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Extreme Flame Wizard c135

Ch. 135 The Father and the Wizard

It was the day after everything was done. In the afternoon, the three of them were meeting with Seta.

Seta: “Thank you, Igni. And thank you also, Rania and Nie.” Seta took in the defeated Howell as he spoke.

Seta: “With the Mines back to normal, the Owlight Family will be able to rest easy.”

He asked Ella, his maid, to hand over the reward money to each of the three.

Feeling the weight of the bags, it was quite the amount.

And it showed how serious the Owlight Family was about this Request. It was cute seeing the “Black and White Sisters” not be able to hide their smiles.

But still having plenty of winnings left over from winning the Tournament, Igni had no interest in money. Besides, if he wanted to make money, he could work as an Adventurer, and that was not his focus right now.

Igni: “Please convey your gratitude to Elina as well. Because she was there, I was able to rejoin the fight in time. If I did not make it in time, those girls would have had their memories erased and would not have realized it.”

Seta: “.........hmm, well, we can talk about that a little later.”

Seta looked briefly at Ella.

Seta: “Ella, please guide the “Black and White Sisters” to our guest meeting room.”

Ella: “Yes, Master.”

She bowed deeply, and Ella took the “Black and White” sisters outside the room. Now it was just Seta and Igni in the Head of Family’s office. Seta took out a pipe, and with a small {Fireball}, he lit it.

Seta: “To be honest, I was quite shocked when I heard the news that you were able to complete both requests at once.”

Igni: “ much did you know?” Seta: “Nothing concerning this matter.” And Seta placed a pipe in his mouth.

Seta: “’s true. I knew Howell was sneaking around while taking walks, but I would not have thought that he was involved with the incidents at the mines.”

Igni: “That’s not what I mean. I’m talking about the situation in the town.”

Seta: “” The selection of a single child through the [Gu] Ritual that is performed every few decades. And it’s certainly a method of producing an exceptional Wizard……but…….the problem is the frequency. If they continued to do this every couple of decades, they would run out of children in the town.

Then……how are there so many people still left in that town.

Igni: “You must have known from the beginning. You knew about the town and what Ritual they were performing there.” Seta: “” Seta groaned slightly as he remained deep in thought, so Igni continued.

It was clear that the entire town was twisted.

Igni: “And that giant Curse Inscription……it’s also unnatural to think that the people of the town were the ones responsible for making it. It’s not impossible, but it’s definitely unnatural. It would be more natural to think that they received some…..assistance.”

Sacrificing human life in order to give birth to powerful Wizards is as close to a Forbidden Practice as they come.

Seta: “Igni, do you know a bit about the Owlight Family’s history?” Igni: “.......just as much as anyone else.”

Seta: “Good. Then you should know very well that there have been many heroes that came from this family, but……we have yet to see an [Extreme].”

Igni: “......yes, I do.” But that is the norm for many Noble families ー hence, why every family desired that result.

Seta: “That thing…actually existed before my grandfather’s generation. It is a very, very old inheritance, and it’s said to have existed before the Great War.”

Igni: “.........before the Great War?” The Great War can only refer to one thing.

It was that fateful war where the population of Humanity was greatly reduced by that great disaster called the [Demon King].

Igni: “Why….from those days……? Was there a need to produce exceptional Wizards in the days before the [Demon King]?”

Seta: “Yes, there was. Igni, do you know about the Principle of Magic Superiority ー Magi-niasm?”

Igni: “”

Seta: “It was a way of thinking that existed before the battle against the [Demon King]. Only Wizards were accepted as true ‘humans.’ It was the thought that Wizards alone represent truly advanced Humanity. Even today, there are a few Wizards who buy into this world view.”

Igni had never heard of this before.

If that ideology remained in Igni’s days, Igni may not have been simply excommunicated from his family.

Seta: “Igni, have you ever heard the story that the [Demon King] was unable to use Spells?” Igni: “ that true?” Seta: “Just rumors. Practically a fairy tale now. But that was the reason why many countries underestimated the [Demon King]. They could not believe that someone who could not use any Spells would be able to defeat a Wizard ー ever. They bet their lives on it.”

Igni: “..............”

Seta: “But in fact, the [Demon King] was very strong. The Wizards were all killed without being able to do anything. That’s why the ideology of Magi-niasm disappeared from the general populace.”

Seta blew out a deep cloud. A purple smoke wavered before him.

Seta: “I got off-track. In other words, a system that produced exceptional Wizards was repurposed to one day create an [Extreme]. This was approved by the Royal Family, and my family is responsible for its maintenance.”

Igni: “..........?! The Royal family…….?!”

The unexpected fact slapped Igni in the face and left him bewildered.

He knew the Owlight Family must have been involved, but not the involvement of a higher authority.

Seta: “That’s right. We are called “Second” ー short for Second Seed Area of Forbidden Ritual. But the name does not matter. A Concealing Spell has been cast over the entire town, and there are measures to ensure that other countries will not hear about this forbidden experimentation. So, Igni, do you have any questions?”

Igni: “...........when was the previous Ritual performed?” Seta: “It was about 30 years ago now.” Igni: “.......the winner?” Seta: “Why, he is right in front of you, Igni.”

Igni: “............?!”

Seta’s eyes squinted slightly as he smiled.

Seta: “The Owlight Family only had one daughter. They needed someone to take over the Family business.”

Igni: “.......can that really happen?” Seta: “Don’t look so surprised. It’s actually <much rarer> to see a family that only has sons like yours, Igni Talcoyz.”

Igni: “........I have abandoned that name.” Seta: “I was very good friends with your father. When I first entered Noble society, it was he who took the time to teach me the etiquettes and formalities. As a fellow aspirer to obtain an [Extreme], we competed and sharpened one another’s skills.”

Igni: “I do not have a father. I only have my grandfather.”

Seta: “I see. Hmm, well, that is not bad either. If you are the grandson of the [Extreme] of [Ultimate Light], I can understand how you can be so strong. My children Howell and Elina are indebted to you.”

And Seta let out another plume of purpose smoke.

Igni: “........I have been saved by Elina as well. Please let her know that.” Seta: “.......oh yes, about that.”

And it was then that Seta furrowed his brows with concern.

Seta: “Elina…… no good.” Igni: “Why do you say that?” Seta: “As soon as I’m soft on her, she gets out of hand.” Igni: “................”

Understanding what Seta meant, Igni kept his mouth shut.

Seta: “It’s been very difficult finding that line…… soon as I give her one compliment, she would say that she is No. 1, and she immediately flies out of my control………and once she’s in that mind frame, she won’t listen to anything I or her mother tells her.”

Igni: “........ohー yes, that’s…..”

And not from lack of understanding, but rather, from too much understanding, Igni choked on his words.

But because Seta is indeed Elina’s father, he had to say at least this.

Igni: “........that is because… are not regarding Elina fairly.”

Seta: “” And it was Seta this time who fell silent.

Igni: “Elina……is a very cute girl. She is honest and has a straight heart. She’s a good child, so you……..should be more upfront and accept her as she is.”

Seta: “.................., yーyes.” And now Seta’s brows furrowed even deeper from being troubled.

But this was not the face of a man who almost reached the level of the [Extremes] but a father who had trouble gauging his relationship with his teenage daughter.

Seta: “................I will try my best.”

ーーis all he said.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

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Book 4

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