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Extreme Flame Wizard c142

Ch. 142: The Grudge and the Empire

On our second day, Elie again showed us around the Imperial Capital.

Elie: “This is the History Museum filled to the brim with the Empire’s history.”

And she took us to a large building that was sitting next to the castle.

It was unique in that the building was shaped like a dome.

Elie: “It’s been 100 years since the Empire was built, and all of that history is stuffed here. You can even see the display of the sword that the very first Swordmaster used.”

Sara: “I want to see!”

Elie: “Hehe. I thought so, so I already bought the tickets. Let’s go in.”

Elie puffed her chest out proudly as she spoke.

As Igni and his group received the tickets from Elie, they went inside the History Museum.

When we were inside, what Igni saw first was a giant map.

And it was not just a map of the Empire. It was a rare <world map>.

Sara: “What is it?” Sara asks as she looks at the map in confusion.

Elie: “This is a map of the entire world.”

Sara: “A map?” Elie, who was next to her, answered Sara’s question.

Elie: “Yes, the shape of the world is drawn here.”

The Imperial Capital was marked with a red circle, and the Kingdom, the Principality, and the Holy Nation and any other locations that were accepted as legitimate nations were marked with other colored circles.

The [Demon King’s Realm] which were not reclaimed back by humanity were colored purple, and between the countries and the [Demon King’s Realm], the territories that remained uncertain were colored white.

Sara: “What’s this white part?” Elie: “It’s a territory that’s not a country. No one lives there.”

Sara: “Why does no one live there?” Elie: “It’s because they can’t.” Sara: “Why?” Elie: “Because there are things there that aren’t people living there.”

Sara: “I don’t get it.”

Elie patiently answered Sara’s on-going questions.

But what Elie is saying is not wrong.

There, there is a Dragon who will change the weather by just being there, and not only that, the earth twisted and warped.

There were vampires who ruled small-scale colonies and placed many people under their jurisdiction and called it a country.

And there were [Transgressors] who, though being human, aspired to become the [Demon King] and reached the pinnacle of power and strength.

They split the unclaimed territories and called the land their own.

And the only thing protecting humanity from these monsters was the strongest trump cards humanity held which were the [Extremes].

Elie: “Hey everyone, over here.”

Since it won’t be so interesting looking at the map all day, they all proceeded deeper into the museum following Elie. Next, they saw a diagram of the family tree.

Elie: “This is the Imperial Family’s family tree. At the very top was the very first Emperor, the first Swordmaster. And underneath him is his children.”

Looking below, they saw Celia’s picture and a girl they didn’t recognize, and Alicia’s picture was hung at the very bottom.

Yoori: “So there’s 3 sisters.”

Yoori mumbled quietly to himself.

Elie: “Yup. So out of these 3, the next Emperor will be decided.”

Yoori: “How will they decide that?” It was Yoori who asked the question.

Elie: “It will basically come down to who’s the strongest, and who can do politics the best. If all 3 fail in this aspect, one will be decided randomly, given several exceptional council members to run the country from behind the scenes.”

Yoori: “I see. So it’s not based on age, so the oldest doesn’t automatically become Emperor.”

Elie: “Well, you see, <Celia> keeps doing her own thing.”

And Elie shrugged as she spoke to Yoori.

It was quite shocking to hear someone call Celia, the most popular person in this Empire, without any honorifics, and it left quite a strong impression on Igni.

Elie: “Next is this.” As they followed Elie, they came to a large room.

Inside the transparent case, in the centerーー

As if it was standing boldly there, a single sword was protruding from a pedestal.

Elie: “What do you think? This is the sword that Swordmaster Cain was using.”

Igni: “........!!”

Igni: (It looks so cool!!)

And Igni was incredibly excited at the sight of the sword.

Even someone like him who doesn’t wield a sword that well was drawn to it.

Elie: “It is made from the rarest metal, Orichalcum, and forged by the dwarf, the [God Smith] Vernand - the one known as the god of all blacksmiths.”

“ “ Yeep…… ” ”

Hearing a name they’ve only heard in fairy tales, Igni and Yoori’s jaws dropped in astonishment.

Elie: “It’s a national treasure that will never dull or break. It is most definitely the holiest of all swords.”

Igni: “That’s amazing…..”

