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Extreme Flame Wizard c136

Ch. 136: The Summer, the Winter, and the Strongest Type

Yoori: “ACK…..?! It’s so hot in here! Oh! Igni, why didn’t you turn on the A/C?!” Yoori came back happily to his dorm room in the Rolmod Wizard Academy, but as soon as he opened the door, he was hit with a wall of heat. Igni was on the floor of the room sprawled out spread eagle on his back as he slept.

It was still 2 weeks into the summer break.

The summer heat wave was just beginning, but the temperature inside the room was unbearably scorching.

Igni: “Oh……Yoori, is that you……?” Yoori: “The window……is opened. I guess there’s no breeze today, so it’s gotten this hot……” Igni: “The A/C…… broken…….”

Igni mumbled the words and then fell silent on the floor.

Igni just returned to the room the other day, and using an air conditioning Magecraft Artifact, he was spending the day comfortably inside, but this morning, it blew out smoke and went out of commission. He went to discuss this with one of the teachers, and the repairman would not be available until the day after tomorrow. So in order to get as cool as possible, he laid down on the floor.

Yoori: “Here, I can do something about that.”

With that, Yoori created a sphere of water and creating a wind, he sent the hot air outside. Just with that, the room was significantly cooler. Igni rose from the ground sluggishly.

Igni: “’re a lifesaver.”

Yoori: “Haha, I’m glad I could help.”

Yoori smiled as he chuckled.

Yoori: “So what were you up to today, Igni?” Igni: “I was playing with Sara.”

I thought it would be discouraging for her to be in the basement room all the time, so I took the time to hang out with her. I don’t know where she learned the word, but she kept shouting that we were on a date, and the people around us chuckled at the sight.

And then, Igni recalled something at that moment.

Igni: “Oh yeah, Yoori. There’s a letter for you.”

Yoori: “A letter? From who?” Igni: “The ‘Black and White Sister.’” Igni took the letter he received from the sisters when he was still at the Owlight residence. Yoori opened the letter and read the words conveying the sisters’ gratitude for their time at his town and eventually see each other again in the future.

Yoori: “It’s a little amazing….receiving a letter like this.”

Igni: “They’re trying their best for people to remember them.”

But even just a single letter can make a huge difference.

But it’s rare to see this kind of care given from a mercenary, and maybe this is what will set them apart from the rest.

Yoori: “Oh, on the topic of letters, I just got one to bring to you too, Igni.” Igni: “For me?” Igni: (Is it a love letter?!)

And with a deep, serious expression, Igni took the letter with that thought in mind. He immediately took out the paper from the envelope to confirm the contents.

Igni: “’s from Grandpa…..”

It was rare for his grandfather to write a letter, and Igni glanced over the contents quickly. His grandfather’s handwriting was distinct and unique, but still easy to read. After finishing, he let out a sigh.

Igni: “That’s just like him.” Yoori: “What’s wrong?” Igni: “He says he’s coming to get me in 3 days.”

Yoori: “You’re going back to your family’s home?” Igni: “No, we’re going to <go have some fun>. He says I can bring friends and girls along if I want.”

Yoori: “Meaning………Sara?” Igni: “Probably. I don’t know how he knew though…..”

Yoori: “So……..where are you going?”

Igni: “Well, we’ll be heading toーー”

But before Igni could continue, the door of their room flew open!


“Igni! Do you want to go out together for some dinner?!”

And Elina entered the room.

Yoori: “Miss Elina?!”

Elina: “Yoori, it’s been a while. Have you been well?” Yoori: “Yes, I’m doing fine. But Miss Elina, is it okay? You know that girls are not allowed here?”

Elina: “Is that so? I asked the people on the bottom floor that I wanted to see Igni, and they let me through.”

Elina puffed her chest out as she spoke.

Typically, it’s well known that rules like this are more lax against girls than boys.

Igni: “Yeah, that sounds good. Let’s go eat. Yoori, you want to come too, right?” Yoori: “Yeah, if I won’t be in the way.” Elina: “Of course not. C’mon. Let’s go.” Elina assured him, and Igni placed his letter on his desk quietly.

On there, the words, “Destination: Esmeralda Empire” danced on the paper.


“Hey, Iris.” The moonlight shone brightly against the smooth golden hair. The owner of the voice typically hid her hair underneath her hat, but now, showed it off to anyone who was around.

And next to her, two attendants walked two steps behind, and followed after the 3rd Imperial Princess.

Iris: “........yes, Lady Alicia.”

Alicia: “Just call me Alicia.” Iris: “I would be executed for doing so here.”

Alicia: “Then just listen to me until we arrive at the room.”

Iris: “.......yes.”

Iris bows with obedient respect. But her face remained emotionless.

While she was returning to her low-class Noble family, she received the summon to be one of the Imperial Princess’ attendants, and that the Princess was Alicia herself was a shock long forgotten after 2 weeks.

Alicia: “Iris, do you believe in Heroes?” Iris: “A Hero, your highness?”

Alicia asked that Iris speak plainly, but there was no way to address and speak to her within the castle walls, so Iris responded accordingly.

Alicia: “Yes, Heroes as they appear in fairy tales.”

She walked down a hallway that was lit by the moonlight, and spoke as if singing a gentle tune.

Alicia: “Someone not caught by politics…someone who would not give up in the face of impossible circumstances……someone who was born to save someone else…….a Hero as such…” Iris: “..........I do.” Iris answers Alicia’s question.

Alicia: “Who?” Iris: “Sir Igni.”

Alicia: “........I see.”

And that was exactly the name she was thinking of as well.

Alicia: “But Igni will not come here.”

Iris: “Yes……that is true.”

They were in the giant castle in the Capital of the Esmerelda Empire.

Iris: “But even so, if it’s Sir Igni….he will definitelyーー”

Alicia: “So strange. How can you have so much faith in Igni?” Iris: “I know a good person when I see one.”

Alicia: “ that so….”

Alicia smiles as she sees confidence overflowing out of Iris’ face.

Alicia: “That……is a very good thing to have.” Iris: “Yes!”

And Alicia suddenly noticed something strange in the sky.

Alicia: “.......I wonder……what that is?” Iris: “What do you see, your Highness?”

And Iris pokes her head out from the side.

Alicia: “Look, in the sky.”

There was something white floating down from the sky.

And although it was the middle of summer, the temperature began to drop rapidly as their breaths now showed white against the freezing air.

Alicia: “.........this……it can’t be……”

An abnormal phenomenon that would be impossible in the summer heat.

“ “ Snow? ” ”

Both spoke their disbelief in unison.

But they also knew.

In this world, there are people who can destroy reason.

In this world, there are people who can move the world with Spells capable of destroying an entire country.

The Disaster-Scale Spell {Winter}.

A simple word. But that single-word Spell could not be described by any other word. And the sole caster who was capable of using the Spell carried the same title.

Alicia: “.........why is she here…..?” Hayem, the [Winter].

For many ages, she is the strongest creature to have even survived the last Great War.

As a Dragon, she continued to let snow fall in the Empire’s skies.

[What a beautiful land.]

And there, she smiled.

To be continued!!!{untranslated}

[From the author]

With this, it’s the end of Book 4!


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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