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Extreme Flame Wizard c143

Ch. 143: The Reunion and the Wizard

Elie: “This is the candy store that the Royal Family loves - especially the 3rd Imperial Princess, Alicia, adores this place.”

Igni: “Ohー Alicia likes this place.”

Entering the store, Igni saw a variety of snacks, candies, and desserts as his eyes wandered from one delicacy to another.

Since the Royal Family visits this store often, there were many customers lining up along the aisles.

Since many kinds of races immigrated to the Empire, there were many Dwarves and Beastmen within the store.

Igni: “Hey, Yoori. You think we should get something for Alicia?”

Yoori: “Yeah, that’s a good idea. I wonder what Miss Alicia would like.” And the two glanced around at the variety of treats, Elie, who was standing behind them, spoke her realization out loud.

Elie: “Oh, that’s right. You are all students of the Rolmod Academy. It wouldn’t be a surprise if you knew about Alicia then.” Igni: “Yeah, we’re friends.”

Elie: “Reallyー I can’t believe that [Hurricane] Alicia made friends…..”

Igni: “Hm? Why? She doesn’t have friends here?” Elie: “She’s super famous for never smiling once around here.”

Igni: “Really? She laughs like everyone else to me.”

Elie: “That just means that she feels comfortable around you.”

Igni: “I’m glad if that’s the case.” And though Igni said that casually, he was jumping up and down inside.

Sara: “Igni, I want this.” Igni: “Hm? Oh, you want these cookies?” Sara, who was exploring the desserts on her own, pointed at the one she wanted.

Seeing that, a thought crossed Igni’s mind.

Igni: “Why not buy her cookies? They would last longer.”

Yoori: “Yeah, that’s a good idea. But are we going to buy some for her right now? We don’t even know when Miss Alicia will be returning to the school, so maybe we should buy it before we leave?” Igni: “Yeah, that makes sense. Then why not buy a little bit of everything to see which one tastes the best? I’m sure she would appreciate it more if we get the best cookies.”

Yoori: “Yes, you’re right. Which ones should we try?” Sara: “This one!”

And Sara immediately pointed at a pink cookie.

Igni: “Then this one, this and this…..oh, and this one too.”

And Igni places his order with one of the workers, and they begin to package the cookies into a bag.

Since there is nothing to do until they pay at the register, Igni stares into the crowd behind him and sees a familiar looking witches hat.

It is one of the Witch’s Big Hat’s that Alicia also wears.

Igni: “I guess the Witch’s Big Hat is even popular in the Empire.”

Igni mumbled quietly to himself as Elie nodded in agreement.

Elie: “Yes, Aria, the [Wise]’s fame stretches across to the Empire.”

The renowned Witch was the only member of the Hero’s Party that did not make her own country.

It is said that her systematic analysis of Magic and Spell theory has been foundational in creating today’s Modern Magic Theory. Hence, that is why people regard her as a true Sage of the Age, the greatest Witch that ever lived. She always wore her trademark Witch’s hat, and just like the Swordmaster and Hero, many children looked up to her.

In order to become an extraordinary Witch, you must wear the big hat and quietly focus on your Spell…….is something every Wizard has heard before.

Igni thought about how famous the Hero and his Party was……when Elie, who was standing next to him suddenly smiled.

Elie: “Igni, here, come over here for a sec.” Igni: “Huh? What? What’s going on? Oh, Yoori, could you take care of the payment?” Elie grabbed his arm and began pulling him as Igni followed her lead in confusion.

But he didn’t mind at all having a girl pull his hand, so they walked nearer and nearer to the girl wearing the Witch’s Big Hat.

She stood in front of the sugar candy with a very serious gaze, and Elie stood behind her. She then tapped the girl on the shoulder. The girl seemed to be completely consumed by the candy, so Elie tapped her shoulder once more.

“..........what?” With a low, growling voice, the girl turned around and…….her face instantly turned to shock.

