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Extreme Flame Wizard c148

Ch. 149: The Night Road and the Wizard

It was after dinner.

The earlier excitement gradually simmered down in the tavern, and Igni’s group decided to disband for the night.

Igni: “I’ll walk Alicia home, so go ahead without me.”

Yoori: “Okay, I understand.”

Igni left Sara in Yoori’s care and walked with Alicia.

Alicia: “IーIt’s okay. I can go back by myself.” Igni: “But it’s dangerous walking home alone at night.”

Alicia: “......IーI guess it can’t be helped then. Could you walk me home?” Feeling the slight buzz from the alcohol, their reddened faces were cooled by the night’s breeze.

Though there were significantly less people in the Capital than usual, people still poured out of the taverns and their voices echoed throughout the city.

Alicia: “Igni……”

Igni: “Hm?”

While they were walking along, Alicia opened up with a topic.

Though her voice was so quiet that it could have easily been overlooked, it was impossible to sneak by Igni’s sense of hearing.

Alicia: “If……..if something happens where your strength alone wouldn’t make any difference……what would you do?” Igni: “I would rely on others.”

Igni did not hesitate with his answer.

Igni understands what he is capable of doing.

Being trained in the [Demon King’s Realm] for 2 years, and elevated his {Fireball} to the realm of <Magic>. For him, he made it a habit to clearly distinguish between what he can and cannot do.

And that’s why he wasn’t embarrassed to rely on others, or rather, he would beg them to help him.

That is just who he is today.

Alicia: “.......yes, I thought you might say that.”

And Alicia laughed weakly to herself.

Alicia: “Hey, Igni. If… the future, something terrible is happening to me…..will you help me then?” Igni: “Of course, I will.” Igni was almost offended by the question and answered firmly as he watched Alicia.

Igni: “Was it something that came up with your fortune telling?” And asked her straight away.

Alicia had a habit of looking strong and confident.

But Igni knew that she did so to desperately hide her weaknesses too.

So if she’s feeling cornered like this, then it’s because something else happened that is making her feel this way.

Alicia: “..........yes.” Finally, Alicia nodded.

Alicia: “I think in the near future, I’m going to be sacrificed.”

Igni: “What….do you mean by that……?”

Alicia: “I don’t………..know any of the specifics. Fortune Telling doesn’t tell you everything.” “But” is what she added before speaking further.

Alicia: “The card I was revealed was [Crucify]. It means being sacrificed or to be sacrificed. In the……near future……that is what is supposed to happen to me.”

Igni: “..............”

Alicia: “Of course, it’s just a possibility.”

Alicia reached out quietly to hold Igni’s hand.

Alicia: “I think……it’s about an arranged marriage.”

Alicia spoke passively as to focus objectively on the issue and continued whispering the facts she knew one by one.

Alicia: “The Empire has….in the past, increased its territories by forceful invasion…….but because of that, we have many enemies, and at some point, we need to take measures to ensure the balance and safety of the country.”

Igni: “And so, you’ll be the one to step in to make that happen?” Alicia: “It’s…..only a possibility at this point. Sister Celia is an [Extreme] so she cannot leave the Empire, and she’ll refuse to leave. Sister Elena is……well, she has Beast Race blood in her.”

Igni: “”

Igni tilted his head at Alicia’s words.

Igni: “Is that a bad thing?” Alicia: “No, not really. But she will be subjected to some degree of mistreatment. That’s why….it’ll be difficult for her to fill that role…..”

Igni: “So they will choose you, Alicia, by a simple elimination of choices……I see……”

Alicia: “Yes. I…….think so……maybe……”

As the atmosphere depressed, Igni searched for anything to say to her.

Alicia may not be looking for an answer from him.

She may have just wanted Igni to listen to her worries.

And she may be looking for the answer on her own.

Igni: (What would Grandpa have said in this situation?)

The thought suddenly crossed Igni’s mind.

As he searched deeply for the words to say, light sparked and shot through Igni’s mind.


[ShーShe’s not……looking……for an answer?]

[That’s right. So if you are listening to a woman speak, there are men who take it upon themselves to try and give advice with their best face on…….but they can never be popular.]

[WhーWhy is that?! That’s weird!!]

It was in the middle of winter.

North of the [Demon King’s Realm], the winter chill threatened to shut the body down. Hence, Igni needed to use his {Fireball} to survive.

[Why would a girl tell you about their problems if they don’t want you to help them solve it! That’s completely the opposite!!]


Lucas’ voice roared and echoed over the snow-capped mountains.

[There are times when they just need someone to listen! There are times when they will find the answer themselves!! Sometimes, they just want someone to just give them a hint!!!]

[...........IーI see…………?]

Igni tilted his head with confusion.

[There are times when they just want you to hear their story and understand their feelings! You should have times like that too. When you go through hardship or suffering… just want someone to tell you, ‘you had a tough time’ and just with that, your heart feels lighter……!”

[Um, actually, no. Never happened to me.]

[Then it will happen to you in the future!!]

[Do you really think so…..?]

[Of course it will!! But what’s so troublesome with women when they’re discussing their issues with you is that……that is not the exact opportunity.”

[Huh, really? I thought we just thought differently.]

[There’s that, too. But as long as they are human, there will be times when they want to be saved!]

[.......what do you mean?]

[Though they want you to save them, it pains them to put into words……..if they are truly human, they will bear this thought and suffer……..! But…….if you just give advice and end it there…… you really think a human like that can be popular?!]


[ the tumultuous midst of their trial and suffering, they cannot outright rely on anyone……so they result to asking for advice as they mask their call for help………! It is then…….!]

Lucas drew in a breath.

[The man who saves you will be popular……!]

[Oh, OHHHH….!!]

[Of course, you would not be able to save her with such petty strength……..! But if you are not one of the strong, if you are not strong enough that you always overwhelm your enemies, then your attempt will be crushed in miserable defeat……..!]

[IーI get it, Grandpa! I’ll do my very best!!]

[Good. If you truly understand, continue your training!!]

And as soon as Lucas was done shoutingーー


And the ground began to murmur and shake tremendously.

[Huh? Grandpa, are you manipulating Magic?]

[I haven’t done a thing. ……hm?]

Igni and Lucas look up the snowy mountain at the same time towards the very top.

And from there, they saw a tremendous wall of snow heading towards them.

[ [ AVALANCHEーー!! ] ]

If you shout on a snowy mountain, this would happen.


As Igni recalled the incident on that snow capped mountain, Igni thought of Alicia.

He remembered that Alicia is a girl that withdrew to herself at the most critical moment ー she was that kind of girl.

If she was selfish, she could just stretch out her hand, but fear would overtake her and keep her paralyzed in place. That’s the kind of girl she is.

But Igni also knew.

That it was also his fault.

It was his fault that Alicia could not be selfish to him because he hasn’t given her the confidence that he could answer fully with all her hope and trust.

That’s why Igni gripped Alicia’s hand back andーー

Igni: “Alicia, I have a good idea.” ーーis what he said.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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Mar 17, 2023

First thought was:

Stand Infront of King after defeating the dragon

Igni kneels and Looks all serious

"I would like your daughter as my reward"


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4614-Abhinav Aggarwal
4614-Abhinav Aggarwal
Jul 01, 2022

Sister Elena is……well, she has Beast Race blood in her.



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