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Extreme Flame Wizard c124

Chapter 124: The Truth Behind the Divine Prodigy

Howell: “Igni, please lend me your hand!”

Igni: “My hand?” Howell: “Yes.” Igni placed his hand out instinctively according to Howell’s words. Howell then grabbed Igni’s hand firmly. Honestly, Igni had second thoughts about holding hands with a man, but since Igni decided to trust Howell on this one, he obediently followed Howell’s commands.

Once they held hands, Howell directed Magic Power towards the ground.

Howell: “[Strong Magnetism] {Katetsura・Magneteika}!!”


And a strange sound emitted from the surrounding rocks as Igni and Howell were both blasted up into the sky!!

Igni: “Whoa……!”

Howell: “HA HA HA! Isn’t my Spell amazing!!”

Igni: “ [Earth] Magic Type.”

Howell: “Yes! I am a [Earth] : [S]!!”

A peculiar coincidence that it mirrored Iris’ compatibility. But Iris manipulated a mass of eart in most of her Spells, but Howell’s was different. His Spells manipulated the earth on a much more sophisticated level.

Howell: “Okay, we’re almost there. Look there, Igni.” The next moment, they both pause in the air.

And Igni looked down……..and gasped at the scene.

Igni: “........this is……”

With the mines at the center, there were several circular paths leading to it. There were even spiraling paths. Igni recalls walking on one of those roads. He thought they were paths constructed to make the mines easily accessible, but from this vantage point, it looked most peculiar and alien.

…….and while walking on the path, he did think it odd that there were so many roads going to the mines, but that was it.

In the end, he concluded that it was probably to efficiently carry down the Mithril from the mines.

Howell: “Hmmm, no matter how many times I look at it, it still gives me the creeps!”

Howell’s words pound into Igni’s ears.

There, there was a <Magic Inscription> that completely surrounded the mines.

Because it was so gargantuan, Igni did not realize it when he was walking right on top of it, but now, it laid out before his eyes as clear as day.

Igni: “........what is this, Mr. Howell?”

Howell: “This? This is an Inscription for performing a very strong [Ritual]!”

Igni: “Ritual?”

Howell nodded to Igni’s words.

Howell: “Igni! Have you ever heard of [Gu] or [Jincan]?”

Igni: “I have. I have a basic understanding of the concept.”

Miss Valia, who secretly hid her huge breasts inside of her clothes, taught him about it. There’s no way he would forget. [Gu] is the ritual where they would place poisonous creatures inside a jar, and the last remaining one would carry a very powerful curse ー a Curse Ritual. And he also couldn’t forget when he got to see Miss Valia’s breasts at the ocean side….

Howell: “Then I don’t need to explain! This Inscription is exactly for [that] purpose!!”

Igni: “...........excuse me?”

As Igni’s head was currently filled with large, bouncing breasts, Igni missed what Howell just said and had to ask him to repeat himself.

Howell: “Igni, what you see here. This is an inscription to perform the [Gu] Ritual!”

Igni: “Here? The [Gu] Ritual??”

Igni tilted his head to consider what Howell was saying.

Igni: “What do you mean? The [Gu] is used for poisonous bugs to kill each other inside a jar, right? What would you need to make one this big then??”

Howell: “Those are great points! But do not worry! I will explain everything to you!!!”

And Howell pounded his chest with his fist proudly and confidently.

Igni could feel the impact of that hit through Howell’s hand he was holding.

Igni: (What is with this guy?)

Howell: “Igni! As you know, the [Gu] you are familiar with is the most simple, basic form of [Gu]! The fundamentals of fundamentals! If you compare it to Spells, it’ll be similar to {Fireball}!!”

Igni: “…..”

Howell: “The condition to perform a [Gu] Ritual is more accurately this ーー to create a space where only one will survive and must kill the others.”

Igni: “..................”

Howell: “That’s why, Igni, this vast Magic Spell inscription you see is <actually not a Magic Inscription>!! To be accurate, it is a Curse Inscription ー or a Curse Engraving!”

At that instant, pieces began coming together in Igni’s head.

Igni: “......that means…..”

The town where Yoori is the only child. The human stagnation that targets Yoori. The unbelievably white hair. The trauma that prevents Yoori from using Attack Spells. The incredible support from the town folks. And on the first day of school, his concerns about making sure to reach the top percentage of the class.

His grandfather who looks nothing like him. Yoori’s ritual of wearing different clothes.

Igni thought about how Yoori slightly panicked when he questioned him about the mines.

Howell: “I see! As expected of you, Igni! Looks like you grasped the situation already!!!”

Igni: “.........then, the [Gu] that was performed here was…..”

All the pieces came flooding in and attaching to each other in perfect harmony and succession.

Howell: “It is the town’s tradition! In order to develop an excellent Wizard, they will gather children up to a certain age every few decades and perform the [Gu]! Last time, it was done 3 years ago! The child who won was that white haired kid!”

Igni: “...............that’s……impossible……”

Igni couldn’t help but speak his thoughts out loud at the revelation, and his voice trembled with each word.

Howell: “Those who survive the [Gu] Ritual are usually left with a physical mark! For instance, having your hair turn completely white and such!!”

Howell speaks loudly.

Howell: “And those who receive the [Gu] Ritual’s curse will carry immense potential, and they are called Divine Prodigy’s in the town.”

Igni has a sudden flash back to the first day he met Yoori.


[Yoori………is this……all your belongings?]

[YーYeah. Everyone sent me well-wishes and gifts for being accepted into the “Academy”!]

[Wow. That’s amazing.]

[......they kept calling me Divine Prodigy, Diving Prodigy, and stuff like that.”


Igni: (Wasn’t Yoori downcast when he spoke?)

Igni: (And why didn’t I think it strange that he would speak so darkly about that?)

Howell: “The Divine Prodigy is raised as everyone’s child within the village!!”

Howell’s words continue to put the pieces together in Igni’s head.

That day, when the Tournament was over, Yoori said something when Alicia came into Igni’s room to get away from Celia.

[I have some women’s clothes gifted to me from my town, so you can wear that.]

That day when they arrived at town, Yoori was wearing girl’s clothes, but the next day, he was wearing his usual clothes and said this.

[Oh……you’re wearing guy’s clothes today.]

[Yeah. I have to alternate.]

And the elderly man told Igni this even though he looked nothing like Yoori.

[Please take care of my grandchild.”

Howell: “Yes, yes! You have a wonderful, sharp mind, Igni!!”

Igni can hear Howell’s compliments even as he thinks.

Howell: “You have now realized the truth of the matter, Igni!!”

Igni: “..........Yoori is…..”

Howell: “He killed the children of the town and was the last one who survived!”

Igni: (.....................I see. So that’s what happened.)

Igni quietly closed his eyes.

Igni: “........then……the stagnation inside the mines are……”

Howell: “Curses have a tendency to gather human stagnation quite easily!!”

Igni fully opened his eyes and let out a long, slow breath.

Igni: “That’s why……they’re after Yoori.”

Howell: “That would be the case!!”

With all the pieces now put together in his head, Igni looked at Howell.

Igni: “........Mr. Howell, how did you come to know about this?”

Howell: “3 years ago, I was still barely a student! I was looking for something fun to research and was exploring many areas, and I accidentally discovered this!”

Igni: “An accident?”

Howell: “Yes!”

Igni: (This guy is also a pretty strange fellow….)

Igni let out a deep, exasperated sigh.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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