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Extreme Flame Wizard c141

Ch. 141: The Comrade and the Wizard

Yoori: “Miss Elie was really knowledgeable.”

Igni: “Yeah, she was. It was really great to have someone who really knows the area take us around.”

Igni, Sara, and Yoori were eating dinner at the recommended tavern.

Sara was doing her best to root out all the small bones in her coal grilled fish.

Yoori: “It looks pretty lively here, but if there’s really a lot less people here, I can only imagine what the Capital is usually like.”

Igni: “It’s undoubtedly the capital of the top 2 countries in this world. I’m sure it has as many people as the Kingdom.”

The top 2 countries refer to Igni and his group’s Kingdom and the Empire.

As the title suggests, among all the nations in the world, these two are known as the most powerful countries.

Yoori: “But in that case, I guess there’s really not as many people here. Maybe it’s because the port city is closed?” Igni: “Probably.”

Per Elie, none of the merchants have been able to arrive here.

That should be the case. The merchants who were using the sea routes to transport their enormous amounts of goods no longer had a port to dock at.

Though they did switch to using land routes with horse carriages and dragon carts, the difference in the amount of goods they could transport was staggeringly small in comparison.

Yoori: “Miss Celia is dealing with other national security issues, huh…..I wonder where she is right now if she’s not dealing with the Dragon.”

Yoori sipped his fruit wine as he spoke.

Igni: “........[Transgressors]”

Hearing Igni mumble the word, Yoori placed his hands quietly on the table.

Yoori: “That can’t be.”

Igni: “I’m joking.”

Yoori: “Thought so.”

There are people who are called [Magicians].

Unlike Wizards who can multiply something from 1 to 10, there are humans who have stepped into the realm of God as they create something out of absolutely nothing. But not all [Magicians] are defenders of humanity.

At times, incredible power will corrupt people.

It would change a common person into an angel or a devil.

In the past, as it changed a powerless boy into the King of Demons, there are more than a handful of examples of those who obtained incredible power and turned it against humanity. And as the [Extreme] of [Darkness] was possessed by the power of the [Demon King], there are many who admire the [Demon King].

And holding similar aspirations, there are those who reached the pinnacle of humanity.

But those Magicians are not called [Extremes].

The most serious criminals who place themselves against humanity and the world are called [Transgressors].

As soon as they are categorized as [Transgressors], all their rights as humans are revoked, become the prioritized target, and have an enormous reward placed on their heads. But that reward is rarely paid out. That is because between Wizards and Magicians, there is a difference in strength that can never be bridged.

And the [Transgressors] would live outside the human territories in the [Demon King’s Realm], and there are some who consider that territory their own “country.” In fact, they reign as the sole King of that area.

There are a few rare cases where an [Extreme] would transition to become a [Transgressor].

One of them is [The Endless Depths] Abyss.

Yoori: “There’s no news about the [Transgressors] making any moves.”

Igni: “Yeah, that’s why I’m saying it was a joke.”

As Magicians who went against humanity, they are humans who have drowned in their own greed.

Then they also value their lives as well.

As countries retain [Extremes] to help defend their territories, and as they train exceptionally strong Wizards in Wizard Academy, the [Transgressors] cannot easily attack countries. On top of that, each [Transgressor] holds immense power and will typically see other [Transgressors] as enemies.

That’s why they typically will not attack humanity first.

And that’s also the reason why [Transgressors] are treated as fairy tales or urban legends.

But they are not mythical beings and do actually exist.

The dungeon where they are detained is the [Underground Dungeon - Labyrinth].

For those who have forfeited their rights as humans, this is the Dungeon where they are kept to <make the most use out of them>.

Yoori: “That reminds me. I thought your grandpa was coming back tonight, so is it okay that we aren’t heading back yet?” Igni: “Hm? Yeah, it’s okay.”

Yoori was picking at his salad as he asked, and Igni nodded.

Igni: “If Grandpa says he’ll be back tonight, he won’t be back for a couple of days.”

Yoori: “Whaaaat…..”

Igni: “You’ve heard about the [Extreme] of [Light]’s habit of wandering, right?”

Yoori: “YーYes. Even I know about that. It’s pretty famous. …… it true? He never came back home so eventually, the family disowned him?”

Igni: “Yeah, that’s all true.”

Not knowing how to respond, Yoori strained a smile at Igni’s words.

Even an [Extreme] isn’t necessarily going to be a person of exceptional character.

Igni: “He’ll probably won’t be back until the Birthday Festival.”

Yoori: “Really?” Igni: “As far as how things are going now, yes.”

Yoori: “IーI see….”

Sara: “Look, Igni!”

As Yoori is reeling from the revelation, Sara speaks up from besides him.

Glancing her way, Sara was showing off her plate where she was able to eat all the fish meat and leave only the bones behind.

Igni: “Whoa! You did a great job eating that fish! Good job, Sara!”

And Igni patted Sara’s head as he delivered his compliments.

And Sara let out a breath of satisfaction.

Igni: “Sorry, I need to use the bathroom.”

Drinking too much fruit wine, Igni began feeling the liquid fill his bladder and left his seat.

Blushing slightly from the alcohol and feeling the buzzing energy of the tavern, he walked to the bathroom. A young man who was in his blindside got up out of his seat andーーbumped into Igni.

Igni: “Whoa?!”


Both Igni and the young man lose their balance. Igni kept his balance, but the young man fell over and toppled with his mug of ale as it spilled across the floor.

“Oh noーー.....”

The young man dropped his shoulders, Igni walked up to him.

Igni: “Sorry, didn’t see you there.”

“NーNo, it’s okay. It was my fault too.”

The young man stood up surveying the mess as he looked up at Igni.

Igni looked at him at the same time.

Igni: (.......huh? He looks just like me.)

And Igni immediately felt a mysterious familiarity with the young man.

But it’s not that they look exactly alike.

Their commonality is their crimson red hair.

But even so, the young man and Igni stare at one another.

“Hey, Fram. How long do you plan to stare at each other?”

Fram: “Oh, yeah. Uh, I just thought we look alike.”

One of the men who was sitting with the young man with crimson hair was named Fram.

Igni: “ too. I definitely feel like we’re alike.”

Fram: “YーYeah, you think so too? We are alike, huh.”

Igni has never felt this close and familiar with anyone before.

Quite frankly, this guy was more like him than his younger brother, Fray.

Fram: “I’m Fram. I just recently arrived here at the Empire.”

Igni: “I’m Ighi. I just arrived here today.”

Fram offered his hand, and Igni shook it.

“Hey, Fram. Let’s get going.”

Fram: “Yeah, I know. Then, see you, Igni. I hope we meet somewhere again.”

And with that, Fram scurried away towards the register as Igni watched him.

Igni: (.......maybe he wants to be Popular too…….)

And Igni hurried to the restroom as a random thought crossed his mind.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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