Elie: “Vernand did not make that many swords, and only had one disciple, so it’s difficult understanding the techniques he used.”

Yoori: “Oh, I know that story. It’s Croix, the [Caster], right?” Elie: “That’s right. You’re very knowledgeable.”

Yoori: “Yes! That story’s famous.” Igni: (........IーI didn’t know that.)

Not knowing that they were leaving Igni behind in the conversation, the two continued to speak.

Elie: “It’s said that even among the most difficult of dwarf personalities, Croix was the most difficult, and only lent their finished products to people they knew. Among them is the [Extreme] of [Sword], Clara.”

Igni: “Huh?” Igni suddenly perked up hearing a familiar name.

Elie: “Oh, you didn’t know? Besides that, the [Extreme] of [Sword] Clara’s master is Swordmaster Cain!”

And Elie puffed out her chest with pride.

Igni: “IーI didn’t know…..”

Elie: “Even though the Elves and Dwarves do not get along, both of their masters got along, so the two became friends…..or so they say.”

Igni: “IーI see.”

Elie: “That’s why Miss Clara feels some debt owed to the Empire and comes to visit sometimes. You know how Elves disdain humans, so this is a big deal.”

Igni: (Even though she threw away the honorifics for Celia, she addressed Clara with respect.)

And Igni wondered about this whenーー

Elie: “Igni, haven’t you met Miss Clara before?” Igni: “YーYeah. I have.”

Having Elie suddenly throw a question his way, Igni responded without thought.

He wondered how she knew about that, but she did mention about knowing about the incident with the Saint Abduction, so she must know what happened at the Principality.

Elie: “What was your impression of her?” Igni: “She was strong.” Igni nodded firmly.

Igni: (She was strong in many ways.)

Igni thought of her sword techniques, her methods of deceiving her enemies, and how capable she was at cleaning up after her work was done.

And above all else, she carried huge breasts with that small body which should be very awkward for her, and it was all he could stare at was, to Igni, her strongest advantage.

Greasy food would give him indigestion, but before the [Strongest], largest breasts, Igni could never get enough. He could continue staring at those indefinitely.

Igni: (It’s too amazing…..!)

Elie: “So the Swordmaster trained and left an incredibly strong disciple, but 90 years ago, as if to follow after the Hero, he passed away. Right now, he is laid to rest in a quiet, peaceful location in the Imperial Capital.”

Igni: “.........I see.”

Elie: “And these are all the cultural treasures of the countries that are now under the Empire’s rule.”

As she stated something incredible very casually, Elie led them to the next room.

Elie: “The Empire has led several invasions and wars into other counties, and became the large territory it is today. It is said that it is one of the disagreements they had between the Hero and the Swordmaster.”

Igni: (So he led invasions……)

Yoori looked like he wanted to say something to Elie, but Yoori was too kind. Even though Yoori had a strong opinion about invading another country, Igni thought differently. Igni understood the importance of understanding someone with a different set of values, and to show them that he understood.

Of course, even if you understand another opposing set of values, there’s no need to adopt them.

But it is possible to understand it.

This is the root of the Ultimate Secret to Popularity No. 8 ーー “Men who can receive women as they are will be Popular!”

Igni: (Yoori, you have so much farther to go.)

So in order to get along with girls in the Empire, it is important to understand their set of values…..! It is absolutely essential!

Igni: (Everything we believe has been influenced by the Kingdom.)

Igni: (And just simply expressing our different viewpoints with the Empire will not help you be Popular…….!)

A Popular man is someone with a great heart, so if he gets upset over something petty like this……

Elie: “This is a battle suit from a southern country. Women were raised as warriors too, and they were quite the opponent.”

And before Igni and his group’s eyes, they saw a bikini armor with even less surface covered ー a micro bikini armor……!!

Igni: (Would this really conceal what it’s supposed to? Wouldn’t important things just fall out during a real battle?)

Igni stood flabbergasted as innocent, boyhood questions endlessly flooded his mind.

Yoori: “What? ThーThey really fought wearing something like this?” Yoori was astonished.

Elie: “That’s right. They said that wearing this allowed the Magic Spells to pass through their bodies better…….but since they’re now under the Empire, I don’t think you’ll see anyone there wearing this anymore.”

Igni: (........!!!!)

Igni: (........I………..)

Igni: (............I won’t forgive you, stupid Empire……!!)


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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