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Extreme Flame Wizard c115

Chapter 115: The Head of the House and the Wizard

After the meal, Igni finished taking a bath, and in while was molding a {Fireball} in the guest room, he heard a knock at his door.

Igni: “Please come in.” Elina: “Sorry to bother you so late.” Igni: “Is something the matter?” Igni released the {Fireball} that was in his hands and looked towards Elina.

Elina: “......I just wanted to say thank you for earlier, Igni.” Igni: “You’re very welcome.”

By earlier, she probably meant about the conversation that happened during the meal.

Igni defended Elina.

Elina: “Yeah….I was really happy when….you stood up for me, Igni.” Igni: “It’s only a fact that you worked really hard, and I was helped by you too. I thought it was important for him to know that you were the true No. 1 of our class.”

Elina: “Hehe, I guess. Yes, I am No. 1.” Elina laughed as though she was tickled by the words.

Elina: “ might have already guessed, but my position here in this household is not great. Among all my siblings, I am the least talented.”

Igni: “Even though you’re top of our class?” Elina: “That’s right.” Elina nods to confirm.

Elina: “Father also mentioned this, but none of my brothers ever fell from top of their class once. That’s why……that’s why I was desperate to at least be at the top fo the class….or so I thought.”

Igni: “......I see.”

Elina: “When I fell to second place, I was really scared. I thought my family would disown me right then and there. But…..Igni, you helped defend me…… that made me really happy and my Father also accepted me. Thank you, Igni.” Elina looks straight at Igni.

But Igni brushed it off a little arrogantly.

Igni: “Don’t worry about it. I just wanted to be your friend. That’s why.”

Elina: “.................”

Elina froze in place as she blushed hard.

Elina: “YーYes…..well, I just wanted to say thank you. See you tomorrow, Igni.” Igni: “Yeah, see you tomorrow.”

Elina turned around and left the room. With nothing left to do, Igni began to summon another {Fireball} when someone knocked on the door once more.

“Sir Igni, are you available?”

Igni: “Yes, please come in.” It was a woman’s voice. And as Igni welcomed her in, across the doorway was Ella who helped Igni and Elina get here by the Dragon Carriage.

Ella: “My Master is calling for you.”

Igni: “Mr. Seta?” Ella: “Yes.” Igni thought for a moment, but finding no reason to refuse, he followed Ella and headed for Seta’s room.

Igni: “Excuse me……do you know what he wanted to discuss?” Ella: “No, I was not made aware of the purpose.”

She held a Magecraft Tool that shined a light as they both walked in the darkness. Ella was familiar with the layout of the mansion and walked quickly down the hallway and with a, “We have arrived, Sir Igni.” She brought Igni to Seta’s room.

Seta: “Hey, sorry for calling you at this late hour.” Igni: “No, I had very little to occupy myself.”

Seta: “I see. Then I am glad.”

Seta was in the room smoking his pipe.

And as expected, next to him sat a sword.

Seta: “Then I will get straight to the point. Igni, I have something to ask of you.” Igni: “An ask, you say?” Igni had braced himself for this meeting not knowing what to expect, but after Seta posed the question, he deflated in disappointment slightly.

Seta: “Yes, Igni. Do you happen to know the main source of income for the Owlight family?” Igni: “For the Owlight Family, they acquire Mithril from the Mithril Mines on the edge of the territory.”

Seta: “That’s correct. I’m happy that you know.”

Seta puts the pipe in his mouth.

Seta: “But recently, there has been a rumor…… a rumor that a ghost of some sort appears inside the mines.”

Igni: “A ghost? As in some kind of Phantom Type Monster?”

Seta: “We do not know.”

Igni: “Can such a thing really happen?” Seta blows out a puff of smoke as he ponders the question himself.

Igni is also confused by the question and could not help but dig further.

