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Extreme Flame Wizard c127

Chapter 127

The Wizard that Overcomes

Yoori: “It’s……..not a dream……”

I mumbled the words as I placed a hand on the ground and felt the soft dirt. A Magic Power so dense that it clings to your body. With every breath, Human Stagnation seeped deep into my lungs. The harsh rain was exactly the same as when the Ritual began.

Yoori: “........why…?”

I didn’t realize how shallow my breath had gotten. It was the same exact forest in reality as it was in my dreams as I walked the dim glow of the Curse Inscription. The heavy rain and exact timing of the lightning overlapped with my dreams so much that it almost made me throw up.

Yoori: “Why……….?!”

Bright lightning that filled the skies were followed by body-shaking thunder.

In that instant, I noticed someone behind me and turned around.

“Finally! Finally, this day cameー!”

The boy way out in the distance shouted in pure glee as he shot a shard of rock at me. It was faster than in my dreams and much stronger. I blocked it with my Spell as I took another look at the Spell Caster.

“Itー’s been a while, Mr. Genius!!”

Yoori: “……but you……..”

I couldn’t forget. <I can’t forget his face>.

It was the same boy who killed my friend.

And it was the boy who I killed.

“What? Isn’t it obvious? It’s because this is all <Magic>.”

Yoori: “Magic……? This?”

“What~? <A Ge-ni-us> like you would be able to tell at a glance, right?’

The boy spat the words out with insult and disgust.

“This Spell will help us <redo THAT day>. But not just that! It will allow the sole survivor to come back to life! It’s that kind of <MAGIC>!”

The resurrection of the dead.

The <Magic Miracle> of giving life to those without it.

Even among the 100 years of humanity’s practice with <Magic>, only 2 people were able to perform that <Miracle>.

Yoori: “........resurrection? Really?” “It’s due to our tenacious desire that we finally got here! Isn’t this amazing?!?!”

Yoori: (But……that is……that would mean….)

Yoori: “That would be the [Demon King’s] <Magic> Spell!!”

The “Undeath” Celia’s <Miracle of Immortality> is a <Magic> Spell that only initiates on herself. But even before her, there was one who overcame death itself.

He killed 90% of humanity, took their territory, and was known as the greatest and cruelest disaster ー [The Demon King].

He used the <Miracle> that blew life into those who died.

“So what if it is?”

But the boy in front of me only laughed at the comment.

“Does it matter if it’s the [Demon King’s] Spell or not?!”

And the boy lifted his hand into the air.

“[Falling Rock] {Tetsura Impact}!”

Something spun in the air as Magic Power formed a giant boulder above him. And as the boy swung his arm downwards, it came flying towards me!!

Yoori: “.......!!”

I kicked the ground to dodge the boulder. As the large rock collided with the ground, it carved its way into the ground with a loud explosive sound.

“I’m not done yet!”

The boy continued to manipulate his Attack Spell and fired multiple shots at me.

I dodged, blocked, and dodged again.

“.......why are you not attacking back?!”

And having all of his attacks blocked or evaded, the boy continued to fire off more Spells out of sheer rage. But no matter how powerful he concentrated his Spell, no matter how much effort he put into itーー

There was now a skill difference too vast between an officially taught Wizard and those who learned on their own.

Yoori: “’s impossible. Your attacks will never reach me.”

With a wave of nausea coming on, I was able to spit out the words.

These kids continued the [Gu] Ritual. They have been refining their Spells ever since.

But I am a student ー a student of the Rolmod Academy.

Between learning at the top institution of the world and learning among the top up and coming Wizards of the world, I refined my Spells and skills.

“Liar! You never know until youーー”

The next instance, a single vein of light struck the sky and the <clouds vanished>.

A single {Fireball} sailed into the air, and destroyed the storm clouds and cleared the night sky for the moon to shine.

And everyone, every single person in that place looked up and witnessed it.

They could not help but witness it.

“.................what……….what was that…..?” The boy in front of Yoori mumbled his distress in a croaking voice.

His motivation and confidence vanished in that instant.

Of course it did. Everyone watching saw that the Spell was simply a {Fireball}.

<They all had confidence> in their skills.

When the [Gu] Ritual ended, they continued to kill one another inside the condensed and overflowing human stagnation.

That’s why they were confident that they could beat me now.

And it was not only me. They probably thought that they could take on anyone in the world.

Even if it was against an [Extreme].

With that hope alone, they continued to kill each other.

But reality dawned on them with that single {Fireball} in the sky.

It’s a Spell anyone can use.

It’s the first fundamental Spell that all beginners learn.

That Spell just changed the weather.

At the end of this endless killing battle royal, who was able to reach this kind of level?

And for an instant, just one instant, fear ripped through their hearts.

And deeply rooted, it gave birth to doubt.

“Can I really survive this?” was what everyone honestly thought.

Yoori: “Igni!”

But that light became the pillar of support for some.

Yoori: “……you really came…..”

As I watched the boy in the sky, I heard myself mumble those words.

And I………realized something as I looked up to the sky at Igni.

I realized that [I’m still depending on Igni].

Igni is strong. And he cares for his friends.

So if I asked, he would have immediately helped me.

But it can’t be like that.

If I keep depending on Igni that way, then I’ll just be a leech dependent on him for the rest of my life.

That is not how friends are.

Yoori: “, that’s not right….” I feel the words spill out from inside of me as my heart wrenches in pain.

Fear makes my feet tremble. Every time I’m about to use [that], the past comes back, my feet shake, and my body is paralyzed.


Yoori: “........I can do this, Igni.” It’s something I have to overcome some day.

It’s something I HAVE to overcome.

That’s why my vision tunneled, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath.

“Mr. Genius! Even if it’s just you, I’ll kill you!”

The boy begins initiating his Spell.

And while my skin rippled feeling the Magic Power being manipulated, I placed myself deep in thought.

I didn’t tell Igni that I was coming here.

But he came all the way here to save me anyway.

Now, I need to do this on my own.

That’s why………I just need to grit my teeth hard.

I am a Wizard.

And I am one of the up and coming first-rate Wizards learning at the Rolmod Wizard’s Academy.

And we don’t just learn Spells there.

Besides, learning Spells when they are discovering new Spells each day would prove useless after a few years after you graduate.

That’s why the Rolmod Wizard Academy <teaches you how to think>.

A true Wizard’s value.

How a true Wizard should be.

I opened my eyes.

Yoori: “[I call out to the Dark Voidーー]”

“[Falling Rock] {Tetsura Bullet}!!”

Yoori: “[Flood this place]”


Darkness flooded out before me like a flooding river.

And it engulfed the boy in front of me and continued to roar down the path.

It swallowed the boy, the Spell the boy cast, and all the trees and rocks like a landslide down the mountain.

It was an Epic Scale Spell that could destroy a city.

A true <Attack Spell>.

Yoori: “.........I can do this Igni. Just watch me!”

I can still feel my legs shake.

I can feel doubt trying to break my will with the guilt of hurting someone with my Spell.

But…….I don’t want to just fall at the feet of my friend who came all the way here to help me. That is something I could never stand.

Igni: “I finally found you, Yoori.” I heard a familiar voice from the skies as I turned to see him descending down to the ground.

And there, I saw relief in Igni’s face as he held out a hand to me.

Yoori: “.........sorry to make you come all the way here, Igni.” Igni: “Don’t worry about it. We’re friends, right?” Igni laughed and shot his {Fireball} like fireworks into the sky.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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