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Extreme Flame Wizard c12

Updated: Nov 25, 2021


Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Chapter 12: The Teacher and the Wizard

“So~~~rry I’m late everyo~~~ne”

As Igni audibly grinded his teeth due to Edward’s intrusion, the doors at the front of the classroom opened, and one woman walked in.

She looked like a calm, peaceful type with long brown hair hanging down to her waist. She wore thick glasses, and underneath her teacher’s uniform, she carried two giant bombs.

“Then let’s go ahead and take attendance. Here we go, everyone to your sea~~~ts.”

Yoori: “Is she the teacher?”

Yoori looks curiously at the woman.

Alicia: “She must be. She’s holding the class roster.”

Alicia quickly answers Yoori’s doubts.

Alicia: “Well, Igni, at least she looks like a nice teacher.”

Igni: “.............”

Alicia: “Igni? What’s wrong?”

Igni: “.................?!?!”

B----B-B-Big Breast Glasses Girl!!


[Hey, grandpa, aren’t glasses the worst?!]

SLAP!! (sfx)

[OW!! WHA---?! You didn’t hold back at all with that one!”

[Oye, Igni. You are still young. You are ignorant of many things in this world. But even so. EVEN SO, you do not have the right to judge things you have absolutely no knowledge about.]

[Wh---what are you talking about?! Any girl who takes off their glasses will look cuter!]

SLAP!!! (sfx)



[Wh—what is it, grandpa….?]




……….I...I understand….!!

I see it! I see the hidden truths of this universe, Grandpa!!

My “Girls shouldn’t wear glasses” was such a shallow, ignorant thought….!!

A mistake due to cursed youth…..!!

Glasses….. ARE GOOD!!

Glasses do not detract from a woman at all!!

No!! It’s completely backwards!! It’s a plus!! AN INDISPUTABLE PLUS!!

Oooohhh… now I understand why grandpa slapped me that time…!

I was completely ignorant and lost in my ways….!! I deserved to be slapped around….!!

Yoori: “Igni? IGNI??”

Yoori shook Igni and brought him back to reality.

Igni: “Oh...sorry, I was deep in thought.”

Yoori: “You had such a painful expression. I thought that’s how much you hated having Edward sit behind you.”

Edward: “Wha—, ME?!”

Edward was hurt by the comment.

Igni: “No, that’s not it.”

Edward: “Oh, thank goodness. Wait, is that good?”

Behind him, Edward was also lost in his own little world.

Igni: “Just a little….”

Yoori: “Are you not feeling well?”

Igni: “No, just a little... I saw just a little of the hidden mysteries of this universe.”

Yoori: “??????”

Yoori’s head filled up to the brim with question marks.

But true wisdom and revelation cannot be acquired so easily, and that’s what makes it so difficult yet so special.

“Okay everyo〜ne. For the next year, I will be your teacher, Elenoir. My most compatible magic trait is [LIFE] : [B]. I guess that puts me below most people he〜re.”

Elenoir mentions the fact laughing to herself as if nothing is wrong.

But out of all the classmates, out of 30 students, only Igni did not tense up at the statement.

Yoori: “....that teacher….”

Yoori mutters the words.

Alicia: “Is a true monster…”

Alicia finishes Yoori’s thought.

Rolmod Wizard Academy is one of the top Wizard schools in the world. Of course, if you are a teacher there, you are among one of the many monsters that governs the school. Just looking at compatibility alone, the majority will tell you that they are [S] or even [SS]. The 1 in a 100 years genius or the rare 1 in a million is just another pebble on the mountain at this institution.

So in that kind of environment, to be only a [B] compatibility is an astonishing, but at the same time, a fear-inducing fact.

Of course, it’s not like Igni is ignorant of this.

But he held a slightly different thought from the other 29.

In other words, he was thinking this....!!

… the teacher wanting to be popular too?

Igni started at the bottom of the lowest rung at [FIRE] : [F].

But with 2 years of hellish training, he molded and transformed his [FIREBALL] with only the desire to become popular with the ladies. Knowing what he had to go through, he could now imagine the amount of blood stained effort Elenoir had to endure to be where she stands today.

But as for her reasons and motivation, Igni couldn’t have been more far off.

Elenoir: “I don’t like saying this because everyone looks at me with such sca〜ry expressions. But if I don’t say it, the principal will get mad me so〜”

All the students felt immense pressure as Elenoir mumbled to herself.

All of Igni’s classmates were busy discussing among themselves about Elenoir that they missed what she was mumbling to herself. Only Igni, who had all 5 of his senses trained to their limits in the Demon King’s realm, overheard what the teacher said.

Elenoir: “And there’s a student I think I can get along with so I need to work extra ha~~~rd.”

Igni: (Is she talking about me?)

The fact that Igni didn’t doubt that she was talking about him is his strength and also his weakness at the same time.

Elenoir: “Okay, everyone. Quiet down. Quiet down.”

Elenoir claps her hands, and the classroom instantly became quiet.

Elenoir: “Before we do roll call, I need to explain the most important rule of our schoo~~~l.”

Elenoir’s voice echoes across the classroom.

Elenoir: “In this school, [STRENGTH IS EVERYTHING]. The strong will be justified, and the weak will be wrong.”

“Teacher~! I have a question!”

As soon as Elenoir paused, one student immediately raised her hand.

Igni: (That girl… she was the one sitting in the far back during the Entrance Ceremony).

Igni recalls and checks his memory.

No one knows if he will ever realize how creepy this kind of memorization is to others - especially the females.

Elenoir: “Oh, hold o~~~n. Wait. What was your name again?”

“My name is Iris. I am a [EARTH] type. Compatibility is [S]!”

Elenoir: “Oh okay. Miss Iris. Got it. Go right ahea~~~d.”

Iris held out her small chest and pointed at Elenoir.

Iris: “That means! If I beat you, then I get to be the teacher, right?!”

Elenoir: “Of cou~~~rse”

Elenoir kept smiling as she answered Iris’ question.

Elenoir: “But I wouldn’t recommend it~~~. I’m definitely stronger than you~~~”

In the next moment, Iris wavers. Her eyes goes blank and without saying another word, she sits down.

Elenoir: “Fufu. I will always accept your challenge, but you’ll have to challenge me when I’m not teaching, oka~~~y?”

Elenoir smiles. This happens every year in her class.

No one is surprised at what happened just now.

And only a handful of students recognized what just occurred.

Yoori: “Wh-what did she do…? Miss Iris just went quiet and sat down…”

Yoori is bewildered by the quick developments. Alicia looks equally confused.

Igni: “Spores.”

Yoori: “Spores?”

Yoori turns to Igni as Igni spoke.

No, it wasn’t just Yoori. The entire classes’ attention turns to Igni.

Igni: “Yeah, I <SA•W> the teacher send out spores. She used her magic to direct it so that only Ir-- Miss, Iris received them. Once Miss Iris inhaled the spores, she was under the teacher’s influence.”

Elenoir: “That’s righ~~~t. You get a gold sta~~~r.”

Elenoir is smiling.

Elenoir: “It’s been a while since someone was able to guess the right answer so soo~~~n, Mr. Igni.”

Igni: (....she knows my name!!)

Even though she didn’t know Iris’ name, she knew Igni’s. That could only mean one thing…

Igni: (My days of female popularity... HAS FINALLY ARRIVED!!)

Igni seriously believed this.

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