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Extreme Flame Wizard c151

Ch. 151: The Dragon and the Wizard

The blizzard hurtled around the mountain top, and the Dragon gazed at the two who rode steadily on a broom before her.

The Dragon looked exactly as Alicia reported.

She was covered in blue-white scales that was almost silver, and none of the scales were damaged.

And with no limit to their growth or lifespan, she stood near 50 meters (~54 yards) tall, the largest size for a Dragon.

And her green eyes brimmed with intelligence.

Hayem: [Oh, what a marvelous sight to see humans fly like us.]

And without an ounce of shock at the two intruders, she smiled.

Igni: “...........Hayem.” And whispering her name quietly, Hayem’s smile widened at Igni.

Hayem: [Oh, I thought humans gave respect to their <elders> and addressed them as such.]

Igni: “..........pardon my rudeness, <Ms.> Hayem.”

Hayem: [All is well.]

Igni was a little confused as to be reprimanded about manners by a Dragon.

But he was even more surprised that Hayem did not immediately attack them.

Igni: “.........are you not going to attack us?” Hayem: [And why would I have any reason to attack people?] Hayem tilted her head in wonder at Igni’s question.

And Igni didn’t know how to respond to Hayem’s answer.

Igni: (.........this Dragon, can we converse better than we expected?)

As Igni wondered, it was Alicia who spoke up next.

Alicia: “But you were the one who crushed the Adventurers!”

Hayem: [Oh? But they attacked me first, so I had to protect myself. That’s why I used my Spell.]

Alicia: “........are you saying it was self-defense?”

Hayem: [What a marvelous term. Yes, that’s exactly right.]

Hayem’s head lifted off the ground, and leveled her gaze with Alicia and Igni who were up in the air.

Hayem: [I found a wonderful spot, so I decided to live here. Then, people suddenly came and attacked me, so <in order to protect myself>, I used my Spell. Did I do something wrong?]

Alicia: “But that’s…….that’s just selfish of you! This is our country! This is our territory!!”

Hayem: [Oh, but that’s just selfish of humans. The world belongs to no one.]

Igni felt that Alicia was correct in her argument, but Hayem also spoke reasonably.

At least, that was his immediate impression.

But because both are right, he needed Hayem to move out.

That was the job that Igni was assigned to do.

Igni: “Ms. Hayem, we don’t mind that you find this mountain top a nice place to live, but can you at least stop your Spell?!”

If communication is possible, then Igni thought negotiation was possible, and began his talks with Hayem.

Fighting is not limited to just blasting each other with Spells directly.

There are times when words can be used to negotiate and compromise, and when that fails, then combat should be the last resort.

Hayem: [Spell? Are you talking about the snow?]

Igni: “Yeah, that’s right. If you are here, it stays winter around here.”

Hayem: [If I could stop it, I would have already.]

Igni: “.........what?”

Igni tilted his head at Hayem’s unexpected response.

Hayem: [Since my birth, this has happened around me. It’s not something I can stop on my own.]

Igni: “.......uhhhhhh…..”

And this really threw him off.

Dragons are known as the strongest race.

Igni assumed that because they were so adept with Magic techniques and had an enormous amount of Magic Power that they continually used Disaster-Class Spells, butーー

Igni: (Is Hayem unable to control her Magic Spells……?)

Igni: “Are you serious?”

Hayem: [It’s true.]

The fact that Hayem seemed to be speaking the truth only confused Igni more.

Alicia: “Then can you please let us know why you decided to come here?”

Hayem: [Oh, can a Dragon not freely travel wherever they prefer?]

Hayem responded nonchalantly to Alicia, but Igni sensed a little frustration mixed in with her words and did not miss it.

………there was something upsetting in the reason that made her come here.

Igni: “.......please tell us, Ms. Hayem. We might be able to help you.”

Hayem: [No, you couldn’t.]

Igni: “.........but…..” Igni could not back down even at Hayem’s first rejection.

Watching Igni, Hayem seemed to think for a moment…….and then deviously smiled.

Hayem: [Hmmmm, then, why don’t we have a test? We will see if <you are stronger than me>?]

In that instant, a wild gust blew around them.

Hayem: [I am Hayem. The “Frozen Winter” Hayem. Children of Man. If you would like to question a Dragon, then you must offer something of value in return. Is that not so?]

Alicia: “{Come to me, Wind, Ventos}!”

The sudden blizzard threatened to take away Alicia’s control, and she roared her incantation as wind came to life.

She slammed <an overwhelming amount of gale> against the wild gust, and it pushed their bodies up into the air.

Igni: “I am Igni.”

He spoke, though he wasn’t sure if Hayem could hear him.

But since she introduced herself, it was <only proper> for Igni to return the respect.

Igni: “I am, just Igni.”

Hayem: [Freeze in place.]


Something crackled as <the air around them completely froze>.

In a single instant, their body temperature plummeted, and a devastating chill blew over them ー so cold that they thought they saw their eyes freeze over.

But Igni sent his {Fireball} above him to push away the arctic cold.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition}!!”

And he finished his incantation.

Magic poured into the bright red ball and turned it bright white.

At a glance, you might have mistaken it for a snowball that appeared in the middle of winter, but that was far from what it was in reality.

It was a ball of heat that would have measured in the hundreds of millions of degrees in Celsius.

Hayem: [........oh my….]

The next moment, the sudden heat that appeared instantly evaporated, and the snow exploded into steam.

The cold air was instantly pushed back, and a sun appeared momentarily.

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}!”

And he fired it straight at Hayem.

Hayem: [Halt.]

A Dragon’s Command.

Only the Strongest Race utilized a Spell Construction that can turn a single word into a Spell. Igni’s {Fireball} slowed, and a wall of ice appeared before Hayem as she blocked Igni’s Spell successfully.

Hayem: [Igni, that was marvelous. It has been some time since I faced a Wizard such as yourself.]

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition} : [Anti-Armor] {Pierce}”

But he wasn’t done.

Igni created 5 {Fireballs} around him as they began spinning at high speeds!

The friction between the air and {Fireball} squeals and screeches!!

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}”

<ZUDODODO!!!> (*sfx)

The explosion echoed across the winter mountain, and the sight made you wonder if the mountain was crumbling.

The snow piled up on top of the mountain slid down into an avalanche and carved away the mountain slopes.

Hayem: [For just a {Fireball}, that packed a punch.]

Igni: “I am a [Ultimate Spell Specialized・Spell One] after all.”

Hayem: “Oh, there really was one? I thought it was a myth based on fables.”

Igni wanted her to be more shocked, but hid his disappointment as Hayem seemed to know about Spell Ones.

Hayem: [But this isn’t nearly enough.]

Igni: “Of course.”

Hayem was, of course, uninjured.

As she smiled kindly at him, another snowy gale blasted and slammed into Igni and Alicia.

Igni: “I still have <a lot more> where that came from, Ms. Hayem!!”

Hayem: [I can’t wait.]

And the Dragon began manipulating the Magic within her.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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