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Extreme Flame Wizard c154

Ch. 154: The Magecraft Artifact and the Dragon

With Alicia’s orders, the bracelet that was originally made for Sara was delivered from the Imperial Capital to the Port Town of Esport. Well, though they expedited the process, it still took 3 days.

During that time, Igni had nothing else to do, so he was shoveling snow to kill time.

Though snow looks like, enough of it could potentially make a house collapse.

The Imperial towns typically make their houses out of stone, so they won’t get so easily crushed, but as long as Hayem is here, it snows endlessly. It was quite a sight to watch all the Adventurers go out to shovel snow all together.

So they passed 3 days of time like that.

The bracelet was then delivered by horse carriage.

Hayem: “So I just have to put this on?” Hayem was back to her Dragon form, and greeting Igni and his group, she turned into human form. Because she transformed with such ease, she must have been quite adept at [Life] Type Magic.

Alicia: “That’s right. If this doesn’t work, then we’ll catch the [Transgressor] that forced you to leave your previous living place, and you will have to go back there.”

Hayem: “I guess it can’t be helped.”

Hayem shrugged her shoulders and placed the bracelet on her arm.


The sound of metal clipping onto metal echoed quietly and immediately afterwards, the snow stopped.

Alicia: “ stopped.” Igni: “It did stop.”

Hayem: “Oh…?”

All three immediately looked around and voiced their immediate thoughts.

Gradually, the swirling silver clouds that were enveloping the top of the mountain began dissipating.

And bright hot sunshine pierced the sky.

Though it was interesting to feel the cold still sting their skin, and see the hot, burning sunlight appear out of the sky, for Igni and Alicia who spent 3 days in the bitter cold, it was enough to see that summer had arrived once again.

Hayem: “So now, I can be with Mr. Magician, right?” Alicia: “.........urgh….ummmm….” Alicia was unable to come up with any words and only groaned in frustration.

Igni did notice that Alicia was not keen on having Hayem come with them, but that’s as far as his thoughts went.

Hayem: “That was the promise, was it not, Miss Wizard.”

Alicia: “........that…is true……but that’s not…… know….” Hayem: “Oh? Do humans break their promises? Dragons will always keep their word.”

Alicia: “........but…” Alicia was trying hard to find a way out of this situation, but Igni had something more important to say to Hayem.

Igni: “Hey, Hayem. I have something to ask of you.” Hayem: “What is it?” Igni: “Could we say that this incident was resolved because you turned into a person?” Hayem: “Why is that?”

Igni: “We also have our circumstances, so I’d like to keep the details of this incident confidential.”

Hayem: “You’re asking a Dragon to lie?” Igni: “Yes, please. That’s my request.” For Igni, slaying the Dragon was his original objective. But the reason why they needed the Dragon slain was to restore the frozen Port Town of Esport which is the crux of the Empire’s trade economy. And by sealing away Hayem’s overflowing Magic Power, they were able to accomplish that goal.

Thern his next goal is to help Alicia avoid any arranged marriages.

No matter what, the Empire focuses on strength alone. The fact that the eldest Imperial Princess, Celia, is also an [Extreme] points out that very fact.

That’s why if they give Alicia credit as someone who changed the Dragon into a human form and made it submit to her authority, no one around her could challenge her authority. But if someone asks Hayem about this directly, Hayem will need to lie.

Hayem: “I refuse. A Dragon never lies.”

Igni: “Please… if there’s any way….”

Alicia: “Igni, there’s no reason for Hayem to have to lie, is there?” Alicia skipped all honorifics when addressing Hayem.

But unlike Igni, Hayem mentioned nothing about it because she new that Alicia was part of the Imperial Family.

Igni: “What do you mean?” Alicia: “We just need her to just remain silent about the matter.” Igni: “I see. I understand now.” Igni nodded as he perceived what Alicia meant, and Alicia nodded back to elaborate.

Alicia: “Yes, so how about this? Hayem is a proud, noble Dragon. Speaking to humans is below her. That’s why it will be up to us to explain what happened here. Thenーー”

Igni: “.........we could change the contents as we like.”

Alicia: “Yes, isn’t that perfect?” Alicia smiled as she spoke to Igni.

Feeling his heart skip at seeing her smile, Igni considered what Alicia said carefully.

Yes, if that’s the case, then Hayem wouldn’t have to lie, and no one would be the wiser.

Hayem: “Oh, but I am not a proud Dragon. Wouldn’t that be a lie?”

Alicia: “You will just be acting.” Alicia immediately answered Hayem’s concern without a moment of hesitation.

Hayem: “Acting?”

Alicia: “Yes, it is just an act. It is not lying.”

Hayem: “And that is not lying?” Alicia: “It’s different.”

Though Igni couldn’t help but feel that Alicia was playing around semantics, Hayem agreed to Alicia’s terms.

Alicia: “Okay, Igni. Now that the Quest is complete, let’s hurry home.” Igni: “Oh, we’re already going back?” Alicia: “Of course. The Emperor’s Birthday Festival is the day after tomorrow.”

Igni: “.......are you going to be okay?” The Emperor’s Birthday Festival is literally a birthday celebration of the present Emperor.

It is a once a year festive event, and it is an opportunity for the public to be able to see the Imperial Family. Well, in actuality, both Elie and Alicia have been frequently doing escapades outside the Imperial Castle, so it’s not a rare opportunity in that sense.

But Igni was concerned because Alicia’s sister, Elie, had mentioned that they had rehearsals for the Birthday Festival, and he knew that the Imperial Family played some important role in the celebration.

Alicia: “Actually, not really.” Alicia spoke solemnly as she got on her broom.

Apparently, things were not okay.

Alicia: “I’ve already spoken to the Elder Council, so we’ll just go straight back!”

Hayem: “Will we fly? But I cannot fly in human form.” Alicia: “...........huh?” Alicia almost asked her to turn back into a Dragon’s form, but she immediately took back her words.

Even she knew that it would be troublesome to take Hayem back in her Dragon form.

Igni: “Hey, Alicia.” Alicia: “What is it, Igni?” Igni: “<It will be a slightly rough trip> but there is a way to get back to the Imperial Capital, but what do you think?”

Alicia: “Are you talking about <doing that again>......?” Alicia had at one point traveled with Igni with that method and carefully and fearfully asked him for clarification………and he nodded to confirm.

Alicia: “.........I guess we have no other choice. Thank you, Igni.”

Igni: “Leave it to me.” Hayem: “Oh, what will we do?” Alicia came and stood close to Igni, so Hayem followed suit to do the same.

Igni: “......pardon me.” The Etiquette of Popularity #4 ーー A Popular Man should be a gentleman at all times” and along those principles, he gently held the two by his side.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition}!”

A giant {Fireball} rounded and appeared below Igni’s feet!

Igni: “[Return] {Fire}!!”

And pointing the explosion in one direction, he ignites the {Fireball}!!

The 3 of them flew off forward at incredible speeds!!!

Alicia didn’t want to miss an opportunity like this and clung to Igni as tight as she could, but Igni was too busy controlling their flight route to notice.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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Lucas Lennan
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