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Extreme Flame Wizard c153

Ch. 153: The Right of the Victor

Alicia: “ you can turn into a person?” Hayem: “Yes, I can. Although it is uncomfortable.”

Still riding on her broom, Alicia continued to be weary of Hayem.

But Hayem ignored the piercing glares coming from Alicia without blinking an eye.

Hayem: “So, Igni, what did you want to ask me?” And directed her question to Igni.

Since she mentioned that the victor has a right to ask a Dragon about anything, Igni decided to move forward with his question.

Igni: “Why…….did you come here?” He was certain that by “here,” she would understand that he meant the Empire.

Hayem was originally a Dragon who lived near the [Demon King’s Realm].

Maybe she will just say that it was because she was bored, but she was living in her previous location for close to a hundred years, so suddenly appearing out of the blue, there must be a reason.

Hayem: “.....I was…..forced out.”

She seemed incredibly reluctant to say the words out loud, but Hayem spoke clearly.

Igni: (.......she was forced out?)

Igni tilted his head as he thought about Hayem’s words, but hearing that she was “forced out” was disconcerting. Dragons are the strongest creatures. Hence, only people with equal or higher strength would be able to force one away.

Now, Igni understood why Hayem was so reluctant as to explain why she came to the Empire.

Her pride simply did not permit her to admit that she was beaten and sent elsewhere.

But losing to Igni, that did not matter any more.

Hayem: “Yes, I was forced out.”

And Hayem now repeated those words as if to give up.

Igni: “Who forced you out?” Hayem: “A human.” Igni: “.........what did they look like?”

Hayem: “Yes, well, it’s hard to forget. It was a <Magician> with red hair just like yours and used Black Flames.”

Igni: (A Magician)

And Igni and Alicia looked at Hayem in disbelief.

Alicia: “A Magician with red hair? There’s no red-heads in the [Extremes].”

And with Alicia’s words, Igni had a clue about their suspect.

Igni: “Then it’s a [Transgressor].”

People who had the power to use <Magic> but placed themselves against humanity.

They were the worst of humanity’s enemies.

Igni: “But why would a [Transgressor] attack Ms. Hayem?” Hayem: “That, I don’t know. Maybe they just wanted the Dragon’s treasure?” They say that Dragons have a habit of collecting gold and silver treasures.

And they would store that inside their nest.

So there are treasure hunters who will attempt to kill Dragons and collect this treasure. There are a few treasure hunters, but most of them would be throwing their lives away.

Hayem: “Of course, I fought too, but they were too strong, and I had to escape to here.” Alicia: “And that’s why you came to the Empire?” Hayem nodded in response to Alicia’s question.

Igni felt a sense of relief to hear Hayem’s story. If she was bored of her previous location and came to the Empire, he would have had to force her to look for another new location.

But if she was forced out of her previous nest, then she might be willing to return to her nest once the [Transgressor] was caught.

Igni: “Hey, Ms. Hayem?” Hayem: “What is it?”

Igni: “If we catch that Magician, would you be willing to go back to where you lived before?” Hayem thought about Igni’s question andーー

Hayem: “I don’t really have any attachments here, and I wouldn’t mind going back now that I think about it.”

Alicia and Igni both brightened at Hayem’s answer.

They might be able to resolve the Empire’s dilemma in a much smoother way, and they both could not hide their relief.

But that all depends on whether they can catch the [Transgressor] that attacked Hayem’s old home.

Alicia: “It would be best to take this information back to the elders once.”

Igni: “It’ll be good to see if they know anything about this red-haired [Transgressor] too.”

Hayem: “Oh, but I won’t be going back any time soon.”

“ “ …………..what? ” ”

Hayem’s sudden news took both of them by surprise.

IgnI: “What… you mean by that exactly?” As Igni carefully asked, Hayem’s expression brightened to her broadest smile.

Hayem: “I just realized something.” Igni: “What…..exactly?” Hayem: “If I can’t use Magic, I won’t be able to win against a Magician.”

Igni: “Yeah? Uh, yes.” Igni nodded to Hayem’s logic.

Hayem: “But I can’t use Magic. You know that, right?” Alicia: “ that so….” Alicia didn’t seem to know as she mumbled out a reply.

Hayem: “That’s why I started thinking. How can I become able to use Magic?” Igni: “Okay.” Hayem: “Then I realized……..what if I spend more time with a Magician. That would be best.”

Hayem brought her palms together and her eyes sparkled as she gazed at Igni.

Following Hayem’s gaze, Alicia also looked at Igni.

Hayem: “If I spent time living with a Magician, maybe I’ll be able to pick up a hint or two on using my own Magic. Isn’t that a marvelous idea?” A long silence followed after the Dragon spoke, but it was Alicia who first came to realize what Hayem was intending to do.

Alicia: “WhーWhat?! You can’t do that!!”

Hayem: “Oh, but why?” Alicia: “Because it’ll snow everywhere you are! If you go around with Igni, do you plan to make everywhere he goes into [Winter]?!”

Hayem: “I’ll try not to do that.” Alicia: “It’s not a matter of trying or not for you, right?! Stop all this snow right now if you want to prove it!!”

Hayem: “That’s not possible. This is just the result of my Magic Power overflowing out of me.” Igni: ( Magic Power is overflowing??)

And something caught Igni’s attention.

Alicia: “So as long as that is a problem, you can’t be with Igni! That’s why!!”

Hayem: “Oh, but if I fix that problem, then I can be with him?”

Alicia: “WHAT?! NーNo……that’s……..wait, that’s still a no!!”

Hayem: “Why?” Alicia struggles to find reasons, but Hayem was genuinely curious and looked at Alicia with her innocent green eyes.

And after racking her brains furiously for an excuseーー

Alicia: “NーNo, it just won’t be possible. A Dragon and human are too different, right? I’m sure a Dragon’s lifestyle must be very different. Yes! That’s why! That’s why you can’t live with Igni!”

Hayem: “There’s no problems there. I’ve hidden and lived among people before.” Alicia: “........hmmmm?! BーBut….still! No! Besides! What about the [Winter]?!”

Hayem: “Hmmmmm, let’s see……….” Her reasoning began to thin and topple over, but Alicia was able to cling to the fact that Hayem’s [Winter] would make it impossible for her to be around Igni.

But Igni had turned his attention away from the two and was grasping at something that continued to nag him ー a potential solution that continued to evade him until he realized something.

It was the warm Magic Power that continued to thickly churn and pump itself into the very center of his being.

Igni: “Hey, Alicia.”

Alicia: “What is it?” Igni: “What if we stick Sara’s bracelet on Hayem? Wouldn’t that make the snow stop?” Alicia completely froze at Igni’s words.

Alicia: “.......that might work.” ーーwere words she regretted letting slip out.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

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Book 4

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