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Extreme Flame Wizard c133

Ch. 133: Determination and the Wizard

Howell: “[Magic]? Igni, you can use [Magic]?!”

Igni: “Yeah.”

Igni used his [Flame Engine] {Accel Boot} to continue to float above in the sky as he looked down upon Howell and spat the words out.

Howell: “, it………it can’t be…….”

Igni: “You want to see it, right?” The night breeze blew past both of them. The ground that was burning due to Igni’s {Fireball} was now quietly smoking. Howell looked up from the mid-section of the mountain as he questioned Igni.

Howell: “..........yーyou can…… can really use it?” Igni: “Yeah.” Igni placed a hand over his chest. He could feel the pulse of his heart.

And beyond that, he felt the link with Sara.

Howell: “...........that’s………<that’s impossible>. At that age………to be able to use [Magic].....”

Howell stumbled his words clumsily as he furiously tried to get each word out.

If he didn’t, all that he believed in, everything that he knew and assumed would crumble helplessly.

Howell: “You have refined your {Fireball}..........but the power of your Spell……..does not add up. There are not that many Wizards who only focus on a single Spell……….you………you are an [Magic Type Specialist・Element One], right!?”

Igni: “No, I’m an [Ultimate Specialized Spell Type・Spell One].”

Howell: “What… that …..?”

Howell asked with a trembling voice.

Igni: “In exchange for only being able to use a single Spell, your compatibility to that Spell is much higher.”

Howell: “ that……why? Is that…….why are you are able to use [Magic]?”

Igni: “You might be right.”

Igni answered with very little interest.

Howell: “.......bーbut that’s…… is that fair?!”

Igni: “No idea.”

Howell continued to scream out the words to hold back all the logic and reasoning that had supported him up until now from shattering to dust.

Howell was indeed a genius. He never wavered from his position as head of the class. He was born in a wealthy family and learned Spells from his elite Father. There was no one his own age that could compete with his skills. He took that fact for granted. With his talent and determination to keep rising, he firmly built a foundation full of confidence and success.

That’s why he believed that he would one day reach the level of [Extreme]. He dreamed of it while growing up to reach a level that his father could not. Yes, if he just had more time, he could eventually get there.

But then……..what about this man right before his eyes.

He has no family name. He is not from a Noble family.

But that’s not the issue. Whether you are a Noble or an ordinary citizen, there are true geniuses.

And this year, the Rolmod Academy was so luke warm that <even Elina could be at the top of the class>. All of the students near the top of the class are scouted by the different Knight Organizations, but Igni’s name was no one to be found amongst them.

But he was able to reach it.

Howell: “WhーWhy………?! How could that be?! How could you possibly be able to use [Magic]?!?!”

Igni: “Determination.”

A single word. That was all Igni said.

He needed no other reason.

Howell: “........! I……..I will take you down, Igni!! This research is complete with the proof that I can defeat a [Magician]!!”

And Howell created a black sphere in the palm of his hand.

Howell: “Igni! If you are indeed a [Magician], then try stopping this!! [Strong Magnetism] {Katetsura・Magneteika}!!”

<Z-Z-Z-AAAAAP-P-P-P!!!> (*sfx)

Strong magnetic forces thrashed around the area as it reacted and popped against the iron inside the dust and sand.

Though Igni was not certain of what Howell was about to do, he at least understood what he was trying to do.

Watching Howell, Igni remembered an incident last year.


[AAAAAGGGGHHHH!! (Equip Flame) {Ignition} : (Complete Incineration) {Full Burst}......]

[Too slow]

But in the middle of his incantation, Igni felt a foot strike his stomach.

His concentration now cut short, Igni flew backwards as Magic Power scattered all around him.


Igni felt the damage to his internal organs from Lucas’ kick, and as he coughed up blood, he glared at Lucas.

[What are you doing? Stand up.]

Lucas spoke quietly to him.

During combat training, Lucas showed no mercy.

No, he must have had some mercy. If Lucas had kicked Igni with his full strength, not only would Igni be disintegrated, but the whole area around him as well.

[YーYou’re cheating, Grandpa]

[How so? Igni, do you actually believe…….that <if only you got to use [Magic], you would win?>]


Having Grandpa nail his exact thoughts, Igni fell silent.

[(sigh)..........I thought as much. Listen well, Igni. That is exactly why I’m not letting you use [Magic].”

[WhーWhat do you mean?]

[Igni, your intentions are too obvious. Your eyes are speaking volumes saying, “If only I can use this, then I can go on the offensive.” But on the contrary, Igni, would you ever give another Wizard who is trying to do exact same thing an opportunity to do so?]

Igni understood what Lucas was saying and shook his head side to side.

[That’s right. <To not let an opponent use their ultimate move>. That is the mark of a true strength.]


Igni remained silent to Lucas’ reasonings.

[But…………let’s see………it seems interesting. Go ahead and use [Magic], Igni.]

[.......huh? Really?]

[That is fine. A strong man might not let you use the ultimate attack, but an even stronger man would simply <overcome your attack>.]


Igni snapped. His grandfather underestimated him way too much, he thought.

How many people were able to achieve [Magic] at his age?

A [Magic] that can give birth to worlds………is the strongest [Magic].

That’s why Igni used his [Magic].

[ (Equip Flame) : {Incineration} : (Complete Incineration) {Full Burst} ]

[.............about 2 seconds…..that’s all it should take.]

And Igni was pummeled and beaten mercilessly by Lucas.


Igni: “........this brings back memories.”

As he remembered those days, he looked down upon Howell. Howell was concentrating all the strong magnetic forces into his Spell.

Howell probably planned to shoot that, and most likely straight at Igni.

Igni: “.........Howell, you have done one unforgivable crime.”

Howell: “................”

It was hard to tell if he could hear Igni with all the magnetic forces thrashing all around him.

But Igni spoke to him regardless.

Igni: “You <hurt a girl>. That’s why I will not forgive you.”

And Igni drew out his Magic Power.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition} : [Complete Incineration] {Full Burst}!!”

<GOH!!!> (*sfx)

Magic Power swirled around him as one {Mini-Universe Fireball} was born.

If the Universe began from one small fireball, then the ultimate pinnacle that Igni would ever be able to reach as a human being was this [Magic] {Miracle}.

His first [Magic] Spell.

[The Miracle of Creation] {Big Bang}.

Howell: “Prepare yourself, Igni!!”

Igni: “I’ve finished preparing long ago.”

He was prepared 2 years ago on that infamous day.

Howell: “[Ultimate Magnetic Cannon] {Coil Gun}!!”

Igni: “[Stop].”

Like an absolute being, Igni’s voice stopped the world completely.

And that was the answer to all of Howell’s questions.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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