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Extreme Flame Wizard c120

Chapter 120: The Mines and the Wizard

[When going into the mines, make sure to take this Magic Artifact with you!]

[What is this?] [It will start shining when it detects poison in the air! If this lights up, you need to start going back!]

Igni took the lamp-like object from Rania and held it up in front of him, as Igni and Elina walked inside the mines.

Igni: “’s a narrow path.”

Elina: “Yes. In that case, we’ll most likely not run into it.”

The two walked inside one of the mine’s tunnels as they kept watch of their surroundings.

Igni: “Why do you think so?” Elina: “If it’s 3 meters big, right? I doubt that it would fit inside a small passage like this.”

Igni: “YーYeah, I think you’re right.”

Igni and Elina walked over the railway for an underground trolley, and they continued forward using one of Igni’s {Fireball} as light. Among Igni’s {Fireball} Spells, it is most focused on light energy exchange and is called [Equip Flame] : {Ignition} {Flare Shot}.

Igni: “First, we need to understand the mapping of these tunnels better……oh, watch your step, Elina. There’s a steep drop right here.”

Elina: “Thank you. But Igni, you don’t have to keep being so mindful of me.”

Igni: “Really? But you are a girl soーー”

Elina: “..........yーyes, but I’m okay. I’m strong after all.”

Elina nodded after blushing slightly. But unfortunately, Igni’s light was not bright enough for Igni to see this change in her expression.

They walked and investigated each pathway carefully to cover their designated search area.

Igni: “.........this place is big.”

Igni mumbled to himself because in that space, it was about 10 meters (~33 feet) to the roof and about 20 meters (~66 feet) half-circle radius.

Elina: “It is a large cavern.”

Igni: “I’m guessing this is where the miners gather…..probably.”

Elina mumbles to herself and Igni analyzes the room.

Inside the room, the trolley railway separated into multiple lines, and there were many small passages connected to this room.

Igni: “They probably descend to this place once, and then start digging even deeper from here.”

Igni is being quite serious for one reason only.

It’s because a girl, Elina, is right next to him.

Igni: “I guess we’ll start from the edge path and search each one in order. Let’s go, Elina.” Elina: “YーYes.” But Elina’s voice seemed a little uncertain.

Igni: “Is something the matter?” Elina: “NーNo. It’s nothing. It’s just…..I don’t like dark spaces.”

Igni reaches a hand to Elina.

Igni: “It’s going to be okay. C’mon. Let’s go.” Igni adjusted the brightness of his {Fireball} next to him, and making it a little brighter, he took Elina’s hand as they proceeded forward.

Elina is slightly afraid of the dark.

And is holding Igni’s hand.

In other words, this is an opportunity.

As Igni held Elina’s hand gently, he began recalling a certain memory in the past. Yes, it was a night just as dark as it was here……


[And so, oye, Igni.]

[Ack?! Don’t talk to me all of a sudden!]

Igni is currently hiding in the dark and hunting Monsters.

He felt sweat build up as he balled up his fists, and while he was wiping them dry on his clothes, Lucas, who was standing behind him, suddenly spoke up.

[Listen. I have something important to tell you.]

[Oh, it ran away.]

The Monster realized where Igni was and was just about to attack when it saw Lucas standing behind Igni and immediately ran away in fright.

[So Igni. Right now, you were feeling nervous, were you not?]

[YーYeah. I was but……..what about it?]

[Now then, was that genuine nervousness you were feeling just now?]


His grandfather, who usually spoke about things in incomprehensible ways, said something even more confusing, so Igni couldn’t help but ask his grandfather for clarification.

[Of course I was nervous! What are you talking about?!]

[Nervous? Your heart was beating quickly and you were sweating, but that was it, no?]

[That’s what nervousness is!!]

[How is that different from when you’re feeling excited then?]

[...........excuse me?]

Igni tilted his head and spoke in a weird voice in his confusion.

[Hmph. Well, listen. Oye, Igni. Between your physical response and your heart’s response, <WHICH IS> faster?!]

[What are you talking about?]

[Do people get nervous and then their heart starts beating?! Or do their hearts start beating so they start feeling nervous?!]

[Which? I mean, that’s……..]

Igni thought about this for a moment.

[I wonder which it is……..]

[Exactly! It’s something a normal person would not think about…..! But Igni……! There is an important saying that you should keep in mind…….!]

[AーAn important saying…….?!]

[Yes. That’s……[the suspension bridge effect]!!]

[ThーThe suspension bridge effect…..!!]

Igni shook as he heard the familiar words.

[Exactly! As you seek the pinnacle of Popularity, this may be unrelated and even an evil subject……! And though I think it may not be necessary, I will tell you regardless……! When people fall into danger……..sometimes, they will mistake that for being in an excited state…….!!]


[In other words, human beings think in accordance to how their body responds….! Do you understand where I am going with this…..?! You were nervous because you felt your heart rate rise…….!!]

[BーBut…….Grandpa, isn’t that just one way of thinking about this….?]

[Do not interrupt and listen to the very end!!]



[Yes! As you mentioned, this is just a theory….! I am not <certain> if this is true……! But…..! Why are you hesitating to use this to your advantage……!!]


Igni shook once again to Lucas’ words.

[ThーThat’s true…. What you say is true, Grandpa…..! We need to use……anything….and everything to our advantage if we can…….! You’re right……!]

[That’s right, Igni! If you are able to use this to your advantage, you will no longer be nervous any more!!]

[IーI’ll do my best!! Just watch me!!!]

The young and gullible Igni easily jumped onto this idea.


True, it may only be a possibility……!

And it might only be a theory………!!

But as long as Igni……no, Igni and his friends believe it…….you can find it there……!

A man’s hopes and dreams……!

Igni: “Are you okay, Elina?”

With Igni’s {Fireball} lighting the path forward, Elina walked behind Igni.

Elina: “YーYes. …….I’m fine.”

Elina held Igni’s hand tightly, and they both proceeded deeper and deeper down into the mine’s path.

Igni: “Hey, Elina.”

Elina: “Hm? What’s wrong?” Igni: “When you were looking at that picture, what thought crossed your mind?” Elina: “What… you mean?” Igni: “You said it looked like a baby right? When you saw that picture.”

Elina: “YーYeah, I did say that.”

Elina kept pace with Igni as she nodded.

Igni: “After that, you seemed to be deep in thought. So I thought you realized something.”

Elina: “, it’s nothing really. It’s just something I heard a long time ago.”

Elina whispers the words quietly.

Elina: “When the <stagnation> of humans gathers, it creates something that resembles a fetus……..or something like that.”

Igni: “Really? I thought they said that Monsters were born from places where human stagnation gathers.” Elina: “Yes, I’ve heard that <also>. That’s why I thought it was just my imagination, so I didn’t say anything back then.”

In that instant, the tunnels in the mines shook violently.

Elina: “AAHHH!!”

Igni drew Elina close to him as she almost stumbled and fell.

Elina: “ earthquake?”

Igni: “, this is different, Elina.” The stench that reached Igni’s nose was something he was far too familiar with up until 2 years ago.

And it was also the same smell that etched into his nose when he met with Abyss the other day.

Igni: “’s human stagnation. A Monster came out.”


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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Lucas Lennan
Lucas Lennan
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Thanks for the chapter!

Baby monsters are always so creepy.


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Chonky ChonkTranslator
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Good point. I'll probably revise the TL shortly. Literal translation would have been a "suspension bridge effect" but that's not a term I'm familiar with in the southern U.S. culture jargon. Should have trusted the internet to google'splain it to me.

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