But it wasn’t just the girl’s face that changed.

Igni also instantly froze at the sight andーー

Alicia: “IーIgni?!” Igni: “AliーーHMPH!”

He tried to cry out “Alicia!” but a hand suddenly covered his mouth.

Elie: “Yelling in this kind of place would bring too much attention.”

Igni: “YーYeah, butーー”

Igni understood what Elie meant and nodded in agreement.

But he still could not help but feel astounded at the situation.

Is it okay for a member of the Imperial family to come to a place like this alone?”

That doubt nestled firmly inside Igni’s mind as Alicia spoke up.

Alicia: “WhーWhy are you here, Igni?! Wait, who’s this girl?!”

Elie: “Can you guess?” Alicia had her Witch’s Big Hat pulled over to cover her face, and in the same way, Elie had her hood masking her face as well. Elie leaned over to let Alicia see her face andーー

Alicia: “Huh?! SーSister?!”

Elie: “Correct! You get 100 points.”

And stood in shock as well.

Igni: “Sister?” Igni picked up what Alicia said andーー

Elie: “Yup, that’s right. We can talk more over there!”

Elie grinned as she took Alicia by the hand.


Elie: “My name is Elena Esmeralda. I’m sure you already know by now, but I am the 2nd Imperial Princess. I am Alicia’s elder sister.”

The 5 of them sat around a circular table inside a cafe as Elena explained jovially.

Elena: “But I get bored just sitting around the castle, so I go out every once in a while to play around with Adventurers. Any questions?”

Igni: “Um……is that really okay? To walk around like this?” Igni spoke his question to Elie, who he now knew as Elena.

Elena: “Yup. But of course, after I take care of business.”

Igni: “Business…..?”

Elena: “Fighting lessons and studying, that kind of stuff.”

Igni nodded at Elena’s words.

Igni: “So why are both of you walking around outside the castle then…..?” And this was an obvious question on everyone’s mind.

Elena: “Hm? Isn’t it obvious? It’s because we’re bored.”

Igni: “Bored……?”

Elena: “Sister Celia is out having fun somewhere, and all the annoying elders are busy slaying the Dragon. That’s why there’s less things to do around here. We’ve been doing the Birthday Festival every year, so there’s no point in going to the rehearsals either.”

And Elena answered without any pause to Igni’s question.

Igni glanced in Alicia’s direction andーー

Alicia: “IーI’m the same too. Now, it’s my turn. Why are you guys here, Igni?”

Igni: “We were brought here.” Alicia: “By whom?”

Igni: “Grandpa.”

Alicia: “......Mr. Lucas?” Igni: “Yup.”

Alicia looks grimly suspicious at Igni’s answer.

Igni: “Huh? You didn’t know that Grandpa was here in the Empire?” Alicia: “Of course I don’t. I didn’t hear anything about that.”

Igni: “Oh, I see…….”

Though Igni didn’t know who Lucas meant by an old acquaintance, something prompted him to come all the way to the Empire, so Igni assumed it was someone in the Imperial Family. Since Alicia hasn’t heard about this, then that most likely meant that Igni’s assumption was wrong.

First and foremost, an [Extreme] is a nation’s greatest weapon.

They should refrain from traveling without permission, but if Lucas had that kind of common sense, he would never have been excommunicated from his Noble family lineage.

Alicia: “Well, let’s put aside the [Extreme] of [Light] for the time being.” Alicia digressed to her original intention.

Alicia: “Igni, I have something to ask of you.” Igni: “Me?”

Alicia looked relaxed and calm as she stared into Igni’s eyes.

Hope stirred behind those eyes as she knew she could count on him for anything.

Alicia: “I want you to defeat the Dragon.” Igni: “Sure.” And undoubtedly, Igni, the [Strongest], would not let her down.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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Damn Igni's jawline is getting more and more defined. The world's biggest gigachad in the making.

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Lucas Lennan
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