The Mithril Mines create a lot of wealth. Mithril serves as a catalyst ーー they can serve as mediums that help Spells be more efficient, and Igni’s ring is an example of this ーー and without Mithril, it’s said that it can’t be done. Its compatibility and conductivity of Magic Power is extremely high, and as it can be derived by the existence of Holy Silver Mithril, it can be shaped and forged fairly easily.

That’s why it is often targeted and looted, and not just by people but by Monsters too.

Kobolds nest in mines. Gnomes eat metals as their primary source of food. There are even strange creatures like the Mithril Slime who only eat Mithril.

That’s why normally, you would hire Adventurers and Mercenaries to protect the mines.

That’s why if there are any rumors about a ghost, then the Adventurers and Mercenaries who are already on the scene will investigate and take care of it.

Seta: “Hmm….yes….. We considered the possibility of those already there not being able to take care of the problem, and from a Merchant friend, he recommended that we hire one more pair of mercenaries, and we dispatched them.”

Igni: “What happened next?” Seta: “They came back not being able to confirm anything.”

Igni: “.........hmmm”

Igni thought deeply. If it was a Phantom Type Monster, then you can use something called a [Spirit Seeing Stone] to find it.

Igni: “......was it not just false rumors then?”

Seta: “I thought so soon, but since then, this ‘Ghost’ has appeared again………there have also been too many deaths among the hired Adventurers. The newly hired mercenaries have apparently fought against it well, but they were not able to defeat it and could only chase it away.”

Igni: “.......I see. And you want me to find and defeat this ‘Ghost’?” Seta: “That is exactly it. I’m glad you are quick to understand.”

Igni: “I don’t mind if you make this a Quest.” As Igni spoke and let one of his conditions knownーー

Seta: “If it’s okay with you, I would like for you to depart with Elina the day after tomorrow.”

Igni: “.......could I ask you one thing?” Seta: “Is it about the reward?” Igni: “No, I would like the information about the mercenaries that are already there. If there are any famous mercenaries there that are only able to repel the creature back, I need to be quite prepared for a tough fight.”

Seta: “I see. I understand. But it would be dangerous to judge them by their name alone. I have seen how well <those girls> can fight……and though they are not well-known, their Spells were quite impressive.”

To be complimented by Seta this much is truly something.

Igni: “I see. What were their names?” Seta: “The Black and White Sisters.” Igni: “.........ohhhhー”

Igni froze in place for a second.

As his mental database churned out the data about the two, he could not help but recall the memories bitterly.

Seta: “Oh, you know of them?” Igni: “Yes, a little…..” Igni: (Those two huh…… )

The reason why the memories were so bitter for Igni was not just because of their extremely strong personalities, but because their <strength is real>.

If those girls could only repel the creature, Igni would have to be extra cautious fighting whatever this “Ghost” is.

Seta: “That is my first request.”

Igni: “There’s more?” Seta: “Yes, one more.” Igni: “I am listening.”

Seta: “Tomorrow, my 3rd son is coming back home andーー”

Hearing Seta’s next words, Igni seemed troubled.

Igni: “Is that something you really ask of me?”

Seta: “I don’t believe there is anyone else more suitable for this.” Igni: “ far as your second request, I’m sorry, but I cannot agree.” Seta: “That is fine. It’s ultimately just a favor I’m asking.”

Seta puffed his pipe a few more times after that.

Seta: “That is all I wanted to speak with you about. As far as the incident at the mines, I will inform Elina tomorrow. I’m sure even that could improve if it’s thrown into actual battle.”

Igni stood up without saying another word.

Seta: “Igni, I appreciate you helping my daughter with her <selfish request>.”

Igni: “.........”

Igni had a hand already on the door knob as he thought about what Seta meant by that.

Igni: “Of course, I am her <boyfriend> after all.” And replied with that.


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Extreme Flame Wizard - I can only use fireball but I became the strongest just wanting to be popular with the girls

Written by: Cyclamen

Translated by: ChonkyTranslator

Japanese Title:


作者: シクラメン

Original Source Link:

Book 4

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Lucas Lennan
Lucas Lennan
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