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Extreme Flame Wizard c131

Ch. 131: The Knight and the Wizard

After Igni walked Yoori back to his house, he ran back to the Mines in a hurry. After the fetus-shaped Human Stagnation disappeared, he sensed another presence immediately. It did not hide its presence well, and it most likely had no intention of hiding it in the first place.

That’s why Igni was able to come to the exact conclusion of this whole incident at that moment.

He left everything else to Elina and the other two. Howell must indeed be strong. But they should be able to reason with him to a certain degree, and on top of that, it’s 3 vs 1. It shouldn’t be a one-sided fight………..was the outcome he hoped for.

That’s why when he heard the chaotic sounds of metal clashing deep inside the mine tunnels, something cold ran down his back.

And prayed that nothing awful had yet happened.

That hope was quickly dashed. Before Igni’s eyes, Howell was about to use a Mid-Tier Spell against Elina who was lying on the ground. Igni immediately initiated his Spell, and shot down the Spell that sailed through the air.

And he turned to face Howell.

Howell: “Hm? Oh! Well if it isn’t Igni!”

Igni: “............what are you doing?”

Howell: “Yes, well. It’s become a little complicated. I thought I would just manipulate their memories a bit. But in order to do so, I needed them to stop resisting.”

Igni: “Is that why you hurt them?” Behind Igni, Elina moved painfully to try and heal herself. Nie was dragging her broken foot as she crawled towards Rania, and Rania continued to breath light, shallow breaths.

Howell: “Hurt them? They’ve all received injuries, yes, but injuries that can easily be remedied by a Healing Potion! There are no problems with that! That’s why I will start their treatments as soon as they drink this! Rest assured! Everything is under control!!”

Igni: “What is that?” Howell: “It will temporarily confuse the most recent memories. If they drink this, they would be able to forget what happened here.”

Igni: “And what will <you> do after that?” Howell: “Yes, well, I need to restore the [baby] that has been weakened quite a bit. I will have to feed it for a while to care for it.”

Igni: “.........[Equip Flame] {Ignition}” As soon as Igni heard Howell’s response, he turned off all thoughts.

Igni immediately concluded that this wasn’t someone he could reason with.

That’s why he’ll take him down right here, right now.

Howell: “Oh my. You will fight me too? Well, I really don’t want to fight with you <here>.”

Howell smiled at Igni as he spoke.

Howell: “But <I do want to fight against you>, Igni!!”

Igni immediately twisted his upper body, and something brushed past the space where Igni’s head was a second ago. Looking, he saw a piece of rock flying faster than the speed of sound.

Howell: “You are able to dodge a Spell without incantation, Igni?!”

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}!!”

Howell: “Hmph!!”

Igni fires two {Fireballs}, and as it accelerates towards Howell at incredible speeds, it tore through the walls Howell erected and made contactーーan explosion followed.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition} : [Anti-Armor] {Pierce}”

The {Fireball} that was created began to spin at high speeds as more Magic Power was poured into it, and as it concentrated more heat, it spun into it was an ovular shape. And as soon as Igni saw Howell come out of the flames with stone armor onーー

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}”

Igni fired his Spell.

<ZUDO!!!> (*sfx)

And an explosion and impact that made it look like the entire mountain swayed resounded. Unbelievable amounts of heat pushed passed the group in a torrent of wind.

Igni: “.........?!”

Igni immediately steps back as countless stone fangs arrive where he was standing.

Howell: “Amazing, Igni!! You definitely <can see>, can’t you!!”

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition} : [Long Range] {Snipe}”

And seeing that Howell somehow was now moving across the ceiling, Igni took aim. Howell had discarded his stone armor, and though big in stature, he moved incredibly fast, and Igni aimed for his thigh.

He will shoot at the joint and drop him to the ground.

Igni: “[Launch] {Fire}”

<KYUDO!> (*sfx)

The air was compressed and with the release of the Spell, the {Fireball} traveled towards Howell’s leg as it homed in, but it was blocked. But Igni did not expect this to be over with a single hit.

If the first shot missed, he would continue shooting as many as he needed to.

Howell: “I envy you, Igni!”

Igni: “............”

Howell incessantly fired back at Igni from the ceiling, and although all his shots were evaded by Igni, he seamlessly continued his speech.

Howell: “You are able to see Magic Power manipulation!”

Igni: “........yeah.” And as Howell suspected, Igni is able to see the instant when Magic is being manipulated and a Spell is about to begin. It was a skill he refined while being trained by his grandfather for 2 years. And because Spells rely on Magic Power, you cannot escape from the manipulation of Magic Power.

That’s why Igni was able to evade Fray’s attacks even if it was a Spell with the [Extreme Light] Magic Type. And compared to Fray’s Spells that traveled at the speed of light, Howell’s Spells merely <traveled at the speed of sound>.

This was all too slow for Igni.

Igni: “So what.” Howell: “I haven’t fought with anyone this strong in a while! My blood is pumping, Igni!”

Igni simulated in his head how much he needed to injure Howell.

He could leave the restraining to Yoori or Nie.

And that was a sign of Igni’s confidence. Howell is indeed strong.

But that strength was far from an [Extreme].

Lucas, Celia, Floria, Clara, and Abyss.

Every one of them was a symbol of [Strength].

Every one of them, you could not let your guard down.

But Howell was different.

He was just a young man with an overabundance of talentーーbut that was it.

That’s why Igni let his guard down.

Howell: “[Strong Magnetism] {Tetsura Magneteika}”

It was the first time Howell said an incantation.

<ZAP!!> (*sfx)

With a staccato sound, Howell <suddenly transported right before Igni’s eyes>!

Howell: “Ha!”

Howell let out a short yell and threw his fist at Igni.

Igni: “[Rotating Ember] {Ignite}!!”

Igni circulated the Magic Power within him and raised his defense. A moment later, Igni found himself flying backwards several dozen meters, slammed into a wall, and with his momentum not weakening, he flew through and out into another tunnel.

Howell: “[Strong Magnetism] {Tetsura Magneteika}”

And Howell’s giant body followed Igni closely as he flew, and Igni crossed his arms as a drop kick descended on him as several dozen meters of momentum now contacted him directly. Since he held himself in place, he rotated the Magic Power at his record highest 150 cycles per second!!

<ZUN!!> (*sfx)

Igni felt his legs dig into the ground.

In front of him, Howell could not hide his surprise as his eyes widened, and the corners of Igni’s mouth curled up as he smiled revealing his fangs.

Igni: “[Equip Flame] {Ignition} : [Artillery] {Cannon}!”

<GYURU!!> (*sfx)

And a giant {Fireball} spun right below Howell who was still in midair.

Igni: “[Artillery] {Fire}”

<DONNN!!> (*sfx)

And with Igni’s incantation, Howell took a hit and was sent straight upwards. His body ruptured through the ceiling as it continued flying higher and higher.

And when he completely pierced the tunnel ceiling and exited the tunnels of the Mines completely, the {Fireball} erupted.

Igni followed him by initiating his [Flame Engine] {Accel Boot}.

And he exited the mines through the same hole in the ceiling.

As he arrived outside, a giant moon was straight above looking right down upon them.

And Howell laid on the ground on his side and laughed hysterically.


Igni: “Yeah? Then, let’s finish this.”

Howell: “No~pe!! Not yet! I can still fight!!”

And with the scenery change, both faced each other once again.

Howell: “Now that we are not confined in tight spaces, it’s my turn, Igni.”


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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