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Extreme Flame Wizard c150

Ch. 150: The Port, the Winter, and Wizard andーー

Their breaths instantly turned into a white cloud.

Before them, a silver blanket spread out in every direction. The contrast between the dull clouds, and the snow that blanketed the town was stark. They called it a Port Town, so as soon as they landed in town, the ocean was right there to see.

But everything was <completely frozen>.

Alicia: “’s quite cold here.” Igni: “{Envelop Fire}”

With Igni’s incantation, he created a small {Fireball}, and he snuggled closer to where Alicia stood.

Igni: “If it’s too hot, let me know.”

Alicia: “ThーThanks…”

A man who is sensitive to a woman’s needs can become Popular.

Now, with the horse carriage driver’s guidance, Igni and Alicia headed for the Adventurer’s Guild in the Port Town of Esport. The Dragon Slaying Campaign’s temporary headquarters was set up there.

The Adventurer’s Guild was meant to be used during times of crisis or emergency and built accordingly. So you can say that it’s simply fulfilling its intended purpose. Though you might wonder if a Dragon Encounter was one of the situations they would have put into its scope.

The door opened with a heavy click, and the heat from inside washed over them. Igni immediately extinguished his {Fireball} and entered the building with Alicia.

“Princess Alicia!”

Alicia: “What is the situation?” The man probably did not even see Igni standing behind her. As soon as the elderly man caught sight of Alicia, he immediately approached her, and not wanting to waste any time with greetings, Alicia responded with a short question.

“ is not looking well for us.”

Alicia: “The report said one-third of the Adventurers were taken out.”

“Yes. We are treating the wounded upstairs. The deceased are currently held in the basement below.”

Alicia’s gaze wavered for an instant, and then recomposed herself to look at the elderly man again.

“Princess Alicia. I will be as concise with my words as possible. At this rate, we will be defeated. Please send us reinforcements.”

Alicia: “Our reinforcements are here.”

“........excuse me?”

Alicia: “I mean him.” And Alicia pointed directly at Igni, and Igni stepped forward.

Igni: “Hello. My name is Igni.”

“..........I am the Esport Adventurer’s Guild Branch Manager, Gain.” The elderly looking gentleman was actually the Branch Manager.

Igni: (I guess that’s normal since it was the Imperial Princess who showed up, the person with the highest authority came to greet her.)

Gain: “So this young man is our reinforcement?” Gain looked bewildered as he looked to Alicia and Igni back and forth to confirm Alicia’s words.

Alicia: “That’s right. The Kingdom’s [Tournament]. The [War for the Lady Saint], and the [“Endless Abyss” Transgressor]. In all of those cases, he is responsible for those outcomes.”

Gain: “ such a young age, it’s hard to believe.”

Alicia: “I don’t blame you, but I can guarantee it. I know him the best.” And Alicia puffed out her chest proudly at those words.

Igni enjoyed being introduced by a girl and holding a straight face, he melted inside with joy.

Alicia: “So where is the [Frozen Winter] Hayem currently?” Gain: “Please come with me.” As Alicia asked about Hayem’s location, they followed Gain outside of the Adventurer’s Guild as he pointed at a certain mountain.

On top of a huge mountain, a swirl of clouds sat at its highest point. The gray clouds loomed over the mountain side as lightning fell like snakes periodically, and the thunder grumbled.

Gain: “She is over there.”

Alicia: “........she’s chosen a nice location. Is it far from here?” Gain: “No, it would only take an hour to reach the mountain. But climbing it will be problematic. Even the fastest ones would take 5 hours.”

Alicia: “Is that one-way?” Gain: “Yes, it would take about that time just to climb up.”

Alicia switched her gaze to Igni.

Alicia: “What do you think?” Igni: “Can’t we just fly there?” Alicia: “Yes, we can.” They resolved the issue of traveling time with that.

Alicia: “The problem is more on how we’ll enter that cloud. …….what is it like inside?” Alicia turns back to Gain with her question.

Gain: “It is a terrible blizzard inside.” Igni: “Blizzard?” Igni has never been inside a cloud, so he asks Gain to clarify.

Gain: “Yes, you will be hit with extreme winds from all directions, and be slammed with snow as well.”

Igni: “What do you want to do?” It was Igni who asked the question to Alicia this time.

He was talking about whether he should blow the cloud away with {Fireball} butーー

Alicia: “What are you talking about? Have you forgotten my Wizard’s Title?” Alicia brushed off his question at once.

It’s true. Her Wizard’s Title was “Hurricane.” Igni: “Then there’s no problem there.”

Gain: “But the temperature will drop dramatically, so you will need protective winter clothing. That will also reduce your movements.”

Igni: “I can take care of that with my {Fireball}.”

Even if the temperature drops, they just need a heat source nearby, and the problem is resolved.

Alicia: “Is there anything else we need to be careful of?” Gain paused and thought for a moment at Alicia’s last question. And after the last ice cold breeze passed by, he opened his mouth to speak.

Gain: “........Hayem is extremely strong. Please be careful.” Alicia: “Then let’s go, Igni.” Igni: “Sounds good.” It is critical to communicate with the person in charge.

Once they were done with that, all Igni and Alicia had left was to slay the Dragon.

Alicia returned to the horse carriage, brought back her broom, and sat on it.

Alicia: “Igni, you can ride behind me.” Igni: “Huh? But I can fly on my own.” Alicia: “JーJust do it.”

With Alicia’s strong suggestion, Igni sat behind her on the broom.

Alicia: “Hold on tight.” Igni: “SーSure.”

Igni placed his arms around Alicia’s waste. It felt so small and fragile in his arms.

Alicia: “{To me, Wind, Ventos}”

With Alicia’s short incantation, a sudden gust of wind carried them up into the sky. The next instant, an arctic breeze rushed towards them threatening to turn them into instant icicles!

Igni: “[Envelop] {Fire}!!”

Igni hurriedly cast his Spell.

Three {Fireballs} appeared around them and released heat.

Just with that, the temperature around them rose, and it became easier to fly.

Alicia: “Grab on tighter so you don’t fall off.”

Igni: “OーOkay, got it.” He squeezed Alicia from behind, and her fluffy jacket was right beneath his nose. But he felt Alicia’s warmth in his arms even more as he did so.

Igni: (Oh, she smells so amazing……)

Igni sniffed the scent of Alicia’s hair…….or rather, it was the smell of her shampoo, but not knowing so, he felt his heart jump up in delight.

But that kind of enjoyment did not last long.

Alicia: “Igni! We’re entering that cloud!”

Igni: “Okay!”

Alicia: “[To me, wind, spiral and twist; Ventors Torque]!!


The wind roared as a small tornado appeared. It shot out from Alicia’s hand and hit the cloud head on!

It created a small passage that Igni and Alicia could both barely fit, and Alicia dove straight into the crack. With enough speed and momentum, they both entered into Hayem’s realm inside.

[Oh, I wonder what it is this time?]

And the Strongest race of creatures smiled warmly.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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