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Extreme Flame Wizard c118

Chapter 118: The Sisters and the Wizard

Yoori: “I heard that students from the Rolmod Wizard Academy were coming, but I never would have thought that it was you, Igni.”

Igni: “I didn’t think I would run into you here either, Yoori.”

The 3 sat around a table as all the Rolmod Wizard Academy students grouped up to chat.

Ella is gone preparing dinner.

Yoori: “So this is my town.”

And Yoori laughed a little embarrassed as he spoke.

Elina: “So you were part of our Owlight Realm, Yoori.” Elina seemed taken aback by the news. Since these two never talked about their hometown, so Elina didn’t know about Yoori.

Yoori: “Yes. Now that I think about it, I haven’t spoken to you about this, Elina.” Igni: “But Yoori, if you’re here, then that makes things easier. Have you heard anything specific about the mines?”

It was Igni who asked.

Igni and Elina came all the way out here to the edge of the realm due to Seta’s Quest. He would like to speak with Yoori more, but it would have to wait until after the Quest is complete.

Yoori: “Hmmm, well, I don’t know how much you know, so I’ll just explain to you what I’ve heard so far.” Igni: “Please.” Yoori: “First, these incidents started happening about a month ago. One of the miners was found dead with this head smashed.”

Igni: “.......his head?”

Yoori: “Yes, but we all though that it was an accident at first. Rocks can fall on you in the mines.”

Igni: “I see.” Yoori: “But they soon found out that it wasn’t an accident. At the time, an Adventurer investigated the body and found that the head was crushed by the hand of something or someone.”

Igni: “A hand?” Igni asks for clarification.

Yoori nodded once.

Yoori: “Yes, a hand. LIke this.” And Yoori gestured with his hand and gripped his fist to show how the head was crushed with it.

Igni noted how Elina did not appreciate this detail at all.

Yoori: “So the Adventurers all went into the mines to investigate, but the [Spirit Seeing Stone] did not respond, and they couldn’t find any traces of Monsters who could have done this to the miner………so they decided to continue the mining operations. But after a while, they found another body.”

Igni: “Hmmmm.”

Yoori: “This time, it was a body of someone where their whole body was squashed by someone. At this point, they probably couldn’t ignore these incidents any longer. The Adventurers investigated the mines thoroughly till they could find a cause. When they did, only 2 returned, and the rest were killed.”

Igni: “.......and the two that came back were the ‘Black and White’ Sisters.”

Yoori nodded to Igni’s words to confirm.

Elina also heard the names of the mercenaries from Seta and nodded her head too.

Yoori: “And then you guys came. This is all I know.” Igni: “Hmmmm, I see….” Igni sat back in his chair to think.

Igni: “There’s no information pertaining to the Monster? Any rumors you heard is fine too.”

Yoori: “You should probably ask the girls rather than me.” Igni: “The girls?” Yoori: “Yes. The ‘Black and White’ Sisters.”

Igni: “Ohhh…..”

And Igni exhaled deeply as he spoke.

Since someone directly fought with the threat, it would be best to ask them first.

Igni: “And where are the ‘Black and White’ Sisters?” Yoori: “They are spending the night at a cottage near the mines. Since it’s pretty late, let’s go see them tomorrow.”

Igni: “I see. Yeah, let’s do that.” And so since there was nothing further they can do for the Quest, Igni changed the subject.

Igni: “Hey Yoori. Why were you wearing clothes meant for girls?”

Yoori: “Um………well, it’s pretty complicated.” Since Yoori did not want to speak about this further, Igni changed the subject once more. It didn’t look like it was Yoori’s hobby to do so.

Igni: “IーI see. Oh yeah, Yoori, are you going to be involved with this investigation? To slay the Monster in the mines?” Yoori: “No, I won’t this time. I’ll just pull your leg.” Elina: “Really? I think your Support Magic is pretty advanced.”

It was Elina who offered the encouragement.

Yoori: “No. In a place that small, my Spells will only get in the way.” But Yoori looked a bit sad as he spoke.


Yoori: “Igni, it’s the morning. Time to get up.” Igni: “ Oh, is it morning already?” And since Yoori woke him up every morning at the Academy, Igni thought he was back at the Rolmod Wizard Academy’s dormitory.

Igni: “Oh…’re wearing men’s clothes today.” Yoori: “Yeah, I have to alternate.”

Igni: “Alternate……?” Igni tilts his head as he wondered what Yoori meant by that.

Elina: “Igni! Ella made breakfast for us!!”

From the dining room, Igni heard Elina call him, and he quickly got out of bed and got dressed. He washed his face with water Yoori produced, and being fully awake now, he headed to the breakfast table.

And as the 3 finished breakfast, they headed to the mines.

To be accurate, they were heading to the cottage near the mines.

Igni: “Here?” Yoori: “Yeah. Typically, there are more people here though.” Around the mines, there were many buildings. The road was well maintained too. But compared to the number of buildings they saw, there were significantly less people.

Yoori: “Right now, the mines are closed. Until the investigations are completed, it would be dangerous to keep operating.”

Igni: “That’s why it’s so quiet here.” Yoori: “Yes. Oh, there. It’s that cottage over there.”

And Yoori pointed to a wooden shack that was built near the mines entrance.

Yoori: “I think they should still be there.” And with that, Yoori knocked on the door.

“Please come in~”

Igni heard a familiar voice from inside the building.

Igni: (This would be the elder sister’s…..)

And Igni found an answer as he matched the voice with his memories.

Yoori: “Excuse us.” And Yoori opened the door after confirming with the sisters, and the elder sister and younger sister were both nibbling on bread.

“It has been a while, Mr. Yoori. The two people behind you must be the reinforcements. It is a pleasure………huh? Have we met somewhere?” The younger sister was about to bow politely until she saw Igni’s face and paused.

“Lil’ Sis! It’s him! From that time at the Principality!!”

“Ohhh! I remember now! It’s that weirdo {Fireball} guy!!”

Igni: (Weirdo……? That would be my Grandpa.)

….was what Igni immediately thought to himself.

Not being able to reflect about himself is one of Igni’s bad habits.

And Igni also didn’t understand what she meant by weirdo in the first place.

Igni: “I am not weird. I’m a [Ultimate Spell Specialized・Spell One].”

And he smiled broadly as he made the announcement.

“Huh? What is that……?” “It’s the first time I heard it! Isn’t that awesome! I’m the ‘Elder Sister’ Rania! Nice to meet you!!”

And Rania stepped forward with a <BAM!> as she sought to shake hands with Igni.

Igni: (She may not be such a bad person.)

And Igni was immediately swayed by her compliment. He still falls for girls quite easily.

“IーI am Nie.”

Rania: “With the two of us combined…”

“ “We are the ‘Black and White’ Sisters!! ” ”


And with perfectly synchronized voices, they finished their introduction.

Nie: “EーElder Sister… we really have to do this every time…….?” And Nie whispered to Rania quietly.

Rania: “Otherwise, no one will remember our name!!”

And in comparison, the Elder Sister, Rania, answered boldly and energetically.

In addition, this was the first time Elina met these two and kept looking back and forth between Igni and the sisters alternatively with a, “What’s with these two……?” look.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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