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Extreme Flame Wizard c116

Chapter 116: The Brother and the Wizard


First thing in the morning, Igni suddenly awoke to a big, resounding voice that boomed throughout the household.

Igni: “WhーWhat was that……?! Who’s voice was that……?!?!”

Igni jumped out of bed in a hurry, and after putting on the bare minimum attire, he ran out of his room.

Ella: “Sir Howell, please lower your voice.”

Howell: “Oh, Ella! Looks like you’re doing well!!”

Igni didn’t know what to make of this situation, but he saw that a very intense and energentic man entered the mansion.

He was at least 2 meters (6 ½ feet) tall, and he had incredibly well developed muscles all over his body. He looked like a bear roaming around the mansion.

Ella: “The Master is waiting for you in his room.” Howell: “Father, huh?! I’ll go right away!!”

He voice booms every time he speaks.

Igni, still waking up, looked upon the man called Howell.

Elina: “Igni, good morning.”

Igni: “Elina, who is that man with the loud voice?” Elina: “That is brother Howell. He is the 3rd son of the Owlight family.”

Igni: “........the 3rd son….”

Igni recalled the sudden conversation with Seta last night and remembered that one of the sons were returning today. And……the son is also related to the request that Seta made of Igni.

Elina: “He graduated top of his class from Rolmod Wizard Academy 3 years ago, and now he’s a Knight in the Capital. He’s currently rising up and up through the promotion ranks.”

Igni: “He must be amazing.”

Firstly, it’s difficult enough for a man to graduate at the top of a Wizard Academy when woman are far more adept at Spells. And secondly, being on the promotion path as a Knight is also equally, if not more impressive. Well, that may be due to graduating at the top of his class though.

Elina: “Brother Howell is one of the few in the Owlight Family that doesn’t use a sword.”

Igni: “So he’s not a Magic Swordsman.”

Elina: “Yes. And he’s also very strong. During his student days and after becoming a Knight, he has only lost a handful of times.”

Igni: “..........that’s amazing too.”

Igni couldn’t help but feel like he’s had a string of losses in his life.

Especially to Lucas and to large breasts.

He still had no clue how to defeat anyone with large breasts.

Igni: “If he’s that strong, does he get a lot of attention from girls?” And Igni pokes a question that’s been bothering him casually.

Elina: “No, brother Howell isn’t popular among the women.” Igni: “Because his voice is so loud?” Elina: “No, his personality is too intense and tiresome.”

Igni: “Ohhhh…..”

Igni understood immediately.

Elina: “Igni, since we had no formal plans today, could I give you a tour of our mansion?”

Igni: “That sounds great.” Elina: “Yes, but before that, we should have breakfast. Igni, this way.”

As Igni and Elina ate a light breakfast, the door swung open and slammed into the walls with a BANG!!

Howell: “So I see that you two are eating! How splendid!!”

The loud voice boomed from a large frame called Howell.

Howell: “Hmm?! You must be Igni! I’ve heard of you from my father!!”

Igni: “It’s a pleasure making your acquaintance.”

Igni stood up and left his seat to shake Howell’s hand butーー

Howell: “You do not have to be so formal with me! We might even become family!!”

Howell roared with laughter as he meant what he said, and banged on Igni’s back several times. Igni definitely felt each and every hit.

Howell: “Oh, Igni! You’re too skinny! You need to eat more!!”

Igni: “I appreciate your concern, sir………”

Igni is quite fit.

There’s two reasons.

The first is that his fighting style with {Fireball} is mostly mid to long range attacks. He does not require weight to keep him steady with close, zero-range attacks, and he needs to be able to move extremely quickly and be extra flexible and nimble. From that perspective, a thin body is preferred.

The second is that he heard that thin, fit men tend to be more popular.

By the way, if you were to weigh the reasons out, you’ll find that 2 to 8, Igni chose to be thinner for the second reason far more than the first.

Howell: “Eat well and keep up your strength! Your body is the core of all fundamentals!!”

Igni: “I will do my best.”

Howell: “And Elina, you are……..well, you are the same.”

Howell turned to address Elina, but he only glanced at her briefly……..and then losing interest quickly, broke his gaze from her.

Howell: “But Igni! I heard that you’re quite strong! My father was boasting about you!!”

Igni: “I think I’m <quite> strong.”

Howell: “What?! Don’t be so humble!! Why not try a match with me!?”

Igni: “My apologies, sir. I will be on a date with Elina so I can’t.” Elina: “DーDate?!”

Elina had a piece of bread in her mouth as she choked from Igni’s words.

Elina coughed furiously to clear her throat and hurriedly chugged water.

Howell: “What?! Why waste your time with something as <meaningless> as that?!”

Igni: “Oh no. It is the <most important> time for me.”

Howell: “Hmph……..I see. Well, if you feel that strongly, then it can’t be helped! Let’s definitely have a fight when you have the time! I will take my leave now!!”

Howell immediately turned on his heels and slapped the doors open again with a loud <BANG!> as he left.

Igni let out an internal sigh of relief as he glanced quickly at Elina. She was looking intently at him with a partially eaten bread untouched on her plate.

Igni: “HーHey, Elina. Are you okay?”

Elina: “IーI’m sorry…….this is all my fault.”

Igni: “About what?! Is this about Mr. Howell?” Elina: “YーYeah, Igni……, I made you lie about a date….with me….”

Igni: “ But….isn’t it a date?”

Elina: “WhーNo, itーit’s….”

Igni: “It’s not?” Elina: “No, it is but……!!”

Elina blushed scarlet again and panicked, and finding her adorable, Igni couldn’t help but tease her.

Elina: “I mean…….are you okay…….? To say that you’re going on a date with me……?” Igni: “I’m really happy to be able to go on a date with you.”

Elina: “eep……..”

Elina let out a small cry with her beautiful voice as her face remained bright red.

Igni: (She’s so cute….)

Igni smiled as he watched Elina eat her breakfast half-panicked by his comments.


“Elder Sister, here is the [Spirit Seeing Stone].”

“Thanks, Little Sis.”

The elder sister, Rania, received a compass-like object that will point in the direction when Phantom Type Monsters are nearby.

Rania: “But before, even with this, the needle didn’t move at all….”

Nie: “You can never be too prepared! Right, Elder Sister?!”

Rania: “Little Sis! You know some smart sayings! You’re so smart!!”

And Rania pats the head of her little sister.

Nie isn’t her real younger sister though.

The two walked with the [Spirit Seeing Stone] through the empty mines.

That is because there was no way to send the miners in here after Adventurers were killed.

Nie: “Oh, Elder Sister! The [Spirit Seeing Stone] just moved a little!”

Rania: “Eek?! WhーWhere?!”

Nie: “.......Elder Sister, if you’re afraid of Phantom Type Monsters that much, why did you agree to this Quest?” Nie stared daggers at her elder sister who trembled behind her back.

Rania: “Because you have to do everything you can while you’re still young!!”

But with those words, Nie’s opinion of her instantly changed.

Nie: “You’re absolutely right! You’re amazing, Elder Sister!!”

Rania: “Aren’t I?! I always think through these things!!”

Nie: “Oh, from the way it’s behaving, it’s close!”

Rania: “Eek…….”

The elder sister instantly hid behind the shadow of her younger sister.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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