: “Yeah, though I may not look it, I’m pretty sharp when it comes to women’s gazes.”

Elie: “........what do you mean by that, silly.”

Elie looked at him curiously and smiled back at Igni.

Elie: “You’re a strange one.”

And the wind carried her words to Igni.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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4614-Abhinav Aggarwal
4614-Abhinav Aggarwal
Jul 01, 2022

[Igni, you must <save them>] [ them?] [That’s right! Why do strong men become Popular?! Why do men with confidence and ease become Popular?!] [ThーThat’s………] [But this all hinges on whether the woman you’re with is <enjoying> her time with you…..! Whether you are able to shake and draw out her feelings……! Everything depends on that……..!!] [Draw out…….her emotions……!]


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Quintavious Mills
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Igni's kinda cool

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