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Extreme Flame Wizard c119

Chapter 119: The Monster and the Wizard

After they were done with introductions, Igni asked the two the question.

Igni: “There’s a few things I’d like to ask the ‘Black and White Sisters’......... is that okay?”

Rania: “Ask us anything!”

The Elder Sister, Rania, was totally for it.

Igni: (How can she be so energetic in the morning….?)

Igni wondered as he continued.

Igni: “I’d like more information about what the Monster in the mines looks like.”

Rania: “Yes! I thought so! I’ll explain so listen well!”

Elina: “Before that, would it be okay if we sit down?” Elina was the one who asked. She probably expected the story to take a while.

A great assist by her.

Rania answered with a, “Sureー” and pointed to a seat and also signaled Nie to pour some tea.

Igni’s first impression of the sisters was “unreasonable” and “hard to communicate with”, but he started to change his mind. Or rather, he hoped that he would be able to communicate with them at the very least.

Rania: “So……firstly, what we know is that our opponent is not a Phantom Type Monster.”

Igni: “Not a Phantom Type?” Igni didn’t realize that he repeated the words back Rania’s words.

Igni: (Didn’t Seta say that there were rumors about a ghost that haunted the mines?)

Rania: “And I could ask you Rolmod Wizard Academy students a similar question. Are there any Phantom Type Monsters that the [Spirit Seeing Stone] will not react to?”

Igni and Elina took up the tea Nie poured as Rania laid our her question.

Igni immediately began to go through all the Monsters in his head. Training 2 years in the [Demon King’s Realm], he had fought with many kinds of Monsters and had quite a bit of info to sort through.”


Igni: “No, there aren’t.”

Elina: “It’s just as Igni says. I don’t know of any Phantom Type Monsters where the [Spirit Seeing Stone] would be unresponsive to.”

Igni and Elina, who is top of her class, both shake their heads to say no.

If there are any Phantom Type Monsters that can escape the detection of the [Spirit Seeing Stone], that would be something Igni and the rest of the student body would be made aware of. That is because not knowing the exceptions could lead to your death.”

Rania: “Yes. So that means that Monster is not a Phantom Type.”

Igni: “........then, what is it?” Rania: “I drew a picture of it, so take a look! If it’s you all, you would know what Monster this is, right?”

And Rania went to the back of the room to bring out a wooden board and brought it over to Igni.

Igni: “Oh, so you have a picture? Then that would make it easier……”


And Rania placed her picture down onto the table.

There, they saw a large round circle, something that barely resembled a human body attached to it, and one long line stretching out from it.

Igni: “.........what’s this?” Rania: “The Monster’s Picture!!”

Rania smiled from ear to ear with pride.

Igni fell completely silent. He decided that he would not touch upon the quality of the drawing.

Yoori is severely confused, and also remains silent, not knowing what to say.

Elina tilted her head as she tried to consider what Monster was represented in this drawing. Her very serious and studious character was surfacing.

Igni: “Ummmmm……..can I ask you a few questions?” Rania: “Yes! Ask me anything!”

Igni: “What…….is this big round thing?” Rania: “It’s the head!”

Igni: “Head……..?”

If it’s a head, shouldn’t you draw hair or fur or even eyes or a nose…..?

Why is it just the circle? Rania: “I thought about drawing the face, but I suck at drawing so I stopped! Oh, but on it’s head, there’s a lot of mouths and eyes.”

Rania chuckles and smiles.

Igni: “Soーーー this body looking thing is…….”

Rania: “It’s the body!”

Igni: “ does that mean our opponent has a large head on a small body…….?” Rania: “Yup! That’s right!!”

Igni: (Then why didn’t you say so in the first place?)

ーーis what Igni wanted to say, but it’s not what a Popular man would do.

Igni: “What’s this line stretching out from the body?” Rania: “I don’t know!”

Igni: “Hmmmmmm…”

Igni crossed his arms to think. He’s never seen a Monster like this.

It definitely has some very unique characteristics, and it would be easily identifiable if this information was accurate.

Igni: “How was it moving or traveling around?” Nie: “It was floating.”

Igni: “Floating?” Nie: “Yes, it just floated in the air as it moved around.”

And as she finished pouring tea for everyone there, she sat on Rania’s lap.

Igni: “A Monster that floats in the air, has a big head, and has some string or line coming out from its body……”

Igni reviews all the traits he heard thus far.

Yoori and Elina were trying to think of a similar Monster in their heads, but no one came up with anything.

Igni: “ could be a new kind.”

Rania: “A new kind? A new kind of Monster?!”

Rania jumped on Igni’s words as Igni was speaking to himself.

Igni: “.......I’m not saying that for certain. I’m just saying that it’s possible.”

Elina: “A new kind of Monster. That is possible.”

Yoori: “Yeah, I think you’re right, Igni. There’s no Monster that I can think of that even comes close to what this one looks like.”

All the students agreed on this, and Rania and Nie look at each other before they speak in unison.

Rania: “Igni! Is there something good that comes from discovering a new kind of Monster?!”

Igni: “SーSomething good…….? Well, first, you get to name it. And…..was there anything else…..?” Igni throws the question to the other two.

Elina: “Wouldn’t you get a reward if you give it to the researchers in the Capital?” Yoori: “And the news might be big enough to be published by a few newspapers so your names will be better known.”

Rania and Nie both stood up eyes sparkling after hearing the words.

Rania: “There’s only good things that could happen then! I’m more than ready now to take this thing down!!”

Nie: “Isn’t that wonderful news, Elder Sister?! We’ll finally be famous!!”

The two got super excited.

Didn’t they say to not count your chickens before they hatched? Rania: “I can’t just sit around any more! Let’s go to the mines right now!!”

Igni: “That’s fine, but do you have any clue where to look?” Rania: “No clue!” Igni: “I see. No clue. ……..wait, none at all?!”

Rania was so bold with her answer, that Igni mistook her words for a second.

Rania: “Yes! We’ll just have to walk around the mines!!”

Igni: “WhーWhat about before? How did you find it?” Rania: “We walked around the mines, and it came out!!”

Rania was so bold and confident that you could tell that she didn’t have a shred of nervousness.

Igni: “I understand. Then let’s walk around the mines.”

And Igni didn’t really have any other ideas either, so he decided to just brute force his way through this problem.

Elina: “Hey, Igni. This….”

Igni: “Hm? What’s wrong?” Elina suddenly tugged at Igni’s sleeves after staring at Rania’s picture of the Monster for a while.

Elina: “, I think I’m probably mistaken but…” Elina paused before she spoke again.

Elina: “Isn’t this…..a picture of a baby?” ーーwas what she said.

Igni: “A baby? This?” Elina: “Yeah, the head is big and the body is small. And look at its posture.”

Elina pointed to the way the lines drew the body.

Elina: “Doesn’t it look like it’s curled up in a ball?”

Igni: “It does.” Elina: “And that thing coming out from the body…….I think it’s the umbilical chord.”

Igni: “Yeah, it does look like that.” Now that Elina pointed it out, to Igni, the more he looked, the more he saw it.

Elina: “Hey, you two. How big was this thing?” Rania and Nie both look up at Elina’s question.

Rania: “Around 3 meters (10 feet) big?” Nie: “It was quite big, Elder Sister.” Elina: “...................”

Elina thought for a while andーー

Elina: “Let’s go to the mines.”

ーーis all she said